Device for the assembly of parts by pressing


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in mechanical work, Assembly, forging connections. The inventive device is provided with a mandrel made in the form of a punch with a radial protrusion and covering his spring bushings with continuous grooves, which are the projections of the punch. The item is installed in the socket formed by the end face of the punch and acting with respect to it by the end of the sleeve. 4 Il.

The invention relates to machining operations, in particular to equipment for Assembly and forging connections.

A device for Assembly of parts by pressing, containing mounted on the basis of the Executive body, the drum is arranged in the guide bushings of the liners installed with periodic interaction with the Executive authority [1] .

A disadvantage of the known device is that it, having a constant length of stroke of the Executive body, it is not possible to embed several parts into one hole at different depths, without damaging the previous details the subsequent. This Assembly is difficult because some parts can be based on the th.

This is achieved by a device for Assembly of parts by pressing, containing mounted on the basis of the Executive body, the drum is placed in the slots of the mandrel established with periodic interaction with the Executive body, the mandrel is made in the form of a punch and covering his sleeve, movable and spring-loaded relative to the punch and provided with grooves from the side of the working end, which includes radial projections made on the outer surface of the plug, and the end of the last executed recessed relative to the end face of the sleeve to form a nest under the injected part.

In Fig. 1 shows a device, a General view of Fig. 2 is a view along arrow a in Fig. 1; Fig. 3 - section b-B in Fig. 2; Fig. 4 - section b-b of Fig. 2.

Device for the Assembly of the base unit 1 with the cuff 2, a felt seal 3 and the metal protective ring 4 contains fixed on the base 5 guide 6, which is the slider 7 and rigidly attached to it the power cylinder 8, the piston rod (not shown) associated with the stop 9.

On the base 10 can be rotated by a fixed angle by means of a separating mechanism 11 smotrova is executed in the form of punches 15 and covering their sleeves 16. The plungers 15 are rigidly connected with the plungers 14 and sleeve 16 mounted on the plungers movable and spring-loaded against them by the springs 17.

On the outer surface of the punch 15 is a radial projections 18 and bushings on the part of their working ends of the respective projections 18 through the slots 19. The working ends of the plungers 15 is recessed relative to the ends of the sleeves 16 so that the protrusions on the latter form of socket 20, 21, 22 for injected parts that are in them by their outside diameter.

In the drum 12 is made grooves 23 for the passage of the lever 24 connected via a lever system with the slide 7 and cooperating with the plungers 14.

The device operates as follows.

The position of the Assembly served base product 1. The operator sets collected details - cuff 2, a felt seal 3 and the metal protective ring 4 in the slot of the drum 12, respectively, 20, 21, 22. Turns on the power cylinder 8 and the piston rod with the stop 9 is moved to the base unit 1, and then begins to move the cylinder body 8 on the slide 7 along the guide rails 6. Through a system of levers, this movement is transmitted to the lever 24, the upper arm of which engages in the groove 23 Bayelsa, and the sleeve 16, tucked up by the spring 17 to the punch, moves together with the sleeve 2 (Fig. 3) in the zone of the Assembly. When the plug 15 is centered on the speaker end of the shaft of the product 1. When he reached the end product, the sleeve stops, and the punch 15 continues to move, zapressovyvaja detail in the body, and the working ends of the projections 18 of the punch limit the depth of crimp.

After removal of the mandrel and the rotation of the drum 12 to the next position is mounted on the shaft felt seal 3.

Then, similarly to the pressing of the cuff is press-fit into the housing with metal protective ring 4 (Fig. 4). (56) 1. USSR author's certificate N 664814, class B 23 P 10/02, 1979.

DEVICE FOR the ASSEMBLY of PARTS by PRESSING, containing mounted on the basis of the Executive body, the drum is placed in the slots of the mandrel established with periodic interaction with the Executive body, characterized in that, with the aim of expanding technological possibilities, the mandrel is made in the form of a punch with covering his movable and spring-loaded relative to him by the sleeve, made with grooves from the side of the working end, with the outer surface of the punch relative to a radial end face of the sleeve to form a nest under the injected part.


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EFFECT: enhanced quality of the press joint and expanded functional capability.

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EFFECT: reduced labor consumption for making and simplified structure.

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EFFECT: intensified clamping of part by foots, enhanced efficiency, lowered cost price of working operations.

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EFFECT: simplified usage of stripper.

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FIELD: railway road machine engineering, possibly repairing of railroad machines.

SUBSTANCE: press includes frame having base and two struts mutually joined by means of two columns; working cylinder mounted on one of said struts; force and supporting traverse bars with rollers. Said traverse bars are arranged between struts of press frame and they are mounted with possibility motion on rollers along columns of power frame. Force traverse bar is mounted with possibility of fixing it to columns.

EFFECT: enlarged manufacturing possibilities, improved quality of combining wheel pairs, simplified design of press.

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