(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to wheels of vehicles with high cross. The essence: a wheel rim is made of two pairs vzaimozavisimikh each other segments of 1.1 to 1.4 with internal cavities in the places of their engagement, and each spoke 3,1 - 3,4 - with two hinges of 4.1 and 4.4 and 5.1 - 5,4 between radial and Hardouin sites and internal longitudinal cavities to fill their managers working fluid from the pump of the vehicle. This improves the shock-absorbing properties and extends the functionality of the wheel to overcome road obstacles larger than the radius of the wheel rim. 5 Il.

The invention relates to vehicles and can be used in wheeled vehicles with high cross.

The closest known technical solution is a wheel containing rim, made of segments that are connected with spokes having first and second hinges and hydraulic cylinders to rotate segments, working cavities which are connected to the collector of the working fluid (control unit) with a pump to create the control hydrodynamic pressure during automatic re is mportant canvas and increases the permeability of wheeled vehicles.

The disadvantage of the prototype is limited in functionality to perform only the function of the element rolling of the vehicle. At the approach road to the obstacle, the size of which exceeds the radius of the wheel, the vehicle on its wheels ceases rolling and stops. Another disadvantage of the prototype is low maneuverable properties of the wheel due to the increased area of contact between elements of its rim with the road surface. In addition, the known wheel has low damping characteristics determined only by the elastic properties of the material of the rim.

The aim of the invention is to improve cushioning properties and expand the functionality of the wheel by using the integrating properties of the cylinders and the vesting wheel functional properties "step" through road obstacles, respectively.

The essence of the invention lies in the fact that, besides the known and the total set of distinctive features, namely: rim, made of segments that are connected first and second hinges with pins, hydraulic cylinders rotate segments, working cavities which are connected through the control unit on the x pairs vzaimostsepljaemost each other segments, the ends of which have internal cavities, each spoke folded composed of radial and bordovogo section, the first end of the radial section of each of the spokes is connected directly with the corresponding knee telescopic wheel axis, and the other end is connected via a first hinge to the first end bordovogo plot spokes, the other end of which is connected via a second hinge with a segment of the rim at a distance (remote) one-third from the edge, the place of engagement of the edges of the segment of the rim has a cavity for placement of the first joint of each of the spokes with a gap whose width is not less than half the height SitePlayer ledge segment.

In Fig. 1 shows the wheel in assembled condition: a) General view, b) side view; Fig.2 wheel in the unfolded position; Fig.3 is a functional diagram of the proposed device in the expanded view of Fig.4 a detail axial telescoping connection with the indication of the cross section AA of the tribe of the telescopic axis; Fig. 5 detail of the hinge of the wheel with reference to its cross-section b-B in the longitudinal plane.

In Fig.1-5 mark: 1 rim; 2 radial and 3 link the parts of the spokes; 4 and 5, the hinge; 6 telescopic wheel axis; 7 axial bearing wheels; 8 Executive MeeGo hydrodynamic pressure; 11 the control unit; 12 flexible pipes; 13 longitudinal internal cavity of the spokes 2 and 3; 14 and 15 of the cylinder and the piston valve mechanism of the cylinder, respectively; 16 dual gear wheel; 17 toothed ring stock; 18 tor; 19 the piston cylinder; 20 servomechanism; 21 ring Union nut; 22 ring collector of the working fluid; 23 internal toothed ring flange 24 of the hinge 4 and 5.

In Fig. 1 shows that in statics, in the initial assembled segments of the rim 1 of the wheel geared their siteplease ends with each other. In the internal cavities of the segments 1 posted by hinges 4, which on the one hand through a radial plot of the spokes 2 are connected to the corresponding knee telescopic axis 6, and on the other side of each hinge 4 through the link area of the spokes 3 and the hinge 5 is connected to the corresponding segment of the rim 1 at a distance (remote) one-third of their length from the edge of the segment. The hinges 4 are placed in the hollows of the segments with a gap whose width is not less than half the thickness SitePlayer end edge of the segment.

We offer wheel works as follows.

Assembled round the wheel rolling perceives radial impact of road irregularities segmen hinges 4 and 5. In the proposed wheel spokes 2 and 3 hold the rim 1 by means of four hinges 4 and 5, each of which contains a toroidal damper 18 fluctuations that perform the function of integrating individual dynamic level as the ideal filter all of oscillations, vibrations and shakings, which provides high damping characteristics of the entire wheel rim.

When reaching the rolling wheel road obstacles, the size of which exceeds the radius of the rim, its further rolling stops, which limits its functionality only property roll. To extend the functionality of the wheel in the proposed device under the action of hydrodynamic pressure of the working fluid circulating in the internal cavities 13.1 and 13.2 each segment 1 of the first rim is rotated by its hinge 5 in the direction of rotation-clockwise within the range of the gap, reaching its inner surface trough to contact with the surface of the hinge 4, and siteplease the tabs of each segment 1 out of mutual engagement with each other, as the width of the gap between the surface of the hinge 4 and the surface of the hollow segment 1 has a value equal to at least half of t is x ledges.

