Mixer taps


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in water supply systems the inventive inlet drain tank communicated with the outlet pipe of the casing. the outlet from the inlet of the discharge pipe In the tank is placed a spherical exhaust valve positive buoyancy and siphon tube with a calibrated orifice at the top of the bend, one end of which a channel communicated with the outlet under the exhaust valve , the other is freely placed in the tank. 1 Il.


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FIELD: technical means of water supply.

SUBSTANCE: the invention presents a water-mixing tap with contactless remote control and is pertinent to the technical means of water supply. The water-mixing tap with contactless remote control contains a body with a chamber for mixing of water and the tap-changer, feeding pipes, a discharge pipe with an outlet nozzle and an inlet-outlet head, an autonomous control-and- measuring block electrically connected with a source and a receiver of optical rays and with electromagnetic valves of water delivery. The outlet nozzle is made in the form of a centrifugal spraying injector forming a cone of finely dispersed uniformly sprayed water. The discharge pipe is made with a capability to accommodate a fiber-optical transducer with an external modulation, an outlet optical butt of which is placed in the inlet-outlet head of the discharge pipe and the opposite butt of the transducer is optically connected to the source and the receiver of the optical emission located in the autonomous control and measuring block electrically connected with the electromagnetic valves of water feeding. At that the electrical circuit of the block is made on the basis of the integrating circuit of accumulation of the signals of the measuring information. The technical result is a decrease of consumption of water and thermal energy used for its heating up, provision of the switch-on state of the tap only by availability of an object of treatment within the zone of control and at achievement of a combination of contactless of on-off turnings of the water feeding with electric passivity of the tap, its stability against action of electromagnetic interferences and origination of the false on /off switching, protection of sensing optical elements of the contactless drive of the tap against actions of vandals (versions).

EFFECT: the invention ensures a decrease of consumption of water and thermal energy used in the process, provision of the switch-on state of the tap just by availability of an object of treatment in the zone of control, protection against different types of interferences.

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Water-saving device // 2249140

FIELD: sanitary facilities.

SUBSTANCE: device is designed to control water tap by pressing on pedal in public service and industry. Proposed device contains pedal and water tap body with shutoff member. Shutoff member of tap and pedal are furnished with bellows, or diaphragm, or plunger chambers. Said chambers are filled with liquid and are interconnected by flexible pipeline.

EFFECT: improved reliability of device, reduced cost of manufacture.

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FIELD: heating systems; liquid heating systems.

SUBSTANCE: under-ceiling non-evaporating widening tank of heating system has solid casing in form of a canister with level-metering pipe, widening space communicating with heating system and air space separated hermetically from widening space by soft membrane. Air space communicates with environmental air. Membrane is made inform of air bag. Neck of bag is withdrawn out of neck of casing and is connected hermetically with the neck. Plug provided with air hole is tightly inserted into neck of casing. Plug is fastened by screwed cap provided with air hole which is not aligned with hole in plug. Method of detecting of slow leaking of water from heating system is based upon the fact that temperature graph of the system is built in summer without heating. For the purpose values of water level in level-metering pipe of the tank at steady temperature are put along abscissa and values room temperature are put along ordinate; received calibrated curve is subject to calibration. The graph is taken as averaged temperature calibration graph and steady values of outside temperature are drawn above corresponding values of level. When taking subsequent measurements, the averaged temperature is determined again and if the value of level get lower it is assumed that water loss takes place because of leakage or evaporation of water caused by disturbance in leak-proofness of the air bag.

EFFECT: simplified design of tank; better degree of protection of membrane.

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FIELD: domestic plumbing installations, methods for disinfection thereof, particularly for large reservoirs.

SUBSTANCE: method involves applying disinfectant on installation surface and flushing installation with fresh water after disinfection operation finishing. Disinfection is performed by aerosol treatment carried out by accelerating anolyte particles up to speed of not less than 100 m/c. Anolyte with active chlorine concentration of not less than 100 mg/dm3 taken in amount of not less than 200 ml per 1 m2 of installation surface area is used as the disinfectant. Anolyte is used as aerosol with dispersity up to 100 microns and residence time of disinfectant on installation surfaces is not less than 30 min at positive temperature. Anolyte is sprayed by nozzle, centrifugal aerosol generator or high-pressure pump.

EFFECT: increased disinfection quality along with keeping ecological rules related to installation treatment and staff safety, increased depth of disinfectant penetration in installation surface and prevention of installation damage.

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FIELD: water facilities, particularly water delivery devices.

SUBSTANCE: delivery device in accordance with the first embodiment comprises body, unfiltered liquid receiver, flexible pipeline, filtered liquid outlet, shuttle valve arranged inside the body, executive tool mechanically connected to shuttle valve and providing switching from unfiltered liquid distribution to filtered liquid distribution from delivery device, as well as filter arranged in the body. Device in accordance with the second embodiment comprises body, unfiltered liquid receiver, flexible pipeline, filtered liquid outlet, unfiltered liquid outlet and shuttle valve arranged inside the body. The shuttle valve provides choice of liquid flow through filtered liquid outlet or unfiltered liquid outlet. Delivery device also has executive tool mechanically connected to the shuttle valve and providing switching from unfiltered liquid distribution to filtered liquid distribution from delivery device. Arranged in the body is filter. Device in accordance with the third embodiment comprises body, unfiltered liquid receiver, filtered liquid outlet, unfiltered liquid outlet and one shuttle valve arranged inside the body. The shuttle valve provides choice of liquid flow through filtered liquid outlet or unfiltered liquid outlet. Delivery device also has the first executive tool mechanically connected to the shuttle valve and the second executive tool mechanically linked with the valve. Device includes filter arranged in the body.

