Insecticide to combat cockroaches


(57) Abstract:

Usage: chemicals against domestic insects. The inventive insecticide to combat cockroaches contains as an active beginning of a mixture of tetramethylrhodamine f-crystals (CH ) NC(S)(CH ) 74 - 80 wt.%. sulfur - the rest in the amount of about 10 wt.%, talc-rest. 3 table


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FIELD: plant protection.

SUBSTANCE: invention provides fungicidal composition comprising aqueous solution of ferric sulfate (50%) and calcium hydroxide (20%) to produce neutral or low alkaline reaction of working fluid. Composition is further supplemented by urea as mineral fertilizer (30%). Ratio of total amount of components to water is (1-3):100 and pH of solution is 5.5-7.5.

EFFECT: enabled supplementary function of fungicide as extra-root additional fertilizing thereby favorably influencing growth and fructification of fruit plants.

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FIELD: agriculture, in particular plant production.

SUBSTANCE: method of present invention includes utilization of urea hydroperoxide as nitrogenous fertilizer with nematocide and fungicide properties. Fertilizer of present invention also is useful in plant protection against diseases and blasts, such as potato-root eelworm and gall-root eelworm.

EFFECT: increased soil microbiological activity and fertility.

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FIELD: agriculture, in particular fungicide composition.

SUBSTANCE: claimed composition contains (mass %) carbamide 0.5-3 and aqueous cupperas solution 0.5-3 in ratio of 1-2:1, wherein pH of working solution is 5.5-7.

EFFECT: composition useful not only as fungicide but also as plant growth and fruitage promoter due to nitrogen and iron content.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: claimed composition contains (g/t): benzimidasole derivatives (e.g. agrocite, bendan, usgene, fundasol) as protectant not less than 300; and target additives: carbamide 20-25; potassium monosubstituted phosphate 9-12; potassium chloride 7-10; copper sulfate 120-125; zinc sulfate 120-125; magnesium sulfate 120-125; cobalt sulfate 10-12; manganese sulfate 15-17; ammonium molybdate 16-18; and water 1000-1050. Composition for seed pretreatment contains abovementioned components in the same ratio and water soluble film-forming agent in amount of 10-12 g/t.

EFFECT: decreased protectant consumption.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: claimed composition contains arachidonic acid and urea in ratio of 1:1-1:8 and additionally lower C1-C4-alkohol as solvent. More particularly composition contains (mg/1 ml of solvent): arachidonic acid 0.01-1.00 and urea 0.01-3.00. Moreover composition optionally contains ionol as antioxidant in ratio arachidonic acid/ionol of 1:1.

EFFECT: composition for plant treatment with improved effectiveness.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: complex compound of carbamide with hydrogen peroxide containing 64.3% of urea, 35% of hydrogen peroxide, 0.15-0.25% of citric or oxalic acid and 0.5-5.0% of sodium tri polyphosphate as a plant growth regulator is applied.

EFFECT: increase of yield and resistance to diseases.

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Herbicide compound // 2356228

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: compound contains triethanolamine, water, sulfonyl urea with the following mole ratio: 0.043:1:0.05 or 0.05:0.049:1 or 0.045:2:0.05 respectively.

EFFECT: enhancement of the compound stability.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture. The method of stimulating growth of spring wheat involves seed treatment with 0.005% aqueous solution of a preparation of formula: H3BO3*4R1R2NC(S)NR3R4, where R1=R2=R3=R4=CH3 ("БТТМ"); R1=C6H5, R2=R3=H, R4=(CH2)3OH (BFPA); R1=o-CH3C6H4, R2=R3=H, R4=(CH2)3OH (BTPA), and vegetative plants are also sprayed with the same preparation during the tillering period at usage rate of 200 g/ha.

EFFECT: invention reduces spread of spot blight, increases plant survival rate and increases spring wheat yield.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture. Fertiliser-pesticide mixture for cereal crops contains liquid nitrogen fertilisers (UAN-32), water, cowboy super and kinmix with the following component ratio, wt %: (UAN-32) - 30.0-40.0; cowboy super - 0.11-0.20; kinmix - 0.2-0.5, water is the rest up to 100.

EFFECT: invention enables to reduce the rate of application of herbicide, to reduce the pesticide load on the environment.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to crop production. Stimulator of spring wheat growth contains complex compound of boron and urea with the following component ratio, wt %: complex substance NH2CONH2·[HOB5O5(OH)4] 20-54, urea - the remaining part. Boric acid and urea are mixed with molar ratio boric acid: urea 1:(1-4) at temperature 110-130°C for 0.5-1 hour with further granulation of obtained product.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase productivity of spring wheat and reduce cost of plant growth stimulator.

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