Underwater wellhead equipment for the operation of well cluster


(57) Abstract:

Usage: sealing the mouths of underwater oil and gas wells in process of drilling and exploitation. The inventive equipment is made with a single Central control unit and service connected tubular passages for personnel and installation of communications with radial peripheral independent blocks, each of which has a retractable riser adapter installed on the wellhead with the capability of raising and sealing upon completion of drilling operations at the wellhead of the operational equipment. The Central unit has premises of the residential complex and is equipped with a hatch coaming area for planting underwater vehicle. 4 Il.

The invention relates to underwater tools for the extraction of oil or gas at different depths in the offshore areas and in areas with difficult ice conditions.

Known operating system of the closed type firm "Cameron", Germany, which allows the development and maintenance of the wells in the deep sea. One of the main elements of this system is working the camera mounted on the mouth of the captivity on the underwater wellhead standard hydraulic connection. In the chamber, the atmospheric pressure, so operators can work without diving equipment. Originating operators to work underwater devices with docking system with a working camera. The chambers are formed in a modular design (modular system), which operates several wells. For the operation of Bush holes are used modular system company "Cameron", assembled from standard components (chambers). Before mounting the camera on the seabed is set to the conductor, the configuration and arrangement which enable the drilling and operation of the required number of wells. The working chamber is fixed on the submerged mouth of each well equipped with standard hydraulic connector. After that, the camera descends crew of specialists for its commissioning.

To ensure work performance modular system company "Cameron drilling of wells and installation of wellhead wellhead equipment must be made prior to installation of the working chambers, due to the large simultaneous concentration of technical equipment (drilling rig, ships, boats, and tools for the production of underwater works). E is th camera for inspection, adjustment and repair of wellhead x-Mas tree is only underwater vehicles (machines, bell divers) in each camera separately.

The aim of the invention is the reduction of costs for the establishment and operation of subsea module and increase its reliability when universal features of his work.

The aim is achieved in that the underwater module for operation of the well cluster is made from a single Central unit for accommodating management and staff and is connected by transitions with radial and peripheral located relative to a Central independent unit, separate working chambers, each of which, together with the gushing wellhead valve has a retractable riser tubular element (adapter) with a stopper installed on the wellhead with the capability of raising and sealing at the end of drilling for installation on the same wellhead wellhead wellhead equipment.

The significance of the differences of the proposed solutions is that the entire design of the subsea module to operate the well cluster is assembled on the shore, and then transported to the place of production in the assembled (working) condition and the mouth of fominyh (drilling) of the working chambers in relation to the Central unit provides the compactness of the whole structure, and also greatly facilitates the work associated with installation of the drilling rig during the drilling of wells, each well has a coordinate. The module provides simultaneous drilling and production operations through peripheral spaced working chambers, which allows the drilling of wells, installation, commissioning, inspection and repair of wellhead wellhead equipment, product production, respectively, in each working chamber independently of the other, without disturbing the overall process cycle of the module, which confirms the universality of the solution. Unified management and the possibility of finding staff in the Central unit, the ability to message on transitions from each of the working chamber at atmospheric pressure without the use of underwater technical means provide increased reliability and reduced operating costs module.

Shipping service personnel to work on the module can be carried out the submersible drilling platform or transport vessel or tunnel from the shore (when the distance is not more than 10 km) in the Central block (the method of delivery depends on the area of production) that extends universalisation the working chamber during the drilling of wells; in Fig.4 - she is in operation wellhead x-Mas tree.

Autonomous underwater operation of the drilling module (Fig.1 and 2) consists of the Central unit 1 and a separate peripheral working chambers 2, interconnected tubular passages 3 for the passage of personnel of the module, as well as for installation of operating pipelines, cables and other communications. In the Central unit 1 located apartment complex, Central control, life support systems (figures not shown). The Central unit 1 is divided by decks on several levels, and the top is equipped with a hatch coaming area 4 for planting underwater vehicle with the personnel module. Each peripheral working chamber 2 is isolated, sealed and located radially relative to the Central block. The working chamber is provided by drilling a borehole from an offshore drilling platform. (An offshore drilling platform in the process of its joint operation with underwater module has the ability to move beyond its size on the perimeter, which makes it possible to carry out drilling through each working chamber 2).

