Belt conveyor for mining


(57) Abstract:

On the mining industry for the mechanization of work when carrying out mining as an intermediate transport link between the tunneling machine or a loading machine and the main transport. Summary of the invention the tape loader contains a running truck 1, which is equipped with drive 2. deflecting idler 3 and 4 fixed to the reel, around the endless conveyor belt 5, and the frame of the conveyor in the form of arrows, with the unloading section 6 with longitudinal guides, and loading section with the tray 10 with the hydraulic cylinders 11, the roller 13 and 16 to maintain the load and empty branches tape Roller carrying branches are connected pivotally interconnected by means of inclined rods 14 through the sliders 15 and fitted into the guide grooves 7, 8 and 9 can move along the boom material handler 3 Il.


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FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to separation and transfer of plate substrates (102), for example solar plates. In compliance with this invention, separation occurs in fluid medium. Adhesion forces originate between grip (108) and separated substrate (102), due to thin fluid film, to adhere to grip (108). Proposed device comprises carrier (104) located in fluid medium to support substrates (102) arranged in feed direction (105), one after another, as a stack (103). It includes also device (107) to separate and transfer at least one substrate, which incorporates aforesaid grip (108) with appliances to receive substrate and to divert carrier (104) therefrom. It comprises also jet device (117) to open a portion of substrate stack in fan-like manner, and clamping element (122) to react against opened substrates (102).

EFFECT: efficient and safe separation of plate substrates.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: trucks 2 comprising two guide wheels mounted to revolve about vertical axis are delivered to loading section 4, unloaded from troughs 3 and/or knocked-down from stack by robot 5 with articulated jib, and, thereafter, are transferred to transport-handling line loading section. Balance of the truck and/or its guide wheels are controlled prior to placing onto transport-handling line with the help of digital camera 7 and data processing computer-aided unit 11. Then, robot 3D motion is controlled depending upon controlled magnitudes.

EFFECT: uniform balance of truck wheels.

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FIELD: forestry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to timber industry and can be used to separate a pack stacked trees during mass forest harvesting using skidder-processor machines. Method of crosscutting stacked trees implemented by a forest machine equipped with a manipulator with a harvesting head includes guiding jaws of the harvester head to a tree located in the pile, grabbing the tree, pulling the tree through the working members of the harvester head while bucking boughs and block cutting. Prior to grabbing a tree from the pile the tree is moved relative to other trees by a disconnector. Disconnector is installed on the handle of the manipulator in such a manner that there is free space between trees that are next to each other in the pile; said space is sufficient for free passage of the jaws of the harvester head that are able to grab a selected tree.

EFFECT: method increases efficiency of crosscutting of stacked trees using a harvester head.

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