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(57) Abstract:

Usage: electrical devices and circuits. The inventive contact the site consists of a hollow insulating housing 1 and the conductive spring plate 3, to the free end of which is attached the contact element 5 located in the insulating cylinder 4, capable of making a reciprocating motion due to the elasticity of the plate. When connecting conductor is inserted in the slot of the node on the contact part of the plate, pre wrung from the bottom surface of the socket with a contact element. 3 Il.

The invention relates to the field of conversion and distribution of electric energy and can be used in electrical devices and circuits.

Know the contact device [1] , comprising a housing with protrusions perpendicular to the base, and charge with the possibility of forward movement, on which the contact elements.

A disadvantage of this device is the design complexity, as well as limited cross-section conductors.

It is also known pin [2] , containing a hollow rectangular block is agnosti connection of conductors of different hardness. Closest to the technical nature of the solution is electrical contact [3] , comprising a housing with a socket and a groove and the spring element in the form of a rod.

The disadvantage is the limitation of the possibility for connection of conductors of different hardness and low reliability of the contact.

The aim of the invention is to expand the functional capabilities of the device and improving the reliability of the contact.

The goal is achieved that the contact node containing a hollow insulating housing and the conductive spring plate, added the contact element, rigidly connected with the free end of the springy plate and reciprocating movement through the opening in the housing along an axis perpendicular to the axis of the housing, due to the elasticity of the plate. For the best contact surface of the contact part of the plate has a longitudinal-transverse incisions.

The invention consists in the application of the contacting element rigidly connected with the free end of the springy plate to ensure the pressing plate from the contact surface of the slot in the housing when the input conductors of various gestatten node.

In the proposed contact the host application of the contacting element, capable of reciprocating motion of the elasticity of the conductive plate, and a longitudinally-continuous cuts on the contact surface of the plate give the contact stated the new node properties: the ability to connect conductors of different hardness and different cross-sections and reliability of the probe shown in a positive effect, so that the solution can be regarded as having a significant difference.

The invention is illustrated in Fig. 1-3 (in rectangular coordinates in Fig. 1,2) and section view of Fig. 3).

Contact the site consists of a hollow rectangular casing 1 is rigidly attached to the upper surface of the slot 2 springy conductive plate 3, the free end of which is connected to the contact element 5 located in the insulating cylinder surface 4. Springy plate (Fig. 2) on the contact surface has a longitudinal-transverse incisions 6.

Contact the site works as follows.

Plug conductor is inserted into the socket 2 pin site. With the help of the contact element 5 is located which it comes in contact with the spring plate and fixed the last in the nest. Longitudinal-transverse incisions 6 on the surface of the springy plate in the place of contact increase the reliability of the contact.

The proposed contact site compared with the prototype extends the functionality of the device and improves the reliability of the contact. (56) 1. USSR author's certificate N 1561139, CL H 01 R 13/62, 1987.

2. USSR author's certificate N 4493526, CL H 01 R 17/18, 1983.

3. USSR author's certificate N 1511790, CL H 01 R 13/00, 1987.

CONTACT the node that contains the hollow insulating body and the conductive spring plate, characterized in that, to increase functionality and improve the reliability of the contact, the contact node added contact element, rigidly connected with the free end of the springy plate and reciprocating movement through the opening in the housing along an axis perpendicular to the axis of the housing.


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