The sealed enclosure of each working adapter 5 represents the pipe, on the ends of which are made trapezoidal thread to connect the top with the column 6 riser pipe, and the bottom inside of the working chamber and the mouth of the well bottom suspension 7. Adapter 5 at the entrance to the enclosure airtight working chamber 2 is sealed Salnikov device located in the base Cabinet with the guide sleeve 8, which senses the lateral load transmitted to the adapter 5 from the riser column during drilling (strength of currents, waves, etc). In the working chamber 2 is lifting device 9, which provides lifting, moving and installation of wellhead wellhead equipment 10, which during the drilling of wells mounted on a separate rack within each of the working chamber 2.

The module operates in the following modes.

The drilling, which is conducted with an offshore drilling platform drilling rig, which is connected to column 6 riser pipe adapter 5, which is attached to the wellhead inside the working chamber 2.

Preparing to use well done on the completion of the drilling process (Fig.4); the adapter 5 is disconnected from the wellhead and raise together with the column 6 riser pipe by means of an offshore drilling platform is set sealed samples is shining pipes from the adapter 5. After this lifting device 9 install wellhead wellhead equipment 10 at the wellhead and the pipeline to it from the General operating pipeline module (figures not shown).

Operation of the well occurs through the mouth of the fountain valve 10, which is controlled from the Central unit 1. Product production from each well is supplied to the common operational pipeline module with subsequent supply by the main subsea pipeline to shore (depending on product production - oil and gas - can be different ways the technology of its collection and transportation).

The use of the invention will expand the ability of oil and gas in the development of new offshore fields, including offshore freezing seas, with lower costs and greater mobility of their operation regardless of weather and sea conditions and significantly increase the reserves of this raw material for the national economy that shows consideration on the shelf seas of the far East region.

UNDERWATER WELLHEAD EQUIPMENT FOR the OPERATION of BUSH WELLS containing sealed working chamber, ustanovlennayasnaruzhi in the equipment while expanding its functions and simplifying maintenance, it is provided with a Central control unit having passages for communication with the sealed chamber arranged radially in relation to the Central and peripheral unit, each of the chambers are made with retractable riser tubular element with a stopper associated with the column pipe, while the latter is installed with the possibility of sealing the camera in his nomination.


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EFFECT: levelling down requirements to submerged wellhead equipment in regard to mechanical stability in combination with high temperatures resistance, thus excluding use of expensive components.

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EFFECT: excluded impact of Ferranti effect and skin effect in order to transmit power to equipment placed at large distance from the power supply source.

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EFFECT: increased drainage zones of productive formation and higher efficiency of remote control of well operation in real time in Arctic conditions.

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EFFECT: remote control of operation of a device, which provides a high degree of safety for life of service personnel and prompt well covering.

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EFFECT: improved equipment operation efficiency and energy savings.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to processing lunar soil and production of helium-3 (He3) on the Moon, including its back side. The complex of facilities for production of (He3) from the lunar soil consists of a source of micro-waves of super-high frequency installed on the lunar surface, and also of control equipment. The source of micro-waves of super-high frequency radiates waves onto a section of lunar soil surface covered with transparent for radiation elastic pressurised jacket; further He is withdrawn from the zone covered with the jacket, is liquefied and collected. The control equipment is installed in points of libration (Lagrange points) of system the Earth-the Moon and is designed to re-translate a control signal to the back side of the Moon.

EFFECT: simplification of process and equipment for production of helium-3 (He3), and also possibility to produce helium-3 (He3) not only on visible side of the Moon, but on its back side.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, particularly to methods of building of isolated sealed mines, grooves and mountain-drilling rooms, used for shelter of people, and also for introduction of exploration work and field development of minerals in geological material of nonterrestrial objects. Building method of mines and grooves on nonterrestrial objects includes opening of top horizons by one of shanks, opening of bottom horizon through main shank and delivering of rock from deepening of each shank and horizon by adjacent shank. Structure of main and auxiliary shanks is implemented by boring machine with headstock from building structure - shelter, connected to spacecraft. After spudding of one or other shank on its mouth there are installed sealing and heat insulating shelves. There is continued construction at the outset of auxiliary shank, opening top horizon, then it is continued construction of main shank, top horizon connects both shanks. Delivery of rock from passing of each shank and horizon is implemented by adjacent shank through building structure - shelter and chamber gate by means of carriage bogie. Top horizon is continued to construct up to inlet to lip of nonterrestrial object, outlet of horizon is equipped by chamber gate.

