The method of measuring the position of the profiles of the blades of the impeller turbines


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FIELD: turbine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: blade system comprises blades whose inlet and outlet edges are made so that the working section of the inlet blade edge adjacent to the hub prevents against cavitation.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency and reliability.

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Hydraulic unit // 2325549

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic unit contains hydro generator, working blades rotating around a horizontal axis and having a shape formed with one parabola or with a cross of two parabolas, and a shaft running inside a bar to transfer a torque to the generator. The unit is equipped with a hollow drum with supports providing its floatation ability, and with a rotary table whereon the hydro generator is assembled. Also the hydro generator has inertial wheels with massive rims secured to both sides of the drum, and the second bar. The working blades are fastened flexibly with loops to the drum and pressed to the supports by flat springs. The shaft is made flexible and runs through both rods by means of which the axis of the unit is held and directed.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of a hydro unit.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: centrifugal reaction impeller can be used in non-pressure devices, for example in centrifugal pumps and turbines. The impeller if made up of two plates with a circular belt rigidly fitted there between and furnished with closed discharge channels made therein. The aforesaid impeller is fitted on the shaft and has a hole to receive working medium. The discharge channels are arranged along the axial component perpendicular to the impeller radius, their outlets being directed towards the direction opposite to the impeller rotation. The impeller inner space features toroidal shape with a golden cross section.

EFFECT: reduced mechanical friction losses and higher efficiency.

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Tubular impeller // 2345243

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to hydropower engineering, namely to design of turbine impellers. Tubular impeller comprises blades and shaft with upper and lower bearing disks. Tubular blades bent in the shape of elbow are installed between disks. Outlets of tubular blades are oriented horizontally along tangents to circumference of lower disk. Blades are arranged in the form of pipe sections, inlet upper sections of which are installed vertically. All pressure flow passes only inside tubular blades, which excludes non-power flow of water passing through turbine, improves cavitation characteristic of turbine and flow laminarity. External surfaces of tubular blades and surfaces of other impeller parts remain dry, which reduces losses for friction.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of impeller.

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Hydraulic turbine // 2369770

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydraulic power engineering and can be used at hydraulic turbine plants; namely, in orthogonal-type hydraulic turbines with low heads. Hydraulic turbine consists of a wheel, a shaft, blades having aerodynamic profile, and traverses providing blades-to-shaft attachment. Blades are sectional and consist of pressure and back elements equipped with connection plates arranged between them and rigidly connected on one side to pressure element, and on the other side - to the back element of the blade. Pressure and back elements of the blade are made in the form of curved surfaces from sheet material of the same thickness. Section of the blade back element located close to the blade inlet edges is C-shaped and bent relative to the blade pressure element. Traverses rigidly connected to the shaft penetrate with the blades which are rigidly fixed on their ends.

EFFECT: invention is intended for increasing power, reliability of the design, decreasing material consumption, the manufacturing labour input and decreasing the cost owing to blades with aerodynamic profile being used.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: blade system of impeller of radial axial hydraulic turbine includes rim 1, hub 2 and blades 3, each of which is connected to rim 1 and hub 2 and provided with inlet and outlet edges 4 and 5 of bent shape and smoothly changing thickness in the direction from inlet edge to outlet edge and from hub 2 to rim 1. Blades 3 of blade system have thickened part near inlet edge 4. Maximum thickness of blade 3 in its section with hub 2 is more than maximum thickness of blade 3 in its section with rim 1. Optimum intervals of values of parameters are determined: maximum thickness of section of blade 3 with hub 2, maximum thickness of section of blade 3 with rim 1, as well as their location places along straightened middle line of the appropriate section.

EFFECT: preventing flow separation after inlet edges of blades at operation of hydraulic turbine in modes with increased heads and modes with partial loads in the whole range of working heads.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices wherein flow of liquid rotates big rotor of screw type or rotor wheel having external circular rim positioned inside big circular case. A hydro-electric turbine consists of rotor 20 positioned inside case 30 with external circular rim 22 located in channel 32 made in case 30. The turbine is improved due to making at least one exit channel 50 for removal of foreign particles. Foreign objects caught between rotor 20 and case 30 are removed through exit channel 50.

EFFECT: avoiding or minimisation of foreign objects accumulation in channel of case.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic turbine of immersion type includes rotor 20, housing-stator that is integrated into rotor 20 and electricity generating means. Rotor 20 has outer rim 22 that encircles the blades 21. There is one or more floating chambers 60 located in outer rim.

EFFECT: rotor weight reduction for floating obtaining.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: store of energy created with wind force includes sufficient amount of energy to meet the demands of the whole mankind. The invention represents effective device supplying this energy store for practical use. On rotating drive shaft 3 there installed is a pair of shaped parts 1, 2 of convex and concave profile, open V-shaped profile with rounded top, which reverses its orientation through 180 degrees, i.e. it is rotated from convex state to concave state. Drive shaft is rotated through 180 degrees. Circular movement of water, which takes place in the wave, effectively brings into operation such turbine, while the wave dies away. Pair of concave and convex shaped parts 1, 2 is spirally spread about drive shaft 3, by means of which the streams in all directions, which come into contact with pair of shaped parts, create the torque moment.

EFFECT: improving the use efficiency of streams and multidirectional oscillatory movements occurring in waves.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: impeller of Francis type includes rim 1 with rotation symmetry about rotation axis Z of impeller and bent blades 21, 22, which are rigidly attached to rim 1, each of which includes external peripheral edge 212, 222 and internal central edge 211, 221. Connection points B21, B22 of rim 1 with internal central edges 211, 221 of blades 21, 22 are located on one and the same circle C20 centred relative to above mentioned axis Z. Connection points A21, A22 of rim 1 with external peripheral edges 212, 222 of blades 21, 22 are located at least on two different circles C21, C22 centred relative to axis Z.

EFFECT: reduction of the cost of composite elements of devices owing to limiting their dimensions by reducing the action on them of radial stresses under unsteady conditions.

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