Pneumatic bullet-proof tire for van


(57) Abstract:

Essence: between the tire and Luggage placed the liner. The insert is made of ten layers of material such as Kevlar fabric weave thickness 57-59 Tex, when the frequency 14-15 threads/see Insert placed in moisture-proof coating of the polymer film. 1 Il.

The invention relates to vehicles, namely buses special police cars, armored cars for collectors and other civilian vehicles, which can be fired from a short-barreled weapons.

Known pneumatic automobile tire [1], containing the skeleton layers of nylon and viscose, which increases its resistance to damage by sharp objects. However, it does not provide bulletproof.

Closest to the technical nature of the proposed bus [2], containing a four-layer frame, the inner layers which are made of nylon cord, and external - of viscose rayon textile material with high modulus and low elongation. According to the company's tires made according to the patent [2], three times better resist damage by sharp objects than viscose tyre. However, despite the more vysokiyranny bus.

The aim of the invention is to increase the bullet resistance tires when shooting from a short-barreled weapon type pistol PM and prolongs its service life.

The objective is achieved by the fact that the tyre [2], consisting of tires, tubes and flaps, between the tire and the camera is located removable bullet-proof non-rigid insert having the shape of the inner part of the tires, made of ten layers of material type RAS (Kevlar) fabric weave, with thick threads 57. . .59 Tex, when the frequency of the threads 14...15/cm, having a moisture resistant coating of the polymer film.

Therefore, the selected applicant prototype [2] stated the tire is new in the specified volume.

To analyze significant differences between the claimed solution distinctive features can be divided into the following groups.

Group 1. Between the tire and the camera is located removable bullet-proof liner.

Group 2. The insert has the shape of the inner part of the tires.

Group 3. The insert is made of ten layers of material type RAS (fabric weaving) with the thick filament 57...59 Tex, at a frequency of 14...15 threads to see

Group 4. The liner is applied moisture resistant coating, and it is hermetically sealed in a polymer which three characteristics: removable, bullet-proof, non-rigid. The applicant this combination of features is unknown; group characteristics 2 although independently known, because the shape of the tire and repeat the layers of the carcass of any bus, however, this similarity of signs refers to different parts of the bus; the characteristics group 3 itself is unknown, chosen empirically for the domestic automobile tires (RAF) when shooting with a Makarov pistol and has an absolute novelty; characteristics group 4 consists of two parts (moisture resistant coating and hermetic polymer film), the combination of which has novelty and self unknown to the applicant.

Thus, these 4 groups of distinctive features of the declared together not independently known, are different from the known tire design and in combination with restrictive signs provide the entire solution new non-summary properties: ensure the safety of riding at shooting the tire of the short arms of the type Makarov pistol and extend the service life of tires.

Therefore, the total claims claims have significant differences.

The drawing shows the proposed pneumatic motor bulletproof bus in redlagaemaya bus operates as follows. When a bullet enters the bus she punches the tire 1, but delayed liner 3, without damaging the camera 2. This allows you to continue riding without reducing speed.

Studies of the applicant have shown that the protective properties of the liner provides 100% protection against Makarov pistol for bus hire RAF and do not affect the dynamics of the drive.

Tests bulletproof was carried out as follows.

The tire was mounted on the car RAF, and from a distance of 5 m was made ten shots from a Makarov pistol. 5 shots in the side and 5 shots - in protector. After shots made inspection showed that all the bullets were detained bullet-proof liner, the camera is not damaged. After test driving a length of 120 km damage the camera is not detected. These tests showed that the presence of bullet-proof liner provides 100% protection against Makarov pistol.

Applying a moisture resistant coating and sealed packaging protects the liner from the moisture, which reduces the ballistic properties of the SVM by 30-40%.

This bus, providing 100% bulletproof, has increased by 35-40% service life.

PNEUMATIC POOL is ladys in the form of the inner surface of the tire, characterized in that the insert is made of ten layers of material such as synthetic fabric weave thickness 57 - 59 Tex at a frequency of 14 - 15 threads/cm, is placed, in turn, moisture resistant coating of the polymer film.


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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to furniture for transport facilities. Tire comprises at least two cord plies crossing at the angle to reinforce the ring. Said cords are reinforced solely by steel. Every cord ply features tension of <17500 N per dm of width at preset stretching of 1%, cord ply reinforcement makes the angle of 18-45 with tire circumferential direction. Reinforcing ring reinforcement is made of non-metallic material, preferably, of polyether, nylon or hybrid cord, said reinforcing ring having total tension >2000 N per d of width equal to 1%.

EFFECT: higher operating performances.

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