For the treatment of stomatitis


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine and relates to a tool for the treatment of stomatitis. The aim of the invention is the reduction of treatment time, the acceleration of splitting and removal of necrotic masses and exudate from lesions. This is achieved using ointments containing (in wt. % ) piromekaina 3,0 - 8,0; benzoflavone 5,0 - 15,0; polyethylene oxide-400 30,0 - 70,0; polyethylene oxide-1500 5,0 - 15,0, glycerin else. The resulting composition reduces the period of epithelization of skin wounds in 1.5 times, the treatment of experimental ulcerative-necrotic stomatitis rabbits 2.5 times, experimental thermal burns of III degree in 1.4 times. 3 table.

The invention relates to medicine, namely to the agent for the treatment of stomatitis.

Closest to the claimed composition is an ointment containing antibiotics, the regulator of tissue metabolic processes methyluracil, local anesthetic, hydrophilic on the basis of the alloy oxides 400 and 1500.

To reduce treatment time, accelerate the splitting and removal of necrotic masses and exudate of the lesions suggested ointment containing:

Piromekaina 3,0-8,0

Benzoflavone the Oia obtain is the following.

3.0 g piromekaina dispersed with 16.0 g of glycerin, parts added 16.0 g of glycerin. In a water bath alloys 36,0 g PEO 400 and 5.0 g of PEO 1500 and add portions to 5.0 g of benzoflavone. Then the parts are mixed with a suspension of piromekaina. The mixture is stirred until cooling and uniformity.

Examples 2, 3, are given in table. 1, is prepared in the same way.

Local anesthetic action of the ointment was studied on rabbits according to the method of Rainier. The inventive composition has a strong anesthetic action within 45-120 min, index Rainier is 987 3,1 - 1300 0,60. To study wound healing and anti-inflammatory action model is used by panolayou skin wounds.

Rats of the same age and the same weight 20020 g under the General geksenalovy anesthesia was dissected full-layer skin flap area of 220 mm2the anterior shoulder. The bottom edge of the wound hurt toothed clamp. To avoid changing the original square to the edges of the wounds were attached to plastic frames, which were removed after 7 days. The rats were kept in individual cages on a normal diet. After 24 h, necessary for the development of the inflammatory process started treatment, evaluation of the effectiveness of which the initial composition reduces the period of epithelization in 1,5 times in comparison with untreated wound. Experiments were performed according to the method proposed by A. F. Nissinen (1979).

About the nature of the inflammatory response and the dynamics of wound healing was judged visually daily examination and comparison of control and experimental groups of animals. In addition to visual observations conducted histological examination. Epithelialization of wounds in animals subjected to treatment, occurred at different times: in group 1 (treatment proposed composition) for 7-8 days, the control group on the 21st day.

The results of the experiment are statistically processed and presented in table. 2.

The study of reparative activity in rats.

The study was performed on the model of thermal lesions in rats. Burn fixed intensity at a temperature of 250aboutWith an area of 300 m2caused by the device for the application of the Russian Academy of Sciences, developed in the laboratory of pharmacology NGOs "Vitamins".

The activity of the reparative process was evaluated in the dynamics of the clinical observation of the state burns with regard to the inflammatory process, planimetrically with histological control.

The treatment of experimental ulcerative-necrotic stomatitis rabbits showed that PR 1, 1984, S. 10-13.

FOR the TREATMENT of STOMATITIS, containing a wound healing agent, a local anesthetic and alloy oxides 400 and 1500, characterized in that it contains benzoflavone, piromekain and glycerol at a ratio of ingredients, wt. % :

Benzoflavone 5,0 - 15,0

Piromekain 3,0 - 8,5

The polyethylene oxide 400 30,0 - 70,0

The polyethylene oxide 1500 5,0 - 15,0

Glycerin Else


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EFFECT: improved and valuable properties of composition.

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