Device for impregnation of the threads


(57) Abstract:

Use in the manufacture of products made of composite fibrous materials and the textile industry. The inventive device includes a tub for bonding and spin mechanism consisting of motile and non-motile rods that are installed on the pipe perpendicular to its axis. and the tube is mounted on a plate connected to the actuator. This design allows the device (using a false twisting yarn) to carry out the extraction of excess binder from the threads and redistribution in the interfibrillar space without increased versiondatabase in the threads. While the extraction and redistribution of the binder is made by twisting strands, and through the use of centrifugal forces. 2 C.PF crystals. 3 Il.


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FIELD: textile fabrics, paper.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to treatment of cordage used in industrial fishing. Article is submerged into composition for treatment and pulled through it. Composition contains latex BSM-65 of A or B brand, wax emulsion VE-40, water and dye, if required. Then article is preliminarily dried at 40±5°C, the first stage of drying is carried out at 60±10°C for 16-18 minutes. The second stage is realised at 80±10°C for 16-18 minutes and thermally treated at 130±10°C for 1.5-3.5 minutes.

EFFECT: production of flexible, plastic and brightly coloured articles.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: sheet comprises fabric, containing several yarns, besides, each yarn comprises several non-twisted threads, besides, each thread comprises a polymericfluorine adhesive coating; and a layer of the polymericfluorine coating on the specified fabric. Also the invention relates to the method for production of the specified sheet.

EFFECT: sheets for frying have higher durability and tensile strength.

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Sizing machine // 2516845

FIELD: textiles, paper.

SUBSTANCE: sizing machine comprises a rack with warping shafts, a pulling device, a glue box, a dryer, leases, a spacing reed and an outlet device. According to the invention, between the pulling device and the warping shafts parallel to the latter a belt conveyor is mounted, with the substrate of segment section located inside, which is in contact with the upper branch of the conveyor belt, and on the conveyor belt on its both sides outside the filling working with the pressing cones are located.

EFFECT: installation of this conveyor enables to provide the additional twist to warp threads, which in turn enables to reduce the hairiness and to improve the strength characteristics of the yarn.

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Sizing machine // 2564622

FIELD: textiles, paper.

SUBSTANCE: sizing machine comprising a rack with warper shafts, a pulling device, an adhesive device, a drying device consisting of drums of preliminary and final drying, between which a vibratory cylindrical element is located, an outlet pneumatic nozzle of circular cross section located under it with two guide slotted opposing slots and a guide roller; a price field, an emulsifying device, a sliding row, a winding mechanism with weaver beam, it additionally comprises two input suction pneumatic nozzles, the guide slots of which are funnel-shaped and located opposite the respective guide slots of the outlet nozzle.

EFFECT: improvement of quality of sizing by dividing the warp threads directly in the area of the drying device.

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