Cable scraper installation


(57) Abstract:

Use: in mining and other industries in the production handling. The inventive mounted on the frame reversible motor, gearbox, drive pulley. Through the driving pulley and the block spanned the drive rope hanging on it through the hinge links of the bucket. When moving bucket filled with soil, the resistance to its movement is automatically adjusted by changing the thickness of the ground, pick up the bucket. 10 Il.

The invention relates to the field of vehicles and can find application in mining and other industries in the production handling.

Known scraper with a pull rope containing buckets, trailer fixture with two rods of the drive rope, the engine and the winch.

The disadvantage of this design are its complexity and instability.

The closest technical solution adopted for the prototype, is an automatic scraper installation comprising a winch with a driving rope, roller blocks, reversing the engine.

The unit operates slevotra rope. When this tension idle branches of the rope through movable on the rack rollers.

The disadvantage of this setup are the complexity of the design in connection with the application roller blocks and the complexity of the operation.

The purpose of the proposed technical solutions - improving reliability.

This objective is achieved in that the cable scraper installation including a drive rope with a bucket, a motor, a spring-loaded drive pulley, a gear and a pulley system, equipped connected with a drive rope horizontal buffer, through spring-loaded hinged vertical links has the scoop made with retractable rear wall and a horizontal platform and having invoice lever mounted with a possibility of contact with the horizontal space, while the drive rope is equipped with an automatic tensioning unit, performed in the form of a roller and a two-tier leash associated with horizontal buffer and has a system of pinch rollers.

In Fig. 1 shows the proposed installation, side view; Fig. 2 - the same, top view; Fig. 3 - bucket at maximum capture of the soil; Fig. 4 - the same, when the position where the intense what about the articulated parallelogram; in Fig. 5 and 6 - stage position automatic tension unit; Fig. 7 - 10 - stage automatic unloading of the bucket.

Cable scraper installation comprises a frame 1 on which is mounted a reversible electric motor 2, gear 3, the driving shaft 4 with the spring 5 and the driving pulley 6 with the spring-loaded disks. Through the driving pulley and the block 7 is spanned drive rope 8 with the tensioning unit 9 which is connected with two leash 10, pivotally connected to the buffer 11, which via a vertical hinge parts 12 and 13 and diagonally placed a spring 14 attached to the bucket 15 with a horizontal platform 16, retractable rear wall 17 and the stop 18. Near the stationary block 7 is mounted with a beveled bottom slot of the hinge arm 19, and the driving pulley 6 on the bracket 20 is set to the pinch rollers 21 and 22. On the way, the left and right end routes installed reversing switches 23 and 24.

Cable scraper installation operates as follows. Driven by an electric motor 2 drive pulley 6 in the clockwise rotation moves through the drive rope 8 bucket 15 from right to left. With this motion of the bucket is a set of ground. As you move the loaded bucket 15 soprotivlenie slippage of the drive rope 8 on the master pulley 6 is provided by the pinch rollers 21 and 22, which contribute to the maximum coverage of a driving pulley 6 driven by the rope 8. In addition, as the load on the bucket automatically through a two-tier leash 10 is triggered tensioning unit 9. This increases the tension of the cable and increases the friction between the drive pulley and the drive rope.

In addition, by increasing the loading bucket is automatically respectively Vignobles from slaughter due to the fact that the bucket is suspended from the buffer 11 through the vertical hinge parts 12 and 13, in combination with a diagonally placed the spring 14 is a spring-loaded hinged parallelogram.

This design allows automatically to evenly load the bucket. If, for example, the bucket is loaded when the thickness H of the chips capture soil (Fig. 3), with increasing load, the bucket can be moved backward relative to the buffer 11. In the result, the thickness H1chips capture soil (Fig. 4) decreases, because the law articulated parallelogram bucket offset buffer not only in the horizontal plane, but is approaching the buffer, i.e., moves up. This automatically reduces the load on the movement of the bucket. Before you reach certainly is the corporate governance 16 with locking swivel lever 19 (Fig. 7). The next stage of the contact coupling the hinge arm is that he cut captures the Board retractable rear wall 17 (Fig. 8). At this point, the buffer 11 is in contact with the reversing switch 24 and the bucket begins to move in the opposite direction, i.e. from left to right. This retractable rear wall 17 remains for some time held captive swivel lever 19, and the ground is automatically displaced from the tank to the bucket. When the retractable back wall will displace all the soil from the bucket, articulated coupling lever 19, adjoining the beveled bottom surface with a horizontal platform 16, automatically disengages with retractable rear wall 17 (Fig. 9), drained in this way, the bucket continues to move to the right (Fig, 10) to the initial position, when the buffer 11 will come into contact with the reversing switch 23 and the cycle of filling the bucket with soil again. This retractable rear wall 17 under pressure counter pressure of the inflowing ground will take its operating position in the bucket, moving from the bucket to the right (Fig. 7).

