Device for the manufacture of offset printing plates


(57) Abstract:

The inventive device includes a table, a pipeline for supplying a solution, a cleaning brush, a metal rod, bracket, metrogroove brush, brass ring, rubber rollers , plate plate, Nickel electrodes, vinyl bar, brass rod, vinyl .bars, the power source 3 Il.


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FIELD: negative printing forms developed in printing machine, which may be exposed by ultraviolet, visible or infrared radiation.

SUBSTANCE: cover-forming composition is described, which includes (i) polymerization-capable compound and (ii) polymer binding agent, containing polyethylene-epoxide segments, where polymer binding agent is selected from group which consists of at least one added copolymer, containing polymer of the main chain and polyethylene-epoxide side chains, block copolymer, containing at least one polyethylene-epoxide block and least one non polyethylene-epoxide block, and combinations of these. Also described is an element, in which image may be formed, including base and polymerization-capable covering composition.

EFFECT: differentiation between image sections exposed and non-exposed by electromagnetic radiation, facilitating development of non-exposed sections in water developing agents, increased resistance to development of exposed sections, ensured coloration capacity of the latter when not heated before development.

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FIELD: printing industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technology of manufacturing printing forms for offset printing. Method of manufacturing printing forms for offset printing is realised by changing properties wettability of areas of work surface of printing forms, transformation of properties being realised due to change of chemical composition of work surface influencing on chosen areas by flux of accelerated particles. As substance of work layer applied is two- or poly- atomic inorganic material based on carbon with addition of aluminium atoms 0.01-20-at.% with thickness 1-1000 nm, which is covered on bottom layer with applied on it layer of aluminium or alloys on its base or on bottom layer from aluminium or based on it alloys.

EFFECT: invention allows to simplify and accelerate manufacturing process, increase of resolving capacity and endurance of providing multiple application of forms.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a polymer which absorbs in the near infrared region, containing at least two different side infrared chromophoric groups which are covalently bonded to the main polymer chain which is soluble in resin bases, at least one of which is an indole cyanine dye and the other benz[e]indole cyanine dye. When using pre-printing coating of a photosensitive positive offset plate, stabilisation time required after production is considerably shorter and the additional process of conditioning before use is avoided. Pre-printing plates are preferably plates exposed to the image by a laser which emits in the near infrared region at wavelength between 780 nm and 850 nm.

EFFECT: improvement of operational characteristics.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: the invention relates to polymer colouring agents used in coating compositions to protect the image forming layer of the offset plates. Described are a new water-soluble polymer colouring agent with the absorption band ranging from about 300 nm to about 600 nm, and a coating composition for a thermographic offset plate which comprises: (a) the said polymer colouring agent with the absorption band ranging from about 300 nm to about 600 nm, and (b) organic microparticles which contain cross-linked copolymers of acrylate ot methylacrylate and styrole, 2-hydroxymethylacrylate, methacrylate, poly(oxyethylene)methacrylate or a linear or branched alkylmethacrylate; or inorganic nanoparticles containing silicone oxide or aluminium oxide. Described is the thermographic offset plate for reverse printing, containing (a) water receptive plate, (b) a layer positioned on the plate which forms the image in the near-infrared region, and (c) the coating layer which is positioned on the image-forming layer and contains the said coating composition.

EFFECT: reduction or elimination of background filling of the offset plates in the conditions of white light, elimination of the need to use separating paper when packaging offset plates.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: described is a polymerisable iodonium salt containing a positively charged iodine atom bonded with two aryl rings and a negatively charged counter-ion and at least one substitute containing a urethane and/or urea group, which is bonded with at least one of said aryl rings, wherein said substitute contains at least one functional group capable of cationic or radical polymerisation. Described also is a polyvinyl alcohol acetal copolymer containing at least one functional group, which is capable of cationic or radical polymerissation, preferably vinyl ether, alkoxy-methylacrylamide or alkoxy-methacrylamide. The invention also describes polymer binder for coating an offset printing plate from the polyvinyl alcohol acetal family, cellulose ether family and binder based on monomers, each containing at least one functional group capable of cationic or radical polymerisation. Described also is an offset printing plate coating solution containing said polymerisable iodonium salt, said polyvinyl alcohol acetal copolymer and said binder.

EFFECT: high quality of high-resolution image when the offset printing plate is used repeatedly.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: novel gallotannic compounds include gallotannin, wherein at least one hydroxyl group is substituted with a substitute, said substitute including a molecule, an oligomer or polymer, used in lithographic printing plate coatings, gallotannin or another gallotannin compound, wherein the substitutes are attached to gallotannin directly or through a linking group.

EFFECT: compounds can be used in a lithographic printing plate coating composition.

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FIELD: printing industry.

SUBSTANCE: multi-layer lithographic printing form containing an adhesive layer that is accessible and insoluble in (A) oleophilic inks and alkaline or acidic aqueous moisturizing solutions used during printing with a printing form, and (B) alkaline or acidic aqueous developer solutions used during the printed form development. The said adhesive layer is also (I) soluble in an alkaline aqueous treatment solution, if the said developing solutions and the said wetting solutions are acidic, (ii) soluble in an acidic aqueous treatment solution, if the said developing solutions and the said wetting solutions are alkaline, (iii) the fusible or (iv) dry adhesive layer with a Shore A hardness of 60 or less.

EFFECT: said adhesive layer allows for the stratification of the printing form.

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