EFFECT: possibility to create water facilities adapted to be used in living or office spaces to selective serve filtered or unfiltered water to consumer, reduced occupied space when used with water tap connected to conventional water basin.

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FIELD: water supply, particularly sanitary repair-and-operational means thereof.

SUBSTANCE: leakage elimination method involves removing valve from threaded seat made in tap body; replacing sealing packing; securing guiding pipe in above seat of tap body; installing metal-cutting tool inside the guiding pipe, wherein metal-cutting tool is spindle having cylindrical part, metal-cutting head to remove defective metal layer from annular shoulder end, end part, along with movable limiter, which prevents axial movement of spindle and shank providing connection with drive means; removing defective metal layers so that newly formed end surface of annular shoulder brought into contact with sealing packing of shutoff valve is oriented transversely to inner cylindrical surface of guiding pipe; separating the guiding pipe from above tap body seat; connecting the valve to the tap; pressing sealing packing to end of annular shoulder enclosing water inlet orifice. Device for leakage elimination comprises tap body with threaded seat for valve connection and with annular shoulder enclosing water inlet orifice. Tap body also has water outlet channel. Threaded tap body seat is coaxial to annular shoulder. Guiding pipe is temporary secured to tap body seat having flat outer end surface transversal to inner cylindrical surface thereof. Spindle is arranged inside the guiding pipe and may perform predetermined axial movement and reversible rotation. Cylindrical surfaces of spindle and guiding pipe brought into contact are coaxial to threaded seat and annular shoulder. Metal-cutting head diameter exceeds outer diameter of annular shoulder. End surface of metal-cutting surface extends transversely to cylindrical spindle part.

EFFECT: increased quality of acting water tap usage and repair, elimination of water leakage and increased service life of the tap.

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FIELD: sanitary equipment, particularly adapted for domestic or public use, as well as for railroad transport, production departments and service rooms as well as for hospitals.

SUBSTANCE: water is supplied through head having rod-provided reciprocal valve mechanism, body and return spring installed in inner cavity coaxially to the body, wherein the spring cooperates with water dose. Method involves lifting the rod, opening orifice providing water discharge during valve opening; accumulating water dose in the head; lowering the rod; closing orifice adapted for water discharge during valve closing and blocking water dose discharge. Constant magnet field is created inside the head with the use of annular magnet along with silver ionization, magnetization and charging of each water dose. The rod is produced of magnetic material including silver or silver coating. The rod may cooperate with conical normally partly compressed spring. Each water dose inside the head is magnetized and electrically charged by applying constant magnetic and alternate current fields thereto.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities and increased operational reliability.

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Mixer // 2271419

FIELD: sanitary equipment, particularly water supply systems, namely mixing taps.

SUBSTANCE: mixer comprises tank formed as a fixture connected to horizontal part of drainage pipe. The tank comprises body with seat. The mixer also has drainage system formed as isolated air cavity, which communicates upper part of tank interior with ambient space surrounding water flow at tank outlet area. The mixer is provided with valve having head, which has positive floatability in summary with the valve. The mixer has vessel made as horizontal connection pipe adapted to connect horizontal drainage pipe part with the tank. Connection pipe interior communicates with tank interior. Lower end thereof is located above contact area between the valve and the tank body seat. Upper part of connection pipe interior does not project over upper tank body edge. Cross-section of connection pipe interior is not less than that of drainage tank orifice. Connection pipe length is selected to provide summary volume of water accumulated inside the tank and inside the connection pipe, which is 1.5-2 times as much as that of water accumulated in the tank.

EFFECT: improved service performance and reduced water consumption.

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FIELD: sanitary equipment, particularly domestic plumbing installations for fresh water or waste water.

SUBSTANCE: method involves using water tap with valve heads, discharge jet and nozzle connected to outlet end of discharge jet. The nozzle includes removable cylindrical body of non-magnetic material, namely bronze or brass, and disc with through orifices coaxially fixedly secured to lower body part. Hollow magnetic bush is arranged on the disc so that the bush is coaxial to the body. Conical spiral normally released spring is inserted in the bush and cooperates with water. The spring is made of silver or magnetic material covered with silver.

EFFECT: simplified structure, extended field of application, increased uniformity of water supply and enhanced water cleaning.

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Hydrant // 2280801

FIELD: water supply systems.

SUBSTANCE: hydrant comprises housing with inlet passage and at least one outlet passage, valving member mounted in the outlet passage and provided with the through passage, and rod for control of the valving member outside of the housing. The valving member is made of a rotation body. The hydrant is additionally provided with the normally closed valve. The inlet passage is inclined to at least one outlet passages in the housing at an angle greater than 0° and smaller than 180°. The through passage in the valving member is curved. The valving member is provided with at least one additional through passage for permitting coincidence of its inlet port with the inlet passage of the housing and its outlet port with at least one output passage of the housing. One part of the cut-off control member of the valve is set into the through passage of the housing, and the other part is set in the outlet passage of the housing.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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