The way of salvation of the population of cities in rooms with piped network, in case of accidents in the chemical industry, gas emissions of volcanoes and leakage of toxic substances


(57) Abstract:

Usage: when the salvation of the population of cities in rooms with piped network, in case of accidents in the chemical industry, gas emissions of volcanoes and leakage of toxic substances. The inventive air compressors or mine fans in the premises at aqueduct after discharge from water with enabling his personal supply of each resident.

The invention relates to the protection of the population, both collective and individual, from toxic substances generated during accidents at the enterprises of chemical industry, gas emissions of volcanoes and leakage of toxic substances, for example, during the destruction of chemical weapons.

There is a method of protection of the population, which consists in placing people in the room, which is under pressure pure air compressors or mine fans [1].

There is a method of protection requires special areas are prepared with pressurization systems and filtering.

This method allows us to simplify protection, providing it in any room, equipped vodopada its residents, provided the danger of poisoning the cue tightly closed (in the kitchen in the bathroom window, door, ventilation shaft and open the water tap. In the city (or sector) stop flow of water from water stations, and upwind of the accident compressors or mine fans under pressure in the water supply (through fire hydrants) is fed clean air, which pushes the residual water in the water supply comes in every apartment from the faucet.

Selection of the clean air prevents infected and is carried out before the downturn dangerous concentrations.

Supplied air (if necessary) can be filterparams installation or molecular oxygen. For double warranty (survival) supply of clean air is supplied from the tap through a PVC (or rubber) hose (2-3 m) and tee-dispenser for every person.

Special sealing of the premises is not needed since air is supplied in excess. Excessive (bleed) air will be an additional factor impeding penetration (due to backwater) toxic substances in the home or contribute to significant breeding in the air.

THE WAY OF SALVATION OF THE URBAN POPULATION IN THE AREAS OF OBORUDOVANIU AND LEAKAGE OF TOXIC SUBSTANCES, consisting of air compressors or mine fans in the room, characterized in that the air in the room is served by water after discharge from water with capability personal supply each resident.


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EFFECT: spare consumption of respiratory organ protection appliance resources.

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EFFECT: drug preparation has no allergenic and immunotoxic properties.

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EFFECT: possibility to perform complete special treatment and expansion of functional capabilities of a device.

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Toxins absorber // 2561901

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for protection of crowded areas against contaminants and toxins. Claimed device comprises microprocessor set, environments analysis units, starting unit and unit to lock the set of electronics of the device control system. In compliance with this invention, claimed device comprises the camera connection instruction distribution unit, unit of cameras absorbing the toxins, unit of toxins attracting the toxins and cleaner-like unit. Note here that device starting unit is connected to microprocessor set unit. Besides, starting unit of I/O device is connected with instruction distribution unit and instruction interlocking unit with their input connected to microprocessor set unit, device starting unit and chamber actuation instruction distribution unit. Note here that chamber actuation instruction distribution unit is connected with toxins absorption chamber units. The latter are connected with the sets of devices that suck the toxins clouds and with cleaning complex set electrically connected with the device locking unit. Note here that cleaning complex set is connected via feedforward and feedback to air analysis units with their inputs and outputs connected to microprocessor complex and provided with video and audio signalling systems.

EFFECT: perfected design.

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