Device for rotary extrusion of thin-walled cylindrical articles


(57) Abstract:

Use: treatment of metals by pressure. The inventive device includes a mandrel mounted in the spindle, and a work tool in the form of a ballpoint raskatnoe head installed at an angle to the axis of rotation. The angle at which the ball raskatnoe head is determined by the dependences. The mandrel one end pivotally connected with the spindle by means of a ball and an elastic element using a bellows or spring. 3 C.p. f-crystals, 1 Il.

The invention relates to the processing of metals by pressure and can be used for the manufacture of thin-walled cylindrical shells with high precision.

A device for transverse rolling of tubes, selected as a prototype containing the mandrel with dressed her a tubular workpiece, one end of which is rigidly mounted in the machine spindle and its other end tightened emphasis Poppet and ball raskatnoe head, mounted perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the mandrel.

The disadvantages of the known device lies in the fact that it does not provide the discreteness of the deformation process (testing) of the workpiece material, and therefore not espressomachines manufacturing process and product quality.

In addition, to obtain high-precision thin-walled cylindrical products requires the use of high-precision equipment, high precision settings applicable device, as the slightest deviation from alignment of at least one of the components (spindle, the axis of rotation of the mandrel, the center clip Ares and center the tailstock of the machine, causes cyclic bending mandrel, the variability of deformable products balls along the length of the workpiece and, consequently, a deterioration in the accuracy of the shape and dimensions of the manufactured products.

The technical result of the present invention is to improve the productivity and quality of products.

The drawing shows a diagram of the device.

The device includes a frame 1 with dressed her a tubular workpiece 2, raskatnoe ball head 3 mounted at an angle , the bellows 4 connecting between a center of the front spindle headstock 5 with the mandrel 1 through ball 6.

The mandrel 1 is connected through a bellows 4 with the front spindle headstock of the machine 5. The working surface of the mandrel grease with a thin layer of grease.

The tubular workpiece 2 pre sealcoat on the one hand, p is raised from its deformation within 20-70% . Ball head set at an angle , on the basis of the calculation formula

= arctan where B = (1/4 To 3/4) S - the amount of overlap of the preceding processing regarding the filing;

S - axial feed, mm/Rev;

D is the specified outside diameter surface of the product after processing, mm. Then enter the hole of the ball cage in the lead-in taper of the workpiece. The machine rise on specified processing parameters (spindle speed n, the longitudinal travel of carriage - S) and include the rotation of the machine spindle and feed.

After finishing work on a given length of the machine is turned off and the part is removed from the mandrel.

1. DEVICE FOR ROTARY EXTRUSION of THIN-walled CYLINDRICAL ARTICLES containing the mandrel, mounted in the spindle, and a work tool in the form of a ballpoint raskatnoe head, characterized in that the ball rescata head is mounted at an angle to the axis of rotation of the mandrel, the value of which is determined from the ratio

< / BR>
where B = (1/4oC 3/4)S - the amount of overlap of the preceding processing relative axial S;

D is the specified outside diameter surface of the product after processing, mm

2. The device under item 1, characterized in that the mandrel od is p. 2, characterized in that the elastic element is used bellows.

4. The device according to p. 2, characterized in that the elastic element using spring.


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