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Transfer case // 2319874

FIELD: mechanical engineering; vehicle transmissions.

SUBSTANCE: proposed transfer case contains primary shaft 1, countershaft 9 and secondary shaft 12 with gear 13 with gear 13. Gearshift mechanism 4 is arranged on primary shaft 1, and gears 7 and 8 are installed on bearings 5 and 6. Gears 7 and 8 are in constant meshing with gears 10 and 11. Gear 13 of secondary shaft 12 is in meshing with one of gears of countershaft. Guide chute with higher pressure space closed by plate 14, oil collector 15 and system of oil channels 16 are made in case.

EFFECT: increased service life and possibility of towing of vehicle over long distances.

2 dwg

FIELD: aviation.

SUBSTANCE: inventions are related to variants of manufacture of reduction gears with separation of torque, mostly for rotary-wing aircraft. Reduction gear system according to the first version comprises inlet module, main module and module of forward traction. Main module is engaged with inlet module and comprises two main gears for coaxial counter-rotation around rotation axis of bearing screw. Module of forward traction is engaged with inlet module and comprises main reciprocal gear that rotates around rotation axis of transmission shaft, which is usually transverse to rotation axis of bearing screw. In reduction gear system according to second version inlet module has the first straight bevel gear engaged with the second straight bevel gear. The second straight bevel gear is engaged with the third straight bevel gear. The main module is engaged with inlet module. The main module gears are put in motion by the second straight bevel gear. Module of forward traction via forward gear is engaged with the third straight bevel gear of inlet module. In system of reduction gear according to the third version the main module is engaged with inlet module via inlet shaft, which is arranged with the possibility of rotation around rotation axis of inlet shaft. Module of forward traction is engaged with inlet module similar to other versions.

EFFECT: reduction gear weight and volume reduction, and also increased live load and space in cabin.

20 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: system of reducer consists of multitude of three-step modules (26A, 26B, 26C) of power tooth gear dividing flow of torque; each module transmits torque from high-speed engine to shaft (24) of lifting screw. A packaged design of a conic flat tooth gear of the first step (S1) facilitates installation of the engine in various positions along all axes. On the second step (S2) units of hollow shafts ensure equal balance of load. On the third step (S3) each unit of the hollow shaft includes multitude of small gears engaging an output tooth gear (28) of the last step.

EFFECT: reduced weight and dimension, equal distribution of load and simple and inexpensive production.

8 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: printing industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a jet recording device, which records by using driving transmission gear. The driving transmission gear by means of unit to switch condition of rotation switches between the condition of the limited rotation and the condition of the free rotation. In the limited rotation condition the planetary gear is engaged with the master inlet gear, and a pressing device is not able to transmit rotary moving force. In the free rotation condition the planetary gear is disengaged from the master inlet gear, and a pressing device is able to transmit rotary moving force. The mechanism of the movement transmission switching comprises the first and the second support sections, which are engaged with the planetary lever turned in the free rotation condition to set the initial condition of the planetary gear rotation position. The mechanism of movement transmission switching is able to select, which one of the first and the second support sections gets engaged with the planetary lever in compliance with the position of the master inlet gear, which transmits rotary moving force, from multiple master inlet gears.

EFFECT: increased reliability of the invention due to simplification of mechanisms.

19 cl, 21 dwg

Impeller // 2426925

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: impeller design is described. Impeller has disc configuration with R radius, consists of hub, transverse-longitudinal frame rigidly attached to it and attached from above and from below to casing. Transverse-longitudinal frame is radial-annular, consists of radial ribs of the shape of radial section of disc and incomplete ribs installed in middle and peripheral parts of discs uniformly in circumferential direction, which are rigidly attached to several inner annular vertical spars. At that, outer external spar is reinforced, and height of impeller h1 in hub is more than height in peripheral end part h2.

EFFECT: creation of impeller design of electromechanical unit.

4 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: ribs are laminated and consist of several layers; for that purpose, at the stage of mould loft the surface area of rib for each layer is divided into segments of various surface area so that joints of segments of contact layers are offset overlapped in horizontal and vertical planes. At that, sizes of segments are appointed based on manufacturing dimensions of moulds for moulding equipment; rib is assembled on layout table in continuous parts in which each layer is assembled of its segments; then, assembly is subject to vertical pressure and all layers are welded by means of resistance welding; after that, rib is moved on layout table and the next part is assembled.

EFFECT: development of method of industrial manufacture of large-size ribs of impeller.

3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: impeller of electromechanical plant has large overall dimensions; its diameter can be 20 and more metres; and so it cannot be transported as assembled to place of destination. Impeller consists of several sectors with length of chord, which does not exceed 4.6 metres gross; the above sectors are transported to the site and then attached to each other and to the hub with attachment assemblies. Each sector consists of part of radial-annular framework, part of external mounting spar, parts of lower and upper covering; at that, each sector is restricted with reinforced ribs which are adjacent to reinforced ribs of other adjacent sectors which are overlapped, and parts of external mounting spar are attached by butt welding.

EFFECT: providing the possibility of transporting the impeller to place of destination, developing the impeller that implements the above method.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: transfer mechanism consists of step (10) of conic gears for input of force and of at least one step (5) of planetary gears for force takeoff from side of cup. Step (10) of conic gears contains conic gear (20) with rim and vertical driven shaft (21) connected with a step of planetary gears by means of coupling (22). Instead of one drive of big power the step of conic gears has several separate drives (11, 12) and corresponding conic gears (15, 16) arranged for mutual engagement with conic gear (20).

EFFECT: facilitation of optimal distribution of load.

6 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: device includes electric machine with vertical shaft of rotor, impeller (1) with gear rim in circumferential direction of which power plants are installed. Each power plant consists of housing (8), electric motor (9), reduction gear and propeller (11) in the form of gear which is conjugated with gear rim of impeller (1). Electric motors are rotated to one side, and thrust vectors of outlet gears are directed to the other side in plane of impeller.

EFFECT: device allows transmitting torque moments of considerable value to impeller of electromechanical plant at strict compliance of angular speeds of electric motor and impeller.

6 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: generating electric machine is installed into a concreted cofferdam of open ground. The shaft of its rotor is fixed at the bottom and at the top in radial bearings, and on the top it is connected with an impeller by means of an intermediate assembly - a driving bushing, which is connected from inside with a splint joint to the electric machine rotor shaft, and from outside it is rigidly fixed to the impeller's hub. The vector of the impeller's weight value is transferred via the driving bushing that rests against the thrust bearings of a girder plate installed onto a crosspiece fixed with support pillars. In the electric machines with vertical axis of rotor rotation the vertical load at support elements is considerably reduced.

EFFECT: development of an alternative electromechanical source of power generation.

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