(57) Abstract:

Use: hydropower to drive generators, and other mechanisms. The inventive Central shaft with the planet carrier and rollers rigidly mounted blades connected node of rotation of the blades. Site rotation is made in the form trevenzuolo gear train mounted freely on a Central shaft. For fixing the position of the gear train installed the keel. Gear mounted on rollers and associated chain transmission with a gear train. The number of teeth on the gears in two times more than the number of teeth on the respective crown block. 5 Il., table 1.

The invention relates to a device that uses the energy of the flow of water or air, and can be used hydropower to drive generators and other machinery.

A device containing radial rods and fixed on them blades in the form of a wedge.

The device works by means of hydrodynamic asymmetry, since the flow resistance on the part of the wedge is less than its opposite side.

A similar principle underlies and other known devices of the impeller.

Fault is n and the streamlined surface of the drum have a significant resistance to flow and create a reverse torque. The stream passing through imagevenue section is used only on half of the turnover of the blade, and the second half of the turnover is generated negative torque. There are also wind turbine in which the blades are pivotally attached to the drive that has the stops that limit the rotation of the blades. The blade also has only half a turn, the second half of it is set in the direction of flow, and its torque is equal to zero. On the other wheels with a vertical axis uses the principle of the lifting force of the wing. Optimal installation angle of the blade is set using the device, rods connected with the blades and located eccentric to the axis of rotation of the wheel. Adjustment of the blade angle is in a small range. Although this blade propeller has more asymmetry and high utilization of the wind, but used only a small part of the flow passing through imagevenue section.

Closest to the present invention is gidrokoleso, which contains the shaft with the planet carrier, radially to the shaft are rollers, is rigidly mounted blades, the shaft and the rollers associated with the mechanism of rotation of the blades.

This result is achieved in that gidrokoleso consists of a platform, a blade mounted on its own rollers rotation of the Central shaft with the planet carrier and in addition to the rollers of stationary blades mounted pinion interacting with the stub roller chain with travelcover a gear train mounted freely on the Central shaft and fixed keel in a certain position depending on the flow direction, with the number of teeth on the gears of each roller in two times more than the corresponding crown gear trevenzuolo gear train.

Comparative analysis of the prototype allows to conclude that the invention is distinguished by simplicity of design, lower inertial forces, a large torque. Managing the blade installation angle is more than a simple mechanism - node control the rotation of the blades, consisting of a gear, sitting on the shaft of each blade, trevenson a gear train mounted freely on the Central shaft and connected with gears vtpo roll twice more, than the corresponding crown trevenzuolo gear train. Thus, analysis of the known technical solutions study area and adjacent areas leads to the conclusion about the absence of these symptoms that are similar to the main features of the declared gidrokolesa and recognize the solution meets the criterion of "significant differences".

In Fig.1 given the proposed gidrokoleso, General view; Fig.2 - node rotation of the blades gidrokolesa; Fig.3,4,5 - graphs of torque.

Gidrokoleso consists of the upper 1 and lower 2 platforms connected the supports 3. Platforms 1 and 2 has a Central shaft 4, on which the top and bottom reinforced carrier 5, which is equipped with rollers 6 with blades 7. At the ends of the rollers 6 with one hand rigidly mounted pinion 8, which are connected with travelcover the gear train 9, free sitting on the Central shaft 4 through the stub roller chain 10 or equivalent. All gear 8, sitting on the rollers 6, have twice the number of teeth than the gear trevenzuolo gear train 9, sitting on the Central shaft 4. On the hub trevenzuolo gear train 9 is attached to the keel 11.

Hydrocordisone the incident flow of liquid or gas. Acting on the blade 7, the thread causes it to rotate and turn drove through 5, the Central shaft 4. Along with this incoming flow orients the keel 11, and with his help and trequency gear train 9 in position. During the rotation of the blades 7 and the gear 8, sitting on the platen 6 of this blade, communicates through the sleeve roller chain 10 with travelcover the gear train 9. Because trequency gear train 9 is fixed keel 11 in position and does not rotate, then the stub-roller chain 10, objetivas it rotates the gear 8, and with it the roller 6 and the fixed blade 7 in the opposite direction with a frequency that is two times smaller than the frequency of rotation of the Central shaft 4. As a result of this interaction the installation angle of the blade 7 to the flow direction changes (see Fig.3) that the blades are always created only positive spin moment Mtovarying from maximum to zero.

Take the height and width of the blade 7 is equal to the unit. Full force exerted on the blade 7 when it is perpendicular to the flow, is also equal to unity and denote by F. While rotating around the Central shaft 4 blade 7 along its length will always nervouse flow will change from 1 to 0 and will depend on the angle of rotation of the blade .

When exposed to the blade 7 force F is decomposed into two components - the tangent of Ftoand normal Fn. Under the action of the tangential force Ftothe thread will slide over the surface without encountering resistance (without friction). Normal force Fnwill create a torque, which makes the blade 7 will rotate around the Central shaft 4. If the full force of the stream to identify the unit, the normal force will be determined by the following expression:

Fn= 1.cos2.

The torque produced by one blade is equal to

M = R.cos3where is the angle of rotation of the blade around its own axis;

R is the radius of the rotation axis of the blade, and the arm of the force Fnequal to R .cos .

Depending on the angle of rotation of the carrier around the Central shaft and the angle of rotation of the blade around its own axis values acting on the blade force F, the normal force Fnand torque MK is presented in the table.

According to the obtained data, we plot the variation of torque for the three blades separately (see Fig.4) and the total moment (see Fig.5). From the graph of Fig.5 it follows that the three blades provide postojnska Fig.4 obviously, that three-bladed wheel creates several more torque than a blade when the blade is positioned with its plane perpendicular to the flow. If you take a vertical section, imagevenue one blade, the utilization rate of this flow will be equal to 0.4.

From the graph (see Fig.5) it is obvious that for one blade utilization of full flow through imagevenue section, is 0.45, and the torque is changed from a maximum equal to the unit to zero.

If you have three blades theoretically fully used flux and torque is increased by 1.3 times and remains almost constant at full turn led to the Central shaft.

Given that in reality will be a screening of the blades to each other, the utilization of the flow will be equal to 0.7. Comparing it with the maximum possible utilization of the full flow of the wind turbine with a horizontal axis, equal to about 0.6-0.7, which takes place when full machineimage section blades, the obvious advantages of the invention compared with the prototype, which are as follows:

- easy construe torque at the same machinemy sections;

- manage the installation angle of the blade is not computers, and more simple one - node control the rotation of the blades.

Economic efficiency from the use of the invention is as follows:

- no need to build dams;

- set has smaller dimensions compared to others due to more complete use of the flow through all imagevenue section;

the manufacturing units are much cheaper, not disturbed the ecology of the rivers, seas and regions.

GIDROKOLESO, comprising a housing, a Central shaft with the planet carrier, rollers rigidly mounted blades, the shaft and rollers related site turning vanes, characterized in that the node rotation blades made in the form of trevenzuolo gear train mounted freely on a Central shaft, gidrokoleso equipped with a keel for fixing the position of the gear train, gears mounted on rollers and associated chain transmission with a gear train, with the number of teeth of each gear in two times more than the number of teeth on the crown of the respective gear trevenzuolo gear train.


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