(57) Abstract:

Usage: industrial ventilation or wind. The inventive baffle includes a vertical inlet pipe 1, the rotary cone 3 having the shape of the hull with a curvilinear generatrix on the outer surface of which is made evenly placed air intake cone-shaped trench 5, an internal cavity which communicates with the cavity of the diffuser 3. 2 Il.

The invention relates to a special technique and can be used in industrial ventilation and wind.

In industrial ventilation apply multiple devices connecting the air in an enclosed space with the external environment. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the difference between the barometric pressure inside and at the mouth of the exhaust pipe. In addition, industrial ventilation principle is used based on the different densities of hot and cold air. On the first principle at higher differences of barometric pressure floor premises are closed and the top of the pipe the air indoors will increase [1].

Apply and other devices ventilation is about (for example, on the roof of the premises). The higher the force of the wind, the higher the diffusion and injection and, consequently, higher air exchange.

This principle is widely known deflector [2], which is the closest to this invention. In its technical essence and coincidentally General technical characteristics this device is a prototype.

The disadvantage of this device is the relatively low efficiency.

To achieve higher technical result and, above all, improve efficiency, offer on the outlet baffle to mount the angular rotary cone having a cone shape with a curvilinear generatrix on the outer surface of which is made evenly placed air intake cone-shaped chute, an internal cavity which communicates with the cavity of the cone.

In Fig. 1 shows a General view of the device of Fig.2 cone-shaped chute.

The deflector includes a vertical inlet pipe 1, mounted in bearings 2, the rotary cone 3, the intake chute 4 and the vane 5.

When windy weather vane 5 determine the direction of a main who's flow is achieved due to the velocity difference of the air flow, ambient outside corner diffuser 3, and flowing out of the diffuser.

DEFLECTOR comprising a vertical inlet rotary diffuser with air intake device, characterized in that it is equipped with vanes, and the suction device is designed as a cone-shaped grooves spaced equally on the outer surface of the cone having a cone shape with a curvilinear generatrix, the internal cavity of each chute is in communication with the cavity of the cone.


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EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of factor of utilization of wind power; development of new generation of power; enhanced efficiency of control of turbine rotational speed.

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SUBSTANCE: device comprises wind-collecting device for the control of the direction of collecting of wind energy and compressing the air flow, deflecting device for reducing air drag of the wind-turbine device, and means for orienting which provides automatic control of the direction of the collecting of wind energy. The wind-collecting device has an arbitrary shape. The area of the cross-section of the inlet of the wind-collecting device exceeds that of its outlet for permitting enough aerodynamic force for rotation of the wind-turbine devices for weak natural wind. According to a two-tower version, one of the wind-generator towers is unmovable, and the other one is movable. The axis of the wind-generator tower is perpendicular to the ground surface. The wind-generator tower can be made of a rotation body with curved generatrix or a cylinder. The power is generated by the rotation of a number of wind-turbine devices mounted horizontally on the wind-generator towers one above the other.

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EFFECT: enhanced efficiency, modular design, ability of operating within wide range of head wind velocities.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind plants with guide devices converting energy of air flow and it can be used for generating both mechanical and electric energy. Proposed wind plant contains fixed carrying housing being main guide device made in form of spatial blade cascade with central outlet channel in which working wheel is fitted on vertical shaft coaxially with central axis. Common unit consisting of air intake, nozzle and stabilizer is installed on upper member of housing for free rotation relative to central axis. Spatial blade cascade is formed by two surfaces of rotation and spatial blades in between in form of circular massive, thus forming working channels. Air intake completely encloses working channels of rear zone of guide device, being connected with outlet nozzle for free rotation relative to central axis.

EFFECT: enlarged range of working velocities of on-coming air flow, maximum utilization of its energy, reduction of losses in working duct and increased efficiency of wind plant.

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FIELD: wind-power and hydraulic-power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for generating wind and hydraulic energy and converting said energy into electric energy. Proposed converter contains intercoupled platforms installed on circular track, each including mechanically coupled car (truck) and blade (sail). Converter contains additionally vertical post and direction indicator (wind vane), and each platform contains additional unit to change orientation and fixing blade in position interacting with blade and direction indicator (wind vane). Converter is furnished additionally with posts with sprockets and two direction indicators (wind vanes). Sprockets are interconnected by chain, and they interact with corresponding cam disks and direction indicators (wind vanes) installed on two relatively opposite platforms. Converter has additionally central sprocket and posts with sprockets installed on each platform, sprockets of all platforms being connected by chain with central sprocket connected stationary with direction indicator (wind vane) or angular position lock.

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