Undercar emphasis


(57) Abstract:

Usage: refers to mine rail transport, in particular to stop undercar freight cars. The inventive undercar emphasis is made T - shaped in longitudinal section and its branches based on L - shaped brackets of the frame of the trolley. 2 Il.

The invention relates to rail transport and touches the car stops vehicles.

The purpose of the invention is the increased efficiency.

In Fig.1 shows a car stop; Fig.2 is a view As in Fig.1.

Car stop has a flat rubber element, in longitudinal cross-sectional T-shaped and consisting of a steel plate 1 and is placed between the elastic element 2. Rubber element their shelves based on the L-shaped bracket 3 fixed to the frame 4 of the trolley.

When exposed to fist of the pusher (not shown) on plate 1 of the deformation of the elastic element 2 and the smoothed shock.

UNDERCAR EMPHASIS containing flat rubber element, mounted in the brackets of the frame of the vehicle, spaced apart in the cross-Narechenski element in a longitudinal cross-sectional T-shaped and supported on their shelves-shaped brackets.


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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device consists of steel ropes (5) enclosed relative to each pother along the track at drive pulley (1) and tensioner (2) with deflectors (3, 4), both flights of which are located on sleepers (6) between rails (7). Drive pulley represents a multipass friction pulley. Drive pulley and tensioner with deflectors are arranged in recesses (8, 9) between rails. Hitch is composed of round-link chain secured at head car (10) with gripper (12) at its end. Said gripper consists of interconnected swivel unit (13) of curved plates (14, 15) with bolt joint (16) of their opposite ends to allow a required pressure of thrusting them against pull rope at location of chain and swivel above pull rope.

EFFECT: fast and reliable transfer of train to nearest station.

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