Continuously variable transmission


(57) Abstract:

. Usage: in transmissions with variable speed, in particular, in the variable-speed drives. The invention runners (B) transfer the force coupling between the toroidal groove of the input disk and the groove of the output drive of Each E is mounted rotatably in the holder , the end of which is connected to control them by site, including power cylinder power cylinder provides best prorata its piston around three mutually perpendicular axes intersecting at the center, which provides the necessary rotation B by changing the gear ratio 12 C.p f-crystals, 20 Il


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FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: friction toroidal variator comprises inlet disk (2) and outlet disk (3) provided with toroidal surfaces, friction roller (5), spider whose one axle is provided with roller (5), holder (8) of friction roller, control mechanism, and mechanism for control of gear ratio. The second axle of the spider is fit in holder (8) of the friction roller that can rotate around the main axle of the variator. The control mechanism and mechanism for control of gear ration are made of gear sector (9) that rotates on the second axle of the spider secured to the first axle of the spider and housing (12) by means of worm gearing and spring (15) secured in housing (12) and connected with holder (8) directly or through the reduction gear.

EFFECT: simplified control and control of gear ratio.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises casing (160) mounted in the vicinity of roller (100) and pipeline for supplying fluid. Peripheral section (162) of the inner side of casing (160) is positioned close to the outer periphery of the roller. Two radial sections of the inner side are in the vicinity of appropriate side surfaces of roller (100). As a result, a chamber for supplying fluid is formed between roller (100) and casing (160). The pipeline for supplying fluid is mounted for permitting supply of fluid to the chamber for receiving fluid.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

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FIELD: machine engineering, namely variable speed drives with continuously changing relation of revolution number of driven and driving shafts.

SUBSTANCE: friction tore ring type variable speed drive includes driving and driven discs made of set of rings 2, 3 forming together toroidal surface and joined with driving and driven shafts 1, 4 through tie rods 12, 16 at spring-loaded gap outside aid tie rods. Rings 2, 3 may move one relative to other and relative to driving and driven shafts along splines in parallel to main axis of variable speed drive. Ball 10 is used as frictional intermediate member between them; said ball transmits rotation of rings of driving disc to rings of driven disc and it rotates in holder 5 in direction set by means of rings and around main axis of variable speed drive. Actuating mechanism successively forces mutually opposite rings of driving and driven discs for providing their friction contact. Monitoring and control mechanism includes control gear wheel 8 working in pair with ring-like gear wheel 7 secured to holder 5; flat coiled spring whose one end is joined with housing and whose other end is joined with holder 5 or with control gear wheel 8.

EFFECT: improved design, simplified process for monitoring and controlling gear ratio.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: variable-speed drive unit comprises master and slave toroidal wheels (2, 3) and roller (6). Their generatrices are made in the form of convex and concave curved surfaces. Due to arrangement of generatrices of working surfaces in master and slave elements in accordance with a certain dependence, area of friction pairs contact is increased.

EFFECT: improved kinematic characteristics of variable-speed drive unit.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for changing of transmission ratio, particularly to gears with rolling engagement in toroidal track. Variator contains input disk (18, 20), installed rotary; output disk (22), installed rotary co-axial with input disk (18, 20); rollers (30, 32), by means of which it is passed rotation between input disk and output disk; pistons (36, 38) of double-acting, each of which interacts on corresponding one of rollers. Variator also contains levers (44, 60), each of which is connected to corresponding one of rollers (30, 32) and connected to it positioner (36, 38), influencing on roller for control of transmission ratio of variator.

EFFECT: creation of considerabl more packaged design of variator.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rolling variator, particularly to control mechanism by roller orientation. Device of infinitely variable control of reduction ratio (variator) contains couple of rotating rolling path, installed for rotation around its common axis (218) of variator. Drive force is passed from one rolling path to the other by means of at least one roll (200), running by it. Connection between roll (200) and its carrier (214) provides roller precession relative to around axis (228) of precession, where it is defined relative to axis of precession and non-parallel to roller axis. Precession leads to changing of angle between axis (222) of roller and axis (218) of variator and corresponding to changing of reduction ratio. Carrier itself allows toothing (206), by means of which it is engaged with central tooth gear (212) and gear rim (214). Rotation of carrier (204) around axis of carrier serves to changing of axle orientation (228) of precession and accompanied by changing of reduction ratio of variator.

EFFECT: invention provides by means of control of displacement of carrier to change reduction ratio of variator.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: variator transmission consists of input shaft (18), input disk (10) installed on input shaft and rotating with it and output disk (12) facing input disk and coaxially rotating with it. Input and output disks (10, 12) form a toroid cavity between them. In the toroid cavity there are positioned only two rollers; also the first and the second rotating rollers are arranged on the first and the second roller carriages. Facility (34, 36) of end load holds rollers down to contact with the input and output disks for motion transfer. Two roller carriages are mounted on opposite sides from the axis of lever pivot. Pivot axis of the lever travels in one, preset radial direction relative to rotation axis of input and output disks.

EFFECT: simplified and inexpensive variator.

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Variator // 2413888

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: variator consists of two races made for rotation around common axis. Opposite profiled surfaces of races restrict circular space containing at least one roller (38) transferring driving force between races. The roller is installed on the carrier (42) so, that its incline to common axis can vary to facilitate changes of variator ratio. The rollers and their carriers are controlled by means of a mechanism consisting of solar (46) and circular (50) gears interacting with the carrier. Relative rotation of the solar and circular gears causes an incline of carrier (42) so, that rollers turn to a new incline. There is disclosed satellite (100) controlling solar and circular gears and interacting with both. Rotary position of the carrier is controlled independently from its interaction with solar and circular gears.

EFFECT: improved control of rollers orientation.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device consists of control part actuated by user for control of ratio (lever (50) and of device of working connection (rollers (18) of control part for regulation of ratio with movable part for transfer of variator torque. The connecting device corresponds to a hydro-mechanical arrangement. When a user actuates control part (50) for regulation of ratio there is regulated ratio of variator. The device also has the appliance for turning torque off (valve (60) actuated by a user for disconnection of the part for regulation of the ratio from the movable part for transfer of torque.

EFFECT: simplification of design.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention discloses planetary variator, combination of reverse variable transmission system comprising these planetary variators, hydraulic system for reverse variable transmission control and method for this hydraulic system regulation.

EFFECT: higher engine efficiency due to lower specific fuel consumption.

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