Pressure generator inert foam


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the mining industry for extinguishing underground fires in isolated spaces mines. The purpose of the invention is improving the performance of generating inert foam due to the intensification of the process. The invention is: to obtain inert foam generator high performance integrated gasifier liquid nitrogen, is made in the form of a casing pipe of the fluid (gas and liquid phases of the mixture components) that are placed in the depressions on the outer side of the pipe. There atomizing chamber liquid nitrogen with a built-in package for input streams of liquid nitrogen in the gasification chamber and the foam generating net made in the transport laying on the external contour of the body of the foam generator with the possibility of longitudinal displacement and fixing in position with the formation of the mixing chamber in the form of a cone. 5 Il.

The invention relates to the mining industry and can be used when extinguishing underground fires in isolated spaces mines.

Known foam generating apparatus for extinguishing fire for debris, comprising a cylindrical casing, atomizer, phenogenetic projectile is insufficient capacity to fill large amounts of isolated space mining.

Known foam for extinguishing fires in mines, comprising a cylindrical casing, a pipeline rascalities, folding spray chamber, consisting of the guides of the feathers with water-repellent cloth, package nets, fence slotted sockets.

However, in this generator while increasing productivity by generating foam required ejection of the ambient air, which increases the oxygen content in the inert foam.

The purpose of the invention is improved performance when generating inert foam.

This is achieved in that in the pressure generator comprising a casing, pipes with nozzles, folding camera, made in the form of the cone and foam generating the grid, the generator housing made in the form of cassettes pipes with lead pipes, consisting of a Central tube with spray nozzles for liquid nitrogen, the outer surface of which is made with longitudinal ribs, and pipes with a distributing reservoir for the supply of mixture components for the generation of foam placed between the ribs of the Central pipe and foam generating net made of interconnected Central and lateral parts and installed at the warehouse of the formers.

The proposed set of distinctive features due to the additional module gasification nitrogen, embedded in the foam generator, can improve the performance of generating foam, with an additional effect tubular longitudinally-ribbed profile of the shell gasification chamber evaporator having at the input the package nozzles for concocting spraying liquid nitrogen.

In Fig. 1 and 2 presents the proposed generator of Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section; Fig. 4 - section a-a in Fig. 3 ; Fig. 5 is a flow chart of application of the foam generator.

Pressure generator inert foam includes a tubular housing 1, the foldable cone 2, attached in position on the annular support 3 by means of the spring strips 4 and clamps 5 and foam generating net 6 (Central part of which is made rigid) forming inside the mixing chamber 7. In transport position the diffuser 2 folded additionally secured on the support ring 8.

Tubular generator housing has a Central tube 9 longitudinally-ribbed profile with the spray nozzles 10 liquid nitrogen, the camera 11 of evaporation, the nozzle 12 and the inlet pipe 13. In vPad respectively for feeding the components of the mixture to generate foam - foaming solution and compressed inert gas.

Technological scheme for describing application generator inert foam includes a reservoir 20 of liquid nitrogen, evaporative unit 21, the pipes 22, 23 and 24, respectively, for supplying foaming solution of liquid and gaseous nitrogen, an isolation jumper with 25 proemnyh pipe 26, connecting the mounting ring adapter 27 and stretching 28.

Pressure generator inert foam works as follows.

In case of fire in an isolated space mining generator in transport (folded) form is transported to the insulating construction of the emergency site, with stretch marks 28 may be used as shoulder straps. At the bridge the generator is mounted in operating position, which clamps 5 and additional laying release and fix the diffuser 2 on the annular support 3. Then open proemnyh the pipe 26 through the auxiliary mounting ring adapter 27 and the ring support 8 generator is fixed at its flange.

To generate foam to the respective nozzles of the generator is connected pipes 22, 23 and 24.

The need to feed generatevaluelist gas, i.e. the need surround fire inert foam above parameters on gasification of nitrogen on the evaporator unit 21, which reduces the reliability and safety of rescue work. In this case, the coolant, it is possible to use a solution of foaming, the preparation of which depends on the volume of fire (length and cross-section of excavation, the volume of the isolated space, and others ).

In the operating mode of the generator liquid nitrogen through the spray nozzle 10 mist jets injected into the evaporation chamber 11, where he is due to heat conduction in the pipe wall 9 longitudinally-ribbed profile removes heat flows foaming solution and compressed gas supplied through the tapes tubes 14 and 15.

Mixing of the components occurs in the mixing chamber 7 and through the foam generating grid 6 obtaining inert foam on the side of an isolated space. The estimated modulation generator foam reached by increasing the temperature of the medium and mode of supply of liquid nitrogen.

The proposed solution allows to have a reliable operative means of fighting fires in the mountain vyrabotkami case, pipes with nozzles, folding camera, made in the form of the cone and foam generating the grid, characterized in that, to improve the performance of generating foam generator housing made in the form of cassettes pipes with lead pipes, consisting of a Central tube with spray nozzles for liquid nitrogen, the outer surface of which is made with longitudinal ribs, and pipes with a distributing reservoir for the supply of mixture components for the generation of foam placed between the ribs of the Central tube, and foam generating net made of interconnected Central and lateral parts and installed on the folding camera with education diffuser chamber for mixing liquid nitrogen and foam solution.


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