The composition for protective coatings with polishing properties


(57) Abstract:

Use: protective coating of metal surfaces from the weather and the tool for car care. The inventive composition comprises, by weight. % : wax Montan 1.0 to 4.0, paraffin oil 1,0 - 2,0, wool fat 0,6 - 3,5, stearic acid 0,8 - 1,5, polyethylsiloxane liquid 2,0 - 5,0, 25% aqueous ammonia solution 0,8 - 1,6, white spirit 8,0 - 12,0, water the rest up to 100. Polishing ability of 90%, the protective properties of the electrolyte over 300 hours table 2.

The invention relates to compositions for the preservation of metal, chrome or painted surfaces, used simultaneously as a protective agent against atmospheric influences, and means for car care.

Known composition for coatings that can be used to protect vehicles containing wax, white spirit, paraffin, wool fat, stearic acid, polymethylsiloxanes liquid, 25% aqueous ammonia solution, Aerosil, polyvinyl alcohol and water [1].

To test the effectiveness of this composition showed low expression of the composition of the protective properties at atmospheric pressures and temperature fluctuations.

Most near corsocomo cover hire [2]. The composition contains the following components in the ratio, wt.%: Wax 3,5-6,5 Paraffin 0,5-0,9 Mixture of white spirit kerosene 20,0-25,0 Fat wool 0,7-1,1 Stearic acid 1,2-1,7 Polymethylsiloxane - new liquid 4,0-6,0 25% aqueous Rast - theft ammonia 1,2-2,0 Aerosil 0,3-0,7 Fused amber 0.2 to 1.0 Intercompany resin is 0.2 to 1.0 Polyvinyl alcohol 0,2-0,7 Water the Rest

up to 100.

The disadvantage of this composition are low protective properties.

The basis of the invention is to create a composition for protective coatings with enhanced protective properties using available and cheaper raw materials.

The problem is solved in that the composition for protecting cover involving wax, paraffin, wool fat, stearic acid, polysiloxane fluid, 25% aqueous ammonia solution, white spirit and water, as wax contains wax, Montan, paraffin - paraffin oil, and as a polysiloxane fluid - polyethylsiloxane liquid in the following ratio, wt.%: Wax-Montand 1.0 to 4.0 Paraffin oil 1,0-2,0 Wool fat 0,6-3,5 Stearic KIS lot of 0.8-1.5 Politicians - new liquid 2,0-5,0 25% aqueous ammonia solution of 0.8-1.6 white spirit 8,0-12,0 Water the Rest

Wax-Montand use manufactured by the firm Hoechst, Germany.

The invention is illustrated by the following examples.

P R I m e R 1. Into the flask pour of 80.9 g of water, add 1.5 g of stearic acid. Heat the contents of the flask under stirring to a temperature of 85-90aboutWith injected 1.6 g of 25% aqueous ammonia solution and carry out the saponification of stearic acid ammonia for 5-10 minutes

In a separate bowl melt 1 g of wax-Montand, 2 g of paraffin oil and 3 g of wool fat, mixed with 6 g of white spirit, and the resulting solution is gradually introduced into the flask under stirring for 10 minutes Then turn off heat. At T = temperature of 45-50aboutIn the resulting emulsion in a continuous stream injected a mixture of 2 g polyethylsiloxane liquid PES-5 and 2 g of white spirit. Continue stirring until cooling the emulsion to room temperature.

P R I m e R s 2-6. Examples carried out analogously to example 1, by changing the ratio of components.

Data structures are given in table. 1, properties of coatings based on them are presented in table. 2.

The COMPOSITION FOR PROTECTIVE COATINGS WITH POLISHING PROPERTIES, including wax, paraffin, wool fat, stearic acid, polysiloxane is wax-Montand, as paraffin oil, paraffin wax, and as polysiloxane fluid - polyethylsiloxane liquid in the following ratio, wt.%:

Wax-Montand - 1,0 - 4,0

Oil paraffin - 1,0 - 2,0

Wool fat - 0,6 - 3,5

Stearic acid - 0,8 - 1,5

Polyethylsiloxane liquid - 2,0 - 5,0

25% aqueous ammonia solution - 0,8 - 1,6

White spirit - 8,0 - 12,0

Water - The Rest


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EFFECT: improved and valuable properties of composition.

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SUBSTANCE: claimed composition contains (mass %): polyphenylsiloxane 10.8-20.4; acrylate polymer 3.0-8.0; heat resistant pigment 10.0-28.0; wollastonite or mixture of wollastonite and potassium alumosilicate in ratio of 29.4-100:0-70.6 as filler 3.0-15.0; bentonite clays as rheological additive 0.5-2.0; and balance: organic solvent. Additionally composition contains alkyd resin 1.5-7.5 mass % and optionally micronized wax up to 5 mass %.

