The hub biological and cosmic energy


(57) Abstract:

Usage: for bioenergy impacts on human processes. The inventive hub is a hollow body, the plane of which is arranged in the form of through-channel, made for example of wood or other dielectric or electrically conductive material. The body includes a base and a recess oriented along the axis of the channel and separated by grooves. The grooves have walls that intersect the outer surface of the body and the surface of the channel vertically. The channel can be made conical. In the body can be made more axial channel through holes, the centers of which are located along the axes of the channels. This embodiment of the hub allows you to organize and locate vortex energy field and send it to the diseased organ. 3 C. p. F.-ly, 3 ill.

The invention relates to devices used in medical practice, and can be used for biological and energy impacts on human processes, and, in particular, as physiotherapy remedy for such diseases as hypertension, arthrosis, arthritis, cholecystitis is inanaga or electrostatic fields in friction [1] . Drawback of these, including the last device is the fact that the field has a surface effect and does not affect the underlying processes occurring in the human body.

It is also known device [2] for the concentration and accumulation of biological and cosmic energy, energy zone in which is located inside the device itself. Also known properties of some materials, such as wood, providing a "feed" or "suction" effect on the aura of a living being, but they do not have purposeful action.

The technical effect of the invention is the concentration and purposeful influence of biological and cosmic energy on the body of a living being.

Object of the invention is the creation of conditions for reduction or complete elimination of various ailments in the human body.

To accomplish the task the device, concentrating biokosmetik energy, made in the form of a hollow body of dielectric or conductive material and comprises a base with a through channel and tabs on him and separated by grooves which are formed parallelnykh, a through hole may be made conical, the body can be made of wood and it can be done more through holes that are located along the axes of the slots.

In Fig. 1 presents the proposed hub biological and cosmic energy; Fig. 2 - the same, top view; Fig. 3 is a top view with an additional through-hole, and Fig. 4 - section a-a in Fig. 3.

The hub includes a body 1 comprising a base 2 and the projections 3, separated by grooves 4. In the body 1 has a through channel 5, coaxially to the body. The grooves 4 are formed vertical mutually parallel walls, which intersect vertically with the outer surface of the body and internal end-to-end channel 5.

A through hole channel 5 can be performed with a cone 6, and the body can be made optional through holes 7 located along the axes of the grooves 4.

The hub is used as follows.

The hub is placed on the body of a living being working surface in place the necessary impact. It can be installed at some distance from the place of impact. Cosmic radiation through the slots 4 and channel 5 comes in can the Azov 4, the axes of which are at an acute angle to the surface of the hole formed pulses vortex energy field directed along the axis of the channel 5 in the direction of the working surface. When this energy field affects the biological properties of the material of the hub, strengthening them, and together with the cosmic energy complex effect on the body to decrease or complete elimination of various ailments.

The hub allows the use of chemical drugs, without surgery, to treat living beings from various illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and hypotension, arthritis, cholecystitis and other diseases. (56) 1. USSR author's certificate N 349399, class a 61 N 1/04, 1966.

2. The application of Germany N 3525521, class a 61 N 1/42, 1987.

1. The HUB BIOLOGICAL AND COSMIC ENERGY, made in the form of a body of dielectric or conductive material with a cavity, wherein the cavity is made in the form of through-channel, the body consists of the base and separated by grooves, the protrusions oriented along the axis of the channel, while the walls of the grooves made parallelization by p. 1, wherein the through channel is made conical.

3. The hub under item 1, characterized in that the body is made additional axial channel through holes, the centers are placed along the longitudinal axes of the slots.

4. The hub under item 1, characterized in that the body is made of wood.


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EFFECT: offered invention allows carrying out correction of human diseases.

1 ex