Laboratory trouser wool


(57) Abstract:

Usage: the invention relates to agriculture, and more specifically to installations for the extraction of material, such as hair samples, after leaching in laboratory conditions. The inventive laboratory Trouser wool contains the base 1. Automated actuator 14, gear 15, the crankshaft 3, the rod 4 rod 5 piston 6, 8 glasses with lids 9 and 10 stops for fixing glasses 8. The geometric axis of both of the pistons 6 and 8 glasses match. The lugs 10 are adjustable and are mounted on one cross beam 11, movable relative to the base of the press. 2 Il.

The device relates to agriculture, and more specifically to installations for the extraction of material, such as hair samples, after leaching in laboratory conditions.

Known apparatus for the testing of hair samples with two cartridges and electric.

The device is designed as a press and has two rod with the piston located synchronous movement inside cups with lids and locking lugs. The actuator rod includes a motor and gearbox.

The disadvantage of this machine is the low reliability P CLASS="ptx2">

The goal is achieved by performing drive Electromechanical automated and connection of the double crank mechanism with automatic equalization of pressure in both working glasses press.

In Fig. 1 shows a kinematic diagram of the press at the free position of the piston; Fig. 2 - the same, in the extreme position of maximum compression.

Laboratory Trouser wool (Fig. 1) comprises a base 1 on which are mounted bearings 2, which rotates the crankshaft 3, the connecting rods 4 and the rod 5 piston 6, the rods 5 are sent by the liner 7. For spinning wool designed glasses 8 with the cover 9 and rests on the adjustable stops 10. The lugs 10 are mounted on a cross beam 11 having the opportunity to slide in the guide rails of the base 1. The value created by the pressure of the pressure can be measured with a calibrated spring 12 by the position of its pointer relatively attached to the plate 10 line 13, on which the calibration can be specified in kilograms. The motor 14 and the gear 15 having a large gear connected to the crankshaft 3. For process control the operating cycle based on 1 installed microswitches 16 that remains is ATM.

When the position of the lugs 10 for samples of this type of wool is not yet installed, the sample is washed wool lay in one of the cups 8, instead of the second glass to focus 10 install the spring 12. Then include the motor and the piston 6 from the position shown in Fig. 1, begin to move to the lugs 10. One piston 6 is in the Cup 8 and begins to compress the sample of hair, and the second piston 6 - spring 12. When the piston 6 has reached the end position (Fig. 2), the pointer of the spring 12 will show on line 13 the amount of the achieved pressure. If this value does not meet the requirement of the technology, its regulate movement of the lugs 10. When the correct position of the lugs 10 will be determined, the spring 12 is removed and instead put the second glass 8, increasing the productivity of the press twice. The pressure in the cups 8 will be the same as the press mechanism is fixed on the base 1, and emphasises the 10 transect 11, moving relative to the base 1.

Offer press equipped with an Electromechanical drive and double crank mechanism, creates simultaneously the pressure in diametrically oppositely located cups 8 that balances the load on bearings 2.

Neisvac is with a measuring ruler. It is also unknown in existing devices, the use of a sliding beam for balancing pressure piston press. Pistons offer press diametrically oppositely arranged, and a crank mechanism ensures synchronous operation.

Adjusting the stops gives the opportunity to vary the amount of pressure on a sample of hair, and line 13 is an alternative pressure gauge or dynamometer, although the calibration of the scale line 13 can be tested using a dynamometer compression.

The proposed design will allow almost twice to reduce the cost of manufacturing and repair of press in comparison with the prototype. This greatly simplifies the design of the press, and replacement of hydraulic, electro-mechanical actuator eliminates the inevitable oil leaks and improves reliability.

LABORATORY Trouser WOOL, containing two stem with pistons located on the base with the possibility of synchronous permashine and pass inside two glasses for wool, fitted with lids and locking lugs, and the drive rod including a motor and gearbox, characterized in that the substrate is provided with guides and hosted in slidable t is x cups and rods are the same, and drive the latter includes associated with gear crankshaft and connecting rods pivotally connected with the rods.


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EFFECT: water costs for washing wool are reduced, felting is reduced, reliability is increased and it becomes possible to mount the device in an automated line.

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