EFFECT: coating of improved physical, mechanical and preventing properties.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fabricating protective materials with fire-resistant coatings. Material is composed of woven base stock and hardened low-molecular weight siloxane rubber-based fire-protection coating applied thereon. Woven base stock is constituted by fabric made from capron, polyester, and cotton fibers at their weight ratio (30÷50):(20÷40):(20÷40), provided that warp is made from capron thread and weft is made from twisted cotton-polyester thread with number of twists per meter 200-500.

EFFECT: sixfold increased fire resistance of material in open flame.

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EFFECT: improved and valuable properties of cover.

1 tbl, 3 ex

FIELD: protective compositions and materials.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for preparing protective covers being especially such as metal and concrete. Composition comprises silicon emulsion or silicon dispersion as a binding agent, mixture of hollow microspheres distinguishing by size and bulk density values and chosen from group comprising hollow glass microspheres, hollow ceramic microspheres, polymeric hollow microspheres, technogenic hollow microspheres, surface-active substance, titanium dioxide or zinc dioxide and, if necessary, accessory special additives taken in the definite ratio of components. Using this composition the invention provides preparing covers on pipe lines by its applying firstly as a thin layer on cold surface, followed by heating to 200-250°C, repeated its applying on hot surface by thin layer, followed by applying of material on a cover as metallic wire or net, or winding ob pipe line with applied cover by at least band layer as separate bands made of steel (stainless) and wherein these bands (small bands) are covered preliminary with abovementioned composition by at least one side wherein this composition is filled with hollow microspheres and at least one of lateral band surfaces shows alternating `projections and grooves of right-angled form and similar linear sizes. Grooves have flanges equal with grooves square and excluding dense adjoining of bands to pipeline surface in their winding and creating air layer. Joining of separate bands is carried out during winding is carried out using projections and grooves by end puzzle type. Invention provides preparing covers showing good and sufficiently high protective properties: high heat-protecting properties under effect of high temperatures in the range 500-1000°C, good anticorrosive properties and good fireproofing properties that provides multifunctional properties of covers proposed. Invention can be used in protection of pipelines against effect of different negative factors in their exploitation, in part, in protection against corrosion, fire and as heat-protecting cover.

EFFECT: improved and valuable technical properties of composition.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a wax composition for protecting surfaces of vehicles from atmospheric effects and is also a car care product, particularly for filling various defects on surfaces of vehicles. The composition contains a substance with a wax structure, a pigment and liquid silicon polymer material. The wax material used is carnauba wax or ceresin wax. The liquid polymer material used is polymethylsiloxane. The composition also contains mica and abietic acid.

EFFECT: obtaining a composition which has a long storage period and has high plasticity and adhesion, as well as water-repellent and anticorrosion properties.

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method of preparing a paraffin wax emulsion involves preparation of a pre-emulsion by mixing a molten mixture of paraffin wax, mineral oil in concentration of 2.0-6.0 wt % of the emulsified mixture, an emulsifying agent in concentration of 3.0-8.0 wt % of the emulsified mixture and water. The mixture is stirred at 70-75C for 15-25 minutes. Subsequent dispersion of the pre-emulsion is carried out in a hydrodynamic disperser at 70-75C until an emulsion with average size of paraffin wax particles less than 1 mcm is obtained. The obtained emulsion is then cooled to temperature not over 25C, held for 1 day and filtered. The paraffin wax mixture contains petroleum wax C18-C35 of the methane family with melting point of 45-65C and C36-C55 isomeric structure with dropping point of 55-66C with weight ratio of 90:10-10:90. The emulsifying agent used is non-ionic, anionic surfactants, a composition based on a mixture of stearin and/or stillage bottoms from production of fatty acids, esters of polyoxyethylated fatty alcohols and acids and an amine in weight ratio 1:1.0-1.5:1.0-1.5:0.5-1.0.

EFFECT: method enables to obtain paraffin was emulsion with high content (more than 60 wt %) of paraffin wax, which is stable for a long period of storage.

3 cl, 3 ex

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to woodwork, particularly, to production of oriented chip boards that feature higher swelling resistance and better look-down. Wood substrate edges are protected by applying two-component sealing composition on at least the surface of one edge. First component comprises coagulant while second component comprises aqueous composition of edge sealant. Invention covers also system for sealing of edges and substrate by coating with described composition.

EFFECT: better coating properties to improve water resistance.

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SUBSTANCE: described is an electroconductive thermoplastic material for electrotyping, which contains a binding substance and electroconductive filler, where the binding substance is a mixture of polyethylene wax and paraffin in ratio of 2/1 to 1/3, and the electroconductive filler is graphite, with the following ratio of components, pts.wt: polyethylene wax 10-20, paraffin 10-30, graphite 60-70.

EFFECT: material enables free casting of an original article with electroconductive material when making a mould at low temperature and simplifies the technology of making moulds.

1 tbl, 1 ex