The advantage of the invention is to improve the productivity and reduce the complexity in the operation.


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EFFECT: decreased energy intensity and wear of a device.

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EFFECT: higher efficiency, reduced power and materials consumption.

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SUBSTANCE: proposed plant comprises box-like scraper connected by leading and trailing cables with two-drum scraper winch, trailing cable resting on end and deflecting pulleys, and unloading ramp. Reverse branch of training pull cable after running around end deflecting pulley arranged in vertical plane is directed along scraper plant axis, cable being located thereunder between two horizontal deflecting pulleys. The latter cover the cable on both sides to displace it at therein interaction. Note here that both pulleys are secured at U-like frame arranged at scraper top parts. Horizontal rollers are arranged at front edges of scraper front and rear side to allow loose cable to rest thereon.

EFFECT: lower wear, hence, longer life, lower electric power input, higher safety.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles of periodical action designed for transportation of produced rock mass from a bottomhole. A shaft rope-scraper plant comprises a scraper of box type, head and tail traction ropes connected with it, a scraper hoist and a discharge platform. The scraper hoist is accepted as three-drum, on two drums of which there are both ends of the head traction rope fixed. The middle part of the head traction rope is fixed in the centre of the front wall of the scraper and with the possibility to embrace to curved guides with a rope, and these guides are fixed on side edges of the front wall of the scraper with sagging of guides to outside from the side sections of the scraper, at the angles of guides bend of more than 90 degrees.

EFFECT: invention provides for double reduction of load at a head traction rope, and also provides for increased efficiency of rock mass gripping by a scraper with increased width of its placement in the area of scraper load.

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EFFECT: higher efficiency, effectiveness, broader functional capabilities.

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SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for transportation of rock in underground mines for reloading of rock from one conveyor to the other installed at one level. For this purpose device is used containing pair of flight conveyors, forced-draught and suction fans, air chamber with air inlet hole provided with cyclone installed over flight conveyor to be loaded. Air chamber is arranged between conveyors and is furnished with air collector made in form of screen with cells, housing and brushes from side of conveyors. Additional hole is made in bottom of air chamber to deliver air jet at angle to direction of material movement.

EFFECT: device of simple design providing effective and safe reloading of rock from one conveyor to the other installed at one level.

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EFFECT: improved stability of operation of vibrating feeder at unstable supply and impact loads on working member at discharging.

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SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for transportation of rock under ground, particularly, for reloading of rock from one conveyor to the other arranged at one level. For this purpose loose material reloading device is used which contains inclined and horizontal sections with drive arranged on support between two conveyors. Device is installed in housing with windows from side of conveyors, and is made in form of chain with scrapers passed over rollers and installed for moving in pair of trapezoidal guides. Housing is installed on support by means of hydraulic jacks. Angle of tilting α of side of trapezium is within 35° and 45°.

EFFECT: simple design, provision of effective and safe reloading of rock from one conveyor to the other arranged at one level.

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SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for selective transportation of mineral resources. Proposed conveyor contains rigidly mounted on buntons chute-like section guide conductors with curvilinear sections, articulated members with two load-carrying units freely suspended from axles and arranged symmetrically on each member and provided with gear wheels for selective transportation of load, and guide rolling supports on axles of members for engagement with said guide conductors. Rolling elements of rolling supports are made in form of balls. Conveyor is furnished also with distributed linear hydraulic drive. Guide rolling supports are provided with metal journals with rectangular seats on free places of which detachable inserts are installed accommodating said rolling elements in form of balls. Detachable inserts are installed for corrective displacement by means of pressure spring to adjust distance between guide rolling supports and inner surfaces of chute-like section guide conductors.

EFFECT: provision of reliable operation of conveyor.

7 dwg

Ore pass // 2272148

FIELD: mining, particularly for underground ore deposit and kimberlite pipe development.

SUBSTANCE: ore pass comprises shaft, loading mouth and sieve. The ore pass shaft is provided with conveyer belts suspended to sieve grate so that distances between adjacent conveyer belts are different and defined by maximal dimensions of rock pieces passing between the belts. Sealed elastic shell is arranged in lower ore pass part. The sieve is installed at α=17° - 45° angle to horizontal plane. Lower conveyer belt ends are provided with weights.

EFFECT: reduced degree of rock grinding, increased service life of ore pass members.

5 dwg