EFFECT: invention provides safe of drilling activities implementation and to reduce material expenses.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to space engineering. Proposed device comprises pipeline 5, assembly to transfer container via pipeline and assembly to prepare and load container. The latter comprises rotary support 8 arranged on fixed support 7, bush 18 to accommodate container 17 and container cover 18. Transfer assembly comprises housing 19 accommodating gas-tight sleeve 20 representing, in initial position, a flat tape. Sleeve open end is tightly jointed with housing 19. Space 22 is communicated via air line 11 and start-and-shut-ff valve 12 with compressed gas source 10. Bush 16 has spring-loaded flange 24 and is locked by pyro cotter 27. Cover 18 is locked by pyro cotter 28. Support 8 is also locked by pyro cotter and provided with spring pusher 31 with rod 32 to displace transfer assembly, together with bush 16 and container 17, to under cover 18. Pyro cotter 27 operated, container 17 is closed by cover 18. Pyro cotter 28 and valve 12 operated, sleeve 20, straightening under gas pressure, displaces container 17 along pipeline 5. Delivery of container into autolander from any direction.

EFFECT: higher versatility of proposed device.

9 cl, 6 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: method includes erection of the main and auxiliary shafts with a drilling rig from a shelter building, installation of sealing and heat-insulating ramps in shaft collars. One of the auxiliary shafts is erected in the form of a microscope, drilled from an exploratory well by means of its expansion from an inner mine tunnel until reaching the surface of an nonterrestrial object and used as a saving shaft, which on the surface via a gate chamber contacts with a landing complex of a spacecraft. In the saving shaft in the area of its connection with the inner mine tunnel there is a sealing heat-insulation ramp installed, drilled solids are distributed into a crater of the nonterrestrial object.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to carry out salvage operations and to ensure the necessary ventilation in mines and pits, and also to establish a connection between the shafts on the nonterrestrial object surface.

4 cl, 1 dwg

Drag head // 2501952

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drag head includes a drilling machine with a control system and a penetrator, which is fixed on a space lander. Heat insulated containers for soil sample excavation are fixed on the penetrator. The drilling machine is equipped with a temperature sensor of a penetrator tip, which is connected to the control system of the drilling machine.

EFFECT: invention allows improving quality of obtained soil samples.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: ultrasonic drag head is designed for drilling of ground to the depth of up to 2 metres at the speed of up to 20 mm/min per passto take samples without changing the composition. Drag head consists of an ultrasonic oscillating system with a working tool, an ultrasonic generator and a control system. Ultrasonic generator and control system are fixed on a space lander. On a waveguide of ultrasonic oscillating system there installed is a frame on which heat-insulated containers to take ground samples with a turning opening/closing mechanism, heat accumulators and a passive temperature stabilisation system are fixed. Ultrasonic oscillating system is equipped with a temperature sensor of drag head containers, which is connected to the control system of drag head. Sizes of each next element of the ultrasonic oscillating system are chosen based on compliance with resonant frequency of piezoelectric converter.

EFFECT: invention is able to take ground samples without thermal destruction and evaporation of volatile components.

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SUBSTANCE: excess oxygen generated by plants is ejected into Mars atmosphere as the component of the Martian station gas mix. Said oxygen is subjected to hard UV radiation characteristic of the Mars is completely or partially transformed into ozone. Ozone accumulation in the Mars atmosphere is useful in that it can develop the tangible protective ozone ply.

EFFECT: useful application of excess oxygen.

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SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to development of space environment resources using accordingly fitted spacecrafts (SC). SC approaches to asteroid (1), covering it from both sides with manipulators (2). Materials collection unit (4) is moved and installed using special manipulator (5). Antenna (6) is deployed with help of manipulator (7). Energy from spherical solar battery (3) is supplied to multi lamp projector with concentrating light optical system installed in unit (4). Melted asteroid surface layer with it to form holes. Fused material is taken from holes, cooled, castings are placed in storage, from where they are periodically taken by separate SC operating between Earth and asteroid.

EFFECT: production of limited mass of minerals on asteroid using solar energy.

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