Tripping saralaya of the projections of the wheel rim is easier to make when one of the segments 1 to the road surface with the middle part. Next, link the site 3 spokes with his segment 1 is rotated relative to the hinge 4, and radial sections 2 spokes are rotated relative to the telescopic axis 6 wheels and pairs are grouped together in the form of two pairs of intersecting spokes shown in Fig.2 and 3, with the simultaneous extension of one pair of telescopic axes 6.1 and 6.2 of the telescopic axes 6.3 and 6.4 on the distance of the width of the rim 1.

Perekreschivayutsya location (see Fig. 3) radial 2 and bordovogo sections of the pins in their extended position provides rigidity of support of the vehicle when pereshagivaniya road obstacles and achieved separation (distance from each other), the junction of the inner and outer telescopic axis 6.1 and 6.4 radial sections 2.1 and 2.4 of the spokes in the outer side and the inner plane of the rim 1, respectively.

Rotation and extension of the telescopic axis 6 is Executive drive mechanism 8 of the vehicle both automatically and manually. When automatic mode POU flexible tubing 12 (Fig.4) through the collector 9 of the working fluid from the pumps (pump) 10 of the vehicle. Due to the two coupled segments 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, and 1.4 on the crossed spokes 2.1, 3.1 and 2.2, 3.2 and 2.3, 2.4 and 3.3, and 3.4, respectively is increased four times the surface area of contact between the wheel rim and the road surface (Fig.3). If the movement of one pair of segments of the rim is always above the other pair of segments and never all four segments are not installed on the road surface at the same time, it is possible telescopic axis 6.1 and 6.2 do not pull out the telescopic axes 6.3 and 6.4.

Due to the periodic rise of the segments of the rim by means of hinges create constructive opportunities step over road obstacles: rocks, logs, ditches, etc. Moving forward (left-right) or backward (right to left) begins (see Fig.2) rotate the segment 1.1 (1.2) using hinge 5.1 (5.2) in the direction of rotation or against the course of rotation clockwise, respectively. Thus, the center of gravity of the vehicle moves respectively forward or backward in the course of its movement.

Next, using the hinge 4.1 (4.2) are rotated radial 2.1 (2.2) and chordates 3.1 (3.3) plots spokes and simultaneously transfers the segment 1.3 (1.4) over the segment 1.1 (1.2) by means of hinges 5.3 (5.4), 4.3 (4.4) and rotation of the knee telescopes segment pairs 1.1 and 1.2 above segments 1.3 and 1.4 and the movement of the vehicle mode shahania continues.

Motion control radial 2 and bordovogo 3 phase spokes and segments 1 wheels by means of hinges 4 and 5 is carried out automatically under the action of the circulating working fluid, which is pumped by the pump 10 through the reservoir 9 in the longitudinal internal cavity 13.1 and 13.2 telescopic axes 6 and spokes 2 and 3. For example, the working fluid from the cavity 1.32 spokes 2 (see Fig. 5) flows through the cylinder chamber 14 of the valve in the top 18, a piston 19 which is moved on a circle under the action of the pressure of the working fluid.

Free exit of the working fluid from the Torah 18 occurs through the open slide the camera into the cavity 13.1 spokes. When moving the piston 19 of its circular rod 17 with the teeth turns leading dual gear wheel 16. The rotation of the driven gear 16 is transmitted to the toothed ring 23 of the flange 24 of the hinge 4. The flange 24 of the hinge 4 is rigidly connected to the housing of the spokes 3 and is fixed on the hinge 4 with coupling ring nut 21 to provide rotation bordovogo plot spokes 3 in relation to the radial section 2 of the spokes.

Through the axial portion of the hinge 4 passes the working fluid between the sections 2 and 3 spokes in two opposite directions through the annular manifold 22 of the working fluid. In security with the case of segment 1 of the wheel rim. Automatic change in the flow rate of the working fluid in the torus cavity 18 and the reverse is done with the help of the spool 14 and 15 controlled by a servomechanism 20.

Control electrical impulses from the corresponding outputs of the control unit 11 receives electrical conductors at the input of the corresponding servo-mechanism 20. The pump 10 of the working fluid in the mode of operation of the actuator 8 is automatically adjusted also by using the control unit 11 of the vehicle.

Return to the initial state of the segments 1 of the wheel rim in geared round position occurs after overcoming a vehicle road obstacles in the sequence, similar to the deployment wheels for overcoming by step road obstacles under the action of control commands to the servo-mechanisms 20 hinges 4 and 5 turn spokes for their folding and telescopic axis 6 slide one into the other. The assembled wheel provides normal speed (rolling) wheels and high damping characteristics.

The WHEEL containing the rim, made of segments that are connected first and second hinges with spokes, the cylinders pikh efforts wherein the rim is made of two pairs vzaimostsepljaemost each other segments, the ends of which have internal cavities, each spoke folded composed of radial and bordovogo sections, the first end of the radial section of each of the spokes is connected directly with the corresponding wheel, telescopic wheel axis, and the other end is connected via a first hinge to the first end bordovogo plot spokes, the other end of which is connected via a second hinge to a segment of the rim at a distance of one third from the edge, the place of engagement of the edges of the segments of the rim has a cavity for placement of the first joint of each of the spokes with a gap, width not less than half the height SitePlayer ledge segment.


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