The device e. c. glagoleva for scraper excavation of soils


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the mining industry . The purpose of the invention is the achievement of kruglogodichnogo and comfort of work, almost any depth of soil development and the distance of transportation , reduce the cost and energy intensity of the process and metal devices, to maximize maneuverability of the device as in yaw, and vertical, increasing the safety of operations. In the device, the scraper Assembly with hoist and the engine moves with the help of ropes between the lower parts of the struts, which can grow on top of separate sections , have the opportunity descent-ascent along the opposite sides of the quarry and fixed to the lifting and transport atalina bridge, installed in the building and moved with him on the track along the developed object. The feeding ground of the scraper hopper is carried out by a system of conveyors associated with the hopper, a scraper and a bridge into a single system. With the aim of creating a rigid structure of the device the lower part of the pillars of bonded beams, suspended pulley ropes on the bridge for connecting semi-rigid joints 1 LC f-crystals, 3 Il


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FIELD: earth moving facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of transfer of soil or mineral ore. Proposed excavator has machine tower with main and additional winches, tail tower, two lengths of carrying cable secured on two drums of additional which, two strands of pull cable secured on drums of main winch, and two buckets suspended from carrying cables by means of two running trolleys. Buckets are furnished with runners. Beam is secured on tail tower by flexible tie for rocking in vertical plane. Two ends of carrying cables and two sheaves are secured on ends of said beam together with strands of pull cable being closed through sheaves and installed for rocking in said plane.

EFFECT: reduced power losses, increased capacity of excavator, possibility of operation in working out placer deposits together with other machines.

8 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly to excavate, transport and stack of barren rock and mineral at placer, marine (off-shore) and bedded deposits.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises scraper, movable trestle arranged between guy ropes with movable blocks. Device also has scraper winch with head and end ropes arranged on the movable trestle. The scraper winch includes two drums with head and end ropes arranged on the drums. The ropes pass over pulleys fastened to movable trestle top. Installed on movable trestle is tension winch provided with tension cable passing over pulley. The second end of tension cable is fastened to the movable trestle. The end rope of the scraper and the tension cable are correspondingly connected with guy ropes by means of blocks associated with movable blocks of guy ropes through collars.

EFFECT: decreased costs of device production, increased output and decreased rock mining costs.

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Stripping aggregate // 2396394

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented at open development of mineral deposits by non-transport system in complicated mining and geological conditions. The stripping aggregate consists of face and dumping non-rotary carrier platforms with masts interconnected with two running cables, and of a double-sided bucket with a bottom of V-shape coupled with each mast by means of a lift-and-drag cable enveloping a corresponding block installed between the running cables. The block of the face non-rotary platform is rigidly tied with the first running cable and is connected to the second running cable; it travels along this cable relative to the block of the non-rotary dumping carrier platform together with the second running cable. The block of the dumping non-rotary platform is rigidly tied with the second running cable and is connected to the first running cable; it travels along this cable relative to the block of the non-rotary face carrier platform together with the first running cable.

EFFECT: raised efficiency of stripping aggregate and reduced wear of cables.

10 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: system includes bottom-hole, dumped and intermediate running fixed platforms connected by means of two running lines, two-sided bucket with V-bottom connected to each mast by means of hoisting-hauling line enveloping the corresponding sheave arranged between running lines with possibility of movement relative to each other together with running lines. Intermediate running fixed platform is equipped with two supporting sheaves of running lines and one supporting sheave of hoisting-hauling lines. Rotation axis of hoisting-hauling line sheave has the possibility of being moved along guide curves of running lines.

EFFECT: improving efficiency, reducing the wear of lines and improving environmental conditions owing to equipping the mast of intermediate running fixed platform with the most effective equipment.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: machine comprises a scraper of box type (1), a scraper hoist (2), head (3) and tail (4) traction ropes, diverting blocks (5) for traction ropes, a loading ramp (6). The scraper comprises side walls (7) and a rear wall (8), in its lower part inclined at the angle to the horizon. On the rear inclined wall of the scraper at the angle (10) of fixation of a tail traction rope to the scraper on brackets (11, 12) fixed on the walls a shaft (14) of cylindrical shape is installed with the possibility of rotation on the horizontal axis (13), and its lower edge is arranged with displacement downwards relatively to the lower edge of the rear wall of the scraper and is distanced from it along the horizontal line towards the tail traction rope. Brackets on the rear wall are fixed with the help of a board (15) with the possibility of its displacement in the vertical plane along the wall and fixation on it with the help of fastening elements (16). The shaft axis is installed in horizontally aligned slots (17) of brackets with the possibility of their displacement and fixation.

EFFECT: decreased energy intensity and wear of a device.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: multi-bucket overburden unit comprises a bottomhole and a dump carriage non-rotary platforms with masts that correspond to them, connected with a system of ropes, and a bucket. It is additionally equipped with at least one mast of the bottomhole carriage non-rotary platform and at least one mast of the dump carriage non-rotary platform connected by a system of ropes with a bucket, at the same time additional masts are installed on bottomhole and drum carriage non-rotary platforms along a straight line, and each subsequent additionally installed mast of bottomhole and dump carriage non-rotary platforms is arranged with height that is less than the previous one in direction of inclination of a filled split slope of the inner dump by a value determined with the following mathematical expression: H=Sxtgα, where H - difference of heights of two nearby arranged masts, m; S - distance between masts, m; α - angle of internal dump slope, degrees. Bottomhole and dump carriage non-rotary platforms are arranged as capable of changing their length by means of connection and disconnection of sections.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, reduced power and materials consumption.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed plant comprises box-like scraper connected by leading and trailing cables with two-drum scraper winch, trailing cable resting on end and deflecting pulleys, and unloading ramp. Reverse branch of training pull cable after running around end deflecting pulley arranged in vertical plane is directed along scraper plant axis, cable being located thereunder between two horizontal deflecting pulleys. The latter cover the cable on both sides to displace it at therein interaction. Note here that both pulleys are secured at U-like frame arranged at scraper top parts. Horizontal rollers are arranged at front edges of scraper front and rear side to allow loose cable to rest thereon.

EFFECT: lower wear, hence, longer life, lower electric power input, higher safety.

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FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles of periodical action designed for transportation of produced rock mass from a bottomhole. A shaft rope-scraper plant comprises a scraper of box type, head and tail traction ropes connected with it, a scraper hoist and a discharge platform. The scraper hoist is accepted as three-drum, on two drums of which there are both ends of the head traction rope fixed. The middle part of the head traction rope is fixed in the centre of the front wall of the scraper and with the possibility to embrace to curved guides with a rope, and these guides are fixed on side edges of the front wall of the scraper with sagging of guides to outside from the side sections of the scraper, at the angles of guides bend of more than 90 degrees.

EFFECT: invention provides for double reduction of load at a head traction rope, and also provides for increased efficiency of rock mass gripping by a scraper with increased width of its placement in the area of scraper load.

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