Device for testing the authenticity of documents


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to banking technique. Its use to control the authenticity of Bank notes and other securities can improve the accuracy of control and ease of use of a device that includes a housing 1 with the lower table 2 and parallel to the top table with black-out window 4. In the front part of the housing 1 has an inlet 3 for laying of documents. Inside the housing 1 posted by white light and ultraviolet radiation. A positive effect is provided by the introduction of horizontal axis 9, on which the console is installed magnifier 10, having the ability to rotate around and move along the axis 9 and tables 2 and 4 is made with an inclination to the front of the housing 1. 3 Il.

The invention relates to banking technique and is intended to control the authenticity of Bank notes and other securities. The device may also be used in forensic science in the examination of the authenticity of various documents.

The aim of the present invention is to increase the reliability of control of authenticity of documents, as well as increased ease of use, compactness and ergonomics of the mouth of the and device; in Fig. 3 is a cross section of a second variant of the device.

The device (Fig. 1) includes a housing 1 with the lower table 2 and inlet 3. In the upper part of the housing 1 is made from the upper table, provided with a translucent window 4 made of diffusoriscaffale material. The bottom table 2 and table top with a translucent window 4 is installed obliquely, at an angle of 25aboutto the horizontal, with the lower side of the front part of the device. The angle of inclination selected so that the document, for example banknotes, did not slide off from the surface of the window 4 and table 2 in the control. The slope provides the necessary for the operation of ergonomics.

Inside the housing 1 (Fig. 2) installed the springs 5 of the light beam. Sources 5 emit the combined radiation containing white light and ultraviolet radiation. The translucent window transmits white light absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Diffusoriscaffale material box 4 provides uniform brightness over the surface of the window and, therefore, uniform illumination with white light of various sections of bill located on the translucent window 4.

In case 1 (Fig. 2) on the axis 6 is also ultraviolet is ultra 7 switches using the handwheel 8 (Fig. 1).

UV filter 7, while in a vertical position provides exposure banknote, located on the lower table, the combined radiation. As the intensity of fluorescence banknotes caused by exposure to ultraviolet components of the combined radiation, substantially less than the intensity reflected from the banknote of the components of white light, the vertical position of the filter 7 actually provides control bill, which is on the bottom of table 2, in reflected white light.

On the horizontal axis 9 (Fig. 2) installed bifocal magnifier 10. Magnifier 10 allows rotation around the axis 9 at an angle from 0 to 180aboutallowing convenient positioning for visual inspection of the Bank notes located on the bottom of table 2 and the translucent window 4. The rotation angle of the magnifying glass 10 in the range from 0 to 180aboutfixed wheel 11 (Fig. 1). In addition, the lens 10 has the ability to move along the axis 9 within translucent window 4.

Inside the housing 1, the lower table 2, posted by the network switch 12 and pascarelli apparatus 13 to enable radiation sources.

In the second variant of the device (Fig. 3) in the case ustanovki excluded. Switching the type of radiation is carried out electrically, by switching the radiation sources with additional switch mounted under the lower table 2 (not shown).

The device operates as follows.

Network switch device 12 (Fig. 2) include in the supply chain. With the help of the flywheel 11 bifocal magnifier 10 is installed in the upper position convenient for observation of the bill. Controlled banknotes placed on the translucent window 4. Through a magnifying glass 10 monitor the condition of the watermark pattern and paper in transmitted white light. Small fragments bill see through the short-focus area 16 bifocal magnifier 10, while they are visible with a significant increase. An overview of the entire banknote is carried out through long-focus zone 17 bifocal magnifier 10. The operator manipulates the position of the banknote relative to the focal planes magnifier to achieve various visible growth, thus providing the optimal control bill in transmitted white light.

Then controlled banknotes through a wide slit 3 is placed on the lower table 2. Using the handwheel 8 UV filter 7 is installed in a vertical position. With the ez Lupu 10 monitor the condition of the watermark, drawing and paper in reflected white light. The operator manipulates the position of the banknote relative to the focal planes magnifier to achieve various visible zoom, providing the optimal control bill or its fragments in reflected white light. Changing the angle of the banknote relative to the line of observation, the operator controls the banknote in sliding beams. Thus, the control of the sliding beams with small angles of incidence on the device operate in the same area, bottom of table 2.

Next, using the handwheel 8 UV filter 7 is installed in a horizontal position. Through a magnifying glass 10 is controlled fluorescence banknote excited by ultraviolet radiation. The operator manipulates the position of the banknote relative to the focal planes magnifier to achieve various visible zoom, allowing optimal control of fluorescent zones bill, including protective fiber.

Based on the comparison of the results of observation of the controlled banknote with the visual standard genuine banknote, the operator judges the authenticity of the controlled banknote.

Rability control bill, located on the bottom of table 2, is only possible when the source 14 of white light.

Thus, the proposed device allows for comprehensive control of authenticity of documents, as in the control examines the various signs of authenticity both in transmitted and reflected white light and ultraviolet irradiation. Bifocal magnifier at the top and bottom position, forming an enlarged image of the banknote or its fragments, provides increased reliability of the control. The presence of the inclination of the bottom of the table and translucent Windows, and holes to enter the note on the bottom table provide ease of use and ergonomics. The presence of one control zone on the lower table provides the compactness of the device. The use of the device in the classroom conversion can significantly increase the quality of expertise and thus reduce the cost of the examination cash tickets.

DEVICE FOR testing the AUTHENTICITY of DOCUMENTS, comprising a housing with a lower table, in front of which the front part of the body has a hole for laying controlled documents, in the upper part of the body parallel to ninsula and ultraviolet radiation characterized in that, to improve the reliability of control and easy operation of the device on the body parallel to its front part is the horizontal axis on which the console is installed magnifier with adjustable working position angular rotation about and movement along the axis to provide visual control of the document in the working zones of the lower and upper tables are made with an inclination to the front of the case.


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