Protective grille

E06B9/06 - collapsible or foldable, e.g. of the bellows or lazy-tongs type (bellows-type doors E06B0003940000; roll-type grilles E06B0009180000)


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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises, as a protective device, a metal lattice consisting of fencing elements in the form of two crossbars, at the ends of which through coaxial openings are made, and at least two vertical racks arranged between the crossbars and connected with them, with a distance therebetween of not more than 11 cm, and an installation kit. The installation kit includes four brackets, by means of which said lattice is installed from the outside of the window on the vertical surface of the window frame. Each bracket is represented by a three-dimensional piece made of a sheet workpiece, having a T- or L-shape in plan, the vertical and the horizontal elements of which are respectively the cantilever part and the support part of the bracket. On the edges of the support part, there are through openings for fixing screws, by means of which the bracket is fastened to the window frame. The longitudinal edges of the cantilever bracket part are bent each at the right angle away from the support part to form side flanges, each having at least one through opening coaxial to a similar through opening on the opposite side flange. In the cantilever bracket part, at least one through groove of the rectangular or circular shape is made, into which one end of the corresponding crossbar of the metal lattice is mounted and then fixed. Four plates are also included in the installation kit, that are mounted on the inside of the frame, with openings for the heads of fixing screws, by means of which said brackets are fastened to the window frame. Fixing elements are allso included in the installation kit, by means of mounting which through the through openings at the ends of the lattice crossbars the longitudinal movement of the lattice crossbar ends in said through grooves of the cantilever part of the brackets is limited.

EFFECT: increasing the reliability.

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