Physiotherapy apparatus


(57) Abstract:

Use: the invention relates to physiotherapy, namely electromagnetotherapy. The invention: the basis of the invention is the compensation of the geomagnetic field in the chamber. Physiotherapy apparatus is a camera with multi-layered walls organics-metal with holes for air, which introduced a toroidal coil with a controlled current source, compensating the horizontal and vertical components of the geomagnetic field. 4 Il.

The invention relates to physiotherapy, specifically, to electromagnetotherapy using screens and filters and can be used for the treatment of various human diseases.

A device for magnetotherapy, containing the working volume and the source to create a uniform geomagnetic field during periods of magnetic storms (ed.St. USSR N 1311740).

The disadvantage of this device is the penetration into the working volume of the high-frequency component of the external background radiation, a negative current on the human body.

The closest to the technical nature of the claimed device is in Anki which is made of several layers of organic-metal, with an opening for access of air (Wilhelm Reich. "The Discovery of the Orgone". N-Y. 1973, S. 10-27).

Multi-layered environment of the walls with selected electrical parameters at which the total electric field is zero, converts the energy of the electromagnetic field, namely, screens loosening the biorhythms of the human body high-frequency radiation background radiation and at the same time is a good guide for low-frequency pulses of alternating magnetic field.

A disadvantage of the known device is the presence in the chamber of constant geomagnetic field, preventing fully mobilize the internal resources of the organism for treatment of disease.

The basis of the invention is the compensation of the geomagnetic field, thus mobilise internal resources of the body, which contributes to the effectiveness of the treatment of various human diseases.

The problem is solved in that in the physiotherapy apparatus, constituting a chamber, the walls of which are made of several layers of organic-metal that converts the energy of the electromagnetic field of the Earth and external anthropogenic sources, with holes for the access controller is installed to the control current source, the camera is oriented in azimuth of the geomagnetic field, and the coils are made with the aim of creating fields, compensating the horizontal and vertical components of the geomagnetic field.

Placement on the device horizontal and vertical coils with a controlled current source that generates a uniform magnetic field that compensates for the horizontal and vertical components of the geomagnetic field in the chamber, respectively, 82-94 and 18-6% when camera orientation in azimuth of the geomagnetic field.

Thanks to the compensation constant geomagnetic field in the chamber a uniform magnetic field generated by the coils in the chamber creates a magnetic effect of starvation of the organism, which consists in the fact that the space in the chamber, devoid of constant geomagnetic field changes the physiological effect of natural background radiation on numerous receptors in the body, causing the body responds to this by mobilizing their internal reserves, which contributes to the effect of the treatment of various diseases.

In Fig.1 shows a General view of the device of Fig.2 - section of the chamber walls; Fig.3 - sectional view of the door apparatus of Fig.4 is a toroidal coil with current.

The physiotherapist is the camera and finding it sitting position during the session. At the same time it is adapted to conduct biomedical experiments to study the effects of magnetic shielding on living organisms.

P R I m m e R. the chamber Wall (Fig.2) thickness of 36 mm is made of several layers of organic-metal, namely: inner layer 4 walls are made of galvanized iron plate of thickness 1 mm; layer 5 - waxed wood thickness 7 mm; layer 6 - iron shavings thickness of 9 mm; layer 7 - iron plate 0.5 mm thick; layer 8 - glass wool thickness 8 mm; outer layer 9 - fabric type tent with a thickness of 1 mm

The cell door thickness 40 mm consists of the following layers: the outer layer 9 - fabric type tent with a thickness of 1 mm; two layers of 10 - waxed wood with a thickness of 5 mm; the three layers of the 7 - iron plate 0.5 mm thick; the layer 11 is glass wool with a thickness of 9.5 mm; layer 6 - iron shavings 7 mm thick; the layer 12 is waxed wood thickness 11.5 mm; layer 4 - galvanized iron with a thickness of 1 mm

Electrical parameters of the layers of the walls of the chamber is determined from the condition of providing free diffusion inside the camera geomagnetic pulsations with periods from 1 to 600 and creating conditions for shielding of high-frequency components of the spectrum of the radiation generated in in2,3,4solved the inverse problem for Maxwell's equations

rot = + ;

rot = - ; c boundary conditions on the inner surface of the chamber wall Sb2= - Re [], where Szb- the vertical component of Poiting vector related to high-frequency electromagnetic field.

According to obtained values of conductivity were selected real materials walls:

a layer of galvanized iron:1= 1,5107(Mme)-1;

a layer of waxed wood:2= 1,5410-11(Mme)-1;

the layer of glass wool:3= 1,7410-12(Ohm m)-1;

a layer of iron filings to:4= 0,5107(Mme)-1.

On the side walls of the camera installed toroidal coil 2 with a width of 100 mm and a thickness of 200 mm, Such as a toroidal coil mounted on the bottom and top walls of the chamber.

A toroidal coil that creates within the working space of homogeneous magnetic field intensity H is made with a radius equal to the distance between the axes of the coils.

When installing the cab on the X-axis coincident with the azimuth direction of the geomagnetic field, the calculation formula for the field Hxis


Error of measurement of the magnetic field is small for such values of x and y, in which the adjusting members in parentheses are less than one.

On the rear wall of the chamber into upper and lower parts it is made of the slotted holes 50 x 500 mm to access the necessary amount of air to the patient. These holes provide a three-fold air exchange within one hour.

The slotted holes covered with wooden blinds 3, which are mounted at a distance of 10 mm from the slot. Outside all Luggage covered with cloth type tent with a thickness of 1 mm

Layered walls of the chamber are made with zero tension constant electric field inside it, miss healthy low-frequency pulsations of the geomagnetic field force microscopic doses of radiation, of the order of 1 μv/m in the electric component and 10 μa/m in the magnetic component on the human body. This leads to the adjustment of the biorhythmic patterns of the body, eliminating desynchronosis, the harmonization of regulatory systems of the body and is effective not only for functional disorders, but also in case of stable disease.

Toroidal coil with adjustable) the permanent geomagnetic field, as a result, the camera creates a magnetic effect of starvation on the human body responds by mobilizing their internal resources, resulting in more efficient to cure various chronic diseases, rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the body.

In addition, in the camera during a session of physiotherapy create a higher concentration of carbon dioxide, which is accompanied by saturation of the deep tissues of the body with carbon dioxide. Thus, automatically provided the conditions of the Buteyko method. Complete darkness in the chamber provides good conditions for relaxation, relaxation of the muscles of the body, which is an additional therapeutic effect.

We offer therapeutic apparatus, based on the effects of weak physical signals, is harmless and promising device obsesionado actions.

PHYSIOTHERAPEUTIC APPARATUS containing a working chamber in the form of a parallelepiped of layers of organic - metal with certain electrical characteristics and holes for air, characterized in that it introduced two pairs of toroidal coils connected to a source of controlled voltage and located lnany with the possibility of creating a uniform magnetic field, compensating the full vector of the geomagnetic field, and the vertical coil compensate it in the range from 82 to 94%, and the horizontal in the range from 18% to 6%.


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