The body of a dump truck


(57) Abstract:

Use: for transportation of abrasive rock mass transport by road. The inventive body of a dump truck includes front and side and a stepped bottom. The bottom is formed by carrying sheet 7, speed damping element 8 and the protective cover 9. The stage is made rectangular and directed edges toward the front side. In areas of the edges of the treads attached reinforcing elements. The ratio of the width of the treads in the rear, middle and front parts of the bottoms may be 1 : 2 : 2 respectively. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 1 Il.

The invention relates to transport machinery, mainly for cars, trucks large and extra-large capacity, working mainly for transportation of rocks with high abrasive rocks of medium and large factions.

A known body of commercial vehicles containing fixed on the frame supporting plate and the base deck plate, between which is a shock-absorbing element.

The lack of a body is the presence of low performance heads when transporting abrasive rocks, as to the more closest to the technical essence of the present invention is the body of a dump truck, contains front, rear, sides and a stepped bottom lining of the reinforcing elements in the area of the edges of the steps, and forming steps are disclosed towards the tailgate.

The disadvantage of this body is the presence of low performance heads when transporting abrasive rock. This is because in such a constructive implementation of the bottom there are no conditions to help reduce the impact force from the loaded breed and reduced wear during unloading abrasive lumpy rocks because of the formation of the unstable layer slide the entire height of the lifting body.

The aim of the invention is the improvement of the body of a dump truck.

The goal is achieved by the fact that in the back of a dump truck containing the anterior and lateral side of the frame, which is fixed to the stepped bottom with reinforcing elements in the area of the edges of steps, speed the hull is made from a fixed to the transverse frame elements of the bearing member and the protective covering, thus forming steps of the cushioning element and the protective deck is located between a right angle and is as compared to the width in the middle and front parts of the bottom is 1:2:2.

To improve performance of the body of a dump truck transporting abrasive rock mass, it is necessary to reduce the force of impact from a falling load and reduce wear and tear during its unloading.

It is established that the body dump trucks incapacitated and fail more often because of their intensive wear and less from the phenomenon of metal fatigue. Intensive wear of the underbody of the truck due to exposure to systematic concentrated impact and abrasive loads for loading and unloading of the rock mass.

Reducing shock pulse from the falling weight is possible by optimizing the parameters of the shock zone "cargo-body". For this purpose it is necessary to reduce the force of impact and increase its impact. This is possible using a damping element located between the protective cover and the bearing element of the undercarriage.

To reduce wear and tear dumptruck body requires the formation of an intermediate layer of slip, which when unloading slides the main part paged rock mass. Formation of a layer of slip is possible if the execution protective N. and should be positioned so that to form disclosed in the direction of the front wall side.

The choice of the rational design of the underbody of the truck that meets two criteria to reduce the force of impact of the drop weight and reduce abrasion process while unloading is possible according to a formula that takes into account the parameters of the speed and force of impact of falling cargo

B where B step width,m;

and the length of steps equal to the width of the body,m;

F the force of impact attributable to the compression of the shock absorbing element,kN;

[ allowable stress in compression damping element,MPa.

The force of impact of the individual piece is determined by the empirical formula, calculated for species with a bulk density of 1.3 to 3.5 t/m3and loaded by excavators with bucket capacity in the range 8 to 32 m3, i.e.

F 42,1 m where m is the mass of the piece,t;

H the height of the drop piece,m;

42,1 empirical coefficient.

Maximum weight of piece m is determined by the formula

dn> 0,8 where dnthe diameter of the oversized piece,m;

E. the capacity of the bucket,m3.

Stepped shape protective flooring is additionally ribs and contributes to the distribution of local loads is the reduced mass of the body as a whole, consequently decreases the share of energy when downloading directly perceived by the bottom, and increases the proportion of energy that is perceived pendants and tires.

The location of the forming steps at a right angle contributes to the achievement of maximum stiffness with minimum weight protective flooring.

Given that during unloading of the rock mass load on the underside of the vehicle is distributed unevenly and as a consequence there is a "move" steps at different heights, which contributes to the breaking of the adhered material and cleaning the underbody.

During the process of unloading trucks through the rear portion of the underbody poured all carried the rock mass, thus, the closer to the front wall, the unit length of the bottom passes fewer goods. Therefore, the rear part of the bottom wears out faster (on average 2 times). To reduce the influence of this factor in the rear part of the bottom should be performed, based on the ratio of

B1= where B is the width of the stage in the front part of the bottom,

B1the step width in the rear floor, which will provide an intensive process of formation of a layer of slip in this part and as a consequence even wear bottoms /P> The body of a dump truck contains 1 front, 2 rear and side 3 of the wall, the frame is formed by 4 longitudinal and transverse 5 elements, plate 6, made of a carrier sheet 7, is fixed on a transverse 5 elements of the frame, from the speed of the snubber element 8 and the protective deck 9. Forming stages of the snubber element 8 and the protective deck 9 is located between a right angle and are disclosed in a direction opposite to the movement of the rock mass during unloading. Edge-speed protective flooring 9 is reinforced with a reinforcing element 10. The ratio of the width of the treads in the rear floor of the car body relative to the width of the steps in the middle and front parts of the bottom is made within 1:2:2.

Car body work is as follows.

When loading the bucket, for example kovshenin excavator, the first portion of the cargo falls in front of the body forming stages protective deck 9, which is the ribs. When the impact force is distributed over a large area and is extinguished due to the compression damping element 8.

When the rock mass will close all protective flooring 9 bottom 6 and the mass of rock reaches a certain value, the shock-absorbing element 8 Crimea when deformed damping element 8, and the damping of the shock of the drop weight is provided by elastic "cushion" the first portion of the cargo.

While unloading the main part of the breed is not getting enough sleep, but at the expense of speed deck 9, the form of which is disclosed in the direction of the front side 1, glides over the layer of slip.

As emptying the body load on the protective deck 9 and decreases under the action of the snubber element 8 returns to its original position.

Thus, the present invention in comparison with the prototype allows to increase the durability of the car-trucks for the transport of abrasive rock mass and as a consequence reduce operating costs.

1. The BODY of a dump TRUCK, mainly for transportation of abrasive rock mass containing the anterior and lateral sides and a stepped bottom enshrined in the areas of the edges of the steps of reinforcing elements, wherein the bottom is formed by the carrier sheet and stepped cushioning element and a protective covering, the steps performed rectangular and directed edges toward the front side.

2. The body under item 1, characterized in that the ratio of the width of the treads in the rear


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