Device for measuring the profile of a wheel of a rail vehicle


(57) Abstract:

Usage: when repairing the wheels of railway vehicles. The inventive device includes a housing with a notch 2 for the crest of the measured wheel 19, the spring-loaded probes 3 and 4 to communicate respectively with a crest wheels and the surface of the ski, and the measuring body of the indicator 14, the constant current source, two resistors, the movable contact of each of which is rigidly connected to respective of the probes 3 and 4, amplifier, analog-to-digital Converter and spring contacts 10 and 11 for engagement with the vertical surface of the wheel flange, connected in series in the circuit between the DC source and the indicator 14. The amplifier output is connected to the first input of the analog-to-digital Converter, the movable contacts of the potentiometers in the circuit between the amplifier output and the first input of the Converter, the output of which is connected to the indicator, and the second input of the inverter is connected to is connected to the positive pole of a DC input of the amplifier through the switch with rheostats. 4 Il.

Known sliding the template with double counting, reduced Dunai vertical plane. In case of a deviation of the profile of the measured wheel is generated from the reference signal of the error, which is used to determine the wear of the wheel. The probe is placed movably in the vertical carriage is moved in the horizontal direction by using a stepper motor, torque the screw shaft, the engagement with the carriage. A stepper motor mounted on the bracket, a vertical rack which when measuring pressed against the vertical surface of the wheel rim.

However, the task of repair and service depot or factory is not the return of the wheel rim in original condition, for example, by welding and subsequent boring working surface for receiving the exemplary profile of the wheel, and getting a new profile by minimum cut him irregularities in accordance with established tolerances, deviations from the ideal profile of the wheel. Because of the complex law of linear dependence between the vertical tolerances and horizontal coordinate data obtained using known devices or sliding template, you need to decrypt before boring pair of wheels, and in the process of its bore, i.e., to perform mathematical preobrazovaniya is to improve the accuracy of measurement.

The objective is achieved by the fact that the proposed device is made in the form of a flat design with a cutout for the crest of the measured wheel and provided with a spring-loaded probes, one of which is designed to rest on the surface of the comb, and the other in the surface of the wheel. The rods are rigidly connected to the moving contacts of precision potentiometers electrical signal which, after amplification and conversion in the analog-to-digital Converter (ADC) are used to control the image on the led display panel.

Due to the fact that the position of each probe sensors electrical signal is characterized by a respective voltage level, then any slight movement of the probe through the amplifier electrical signal allows to obtain a high measurement accuracy, as the digital image of the measurement results provides clarity of perception.

Comparison with the prototype allows us to conclude that the proposed device is the use of precision resistors, the movable contacts are attached to the probes. Rheostats are included in an electric circuit, amplified at the ADC input, the outputs of which are connected with tx2">

A comparison of the proposed technical solutions to similar instruments for measuring sizes allows to make a conclusion about conformity of the distinctive signs of the criteria of the invention "significant differences".

In Fig. 1 shows the device described in Fig. 2 - the same, end view; Fig. 3 - the same, the view from the flat side when installed on the crest of the measured wheel; Fig. 4 is an electric diagram of the device.

Device for measuring the profile of a wheel of a rail vehicle includes a housing 1 with a notch 2 for the wheel flange. In the lower part of the housing 1 has a groove for rolling permissions spring probe 3, which is intended to rest on the wheel flange when measuring. On the other side of the housing 1 is movably spring-loaded vertical probe 4 to the stop in the working surface of the wheel when the dimension of the car. The probe 3 is rigidly connected to a movable contact 5 precision resistor 6 and the probe 4 is a movable contact 7 precision rheostat 8. Vertical shelf 9 and the bottom plane of the recess 2 has a sunken inside the device electrical contacts 10 and 11, allow reading only when the tight fit of the plane of the shelf 9 to verticalnaya the correct position of the device on the measuring wheel. At the top of the device is reinforced box 12 for accommodating the electric circuit containing the switch 13 to switch the indicator 14 mounted on the opposite side of the housing (Fig.3).

The movable contacts (see Fig.4) resistors 6 and 8 connected to the operational amplifier 15, the output of which is connected to the ADC 16, is connected by its output to the LEDs 14. In the same box 12 posted by source 17 DC load resistance 18, the value of which can be adjusted with a screwdriver to set the desired voltage level at the output of the power source 17.

The device described is used as follows.

To determine the magnitude of the Bicycle wheel 19, the device take in the right hand, as shown in Fig.3, and put it on top of the wheel flange 19 so that the vertical plane of the shelf 9 has been closely adjacent to the vertical wall of the wheel 19, and the bottom plane of the recess 2 relied on the crest of this wheel. Once these requirements are fulfilled, the contacts 10 and 11 closed electrical circuit and the indicator 14 will be lit. Depending on the position of the switch 13 (recessed or not) on the indicator 14 is displayed through the and spring-loaded terminals 10 and 11 is returned to its original position, automatically disabling the power source 17 from the schema template.

Technical and economic efficiency of the invention is to improve the accuracy of the measurement value of the car wheels and the thickness of the crest of the wheel that will allow you to minimize the amount of cutting metal with wheels and will lead not only to increased productivity turners and Resetnicov locomotive and car wheels, but will significantly increase the life of wheel pairs.

DEVICE FOR MEASURING the PROFILE of a WHEEL of a RAIL VEHICLE, comprising a housing with a cutout for the wheel flange mounted on the body of the probe to interact with the rolling surface of the wheel, the probe to interact with a crest wheel and the measuring body, characterized in that the measuring body consists of a constant current source, two resistors, the movable contact of each of which is rigidly connected with the corresponding probe, amplifier, analog-to-digital Converter, indicator and installed in the cutout of the body spring-loaded contacts for engagement with the vertical surface of the wheel disc and the upper surface of the wheel flange, connected in series in the circuit between the source postoyanno the wheel contacts resistors included in the circuit between the amplifier output and the first input of the Converter, the output of which is connected to the indicator, and the second input of the analog-to-digital Converter connected to connected to the input of the amplifier to the positive pole of the DC source through the switch with rheostats.


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