Synthetic rope


(57) Abstract:

Using the drive unit record devices output information. The inventive cable consists of a core based troshani twisted or not twisted aramid fiber and polymer coating Aramid yarn made on the basis of heterocyclic polyamide containing in the polymer chain (15 . 32) wt.% benzimidazole swanlea as polymer coatings used aliphatic polyamides containing a repeating polymer units (8 to 12) carbon atoms, one nitrogen atom of the mass ratio of the coating and core (2 5): 1. Synthetic rope capable of long-term used when multiple alternating bending loads, the cable of this structure prevents wear of the drive mechanism, and reduces the consumption of materials and simplifies the manufacturing technology of the cable 1 self crystals, 1 table.


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FIELD: chemistry; production methods of composition for thread coating.

SUBSTANCE: composition includes x) = 10-50 mass.% of polyethylene wax with melting temperature from 110 to 150°C, y) = 10-50 mass.% compound ether compositions of conjoint polymer produced from α-olefine containing from 10 to 24 carbon atoms and unsaturated dicarboxylic acid selected from maleinic acid, fumaric acid, itaconic acid and citraconic acid z) = 100-(x+y) mass.% of silicon oil composition with 100 to 100- MPa-c viscosity at 20°C. Threads, fibres or filaments produced by spinning, stretching and texturing, if necessary, are subject to treatment with the specified composition.

EFFECT: items are ensured with high resistance property.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to machine building, to drives for reciprocal motion of units and parts. Driving cable for reciprocal motion of mechanisms comprises movable metal core with protective coat in the form of synthetic bush with ribbed surface. Cable is installed inside concentric armored shell with walls made of synthetic material in the form of internal and external bushes. On surface of shell internal bush along its whole length there is at least one rib arranged with helical shape with preset pitch of turns. Helical rib has conical shape in cross section and is arranged with spiral pitch that provides for shell contact with core only along surface of helical rib at any permissible bending of cable.

EFFECT: reduced friction forces during core displacement relative to shell and according reduction of forces applied by operator to control lever.

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Rope-shaped device // 2369674

FIELD: construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: rope-shaped device, and namely chord rope, single cord and rope, includes longitudinal fibres of longitudinal fibre device, which consist of individual fibres, strands, bundle of strands and/or single chords processed so that core, intermediate cover and cover is obtained. The device includes at least one additional fibre or an additional bundle of fibres located transversely relative to longitudinal fibres essentially at various angles and passed around longitudinal fibres so that the latter are essentially non-sliding and unmovable relative to each other. Additional fibre is bound at least one time with longitudinal fibres of the longitudinal fibre device, owing to which longitudinal fibres are rigidly fixed.

EFFECT: invention provides binding of longitudinal fibres to each other in the longitudinal fibre device and prevents their mutual sliding.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: at least one strand has a layer of indicator fibre strands to control rope endurance. At least one strand has a layer of indicator fibre strands at least with one indicator strand, which, compared to other strands, is less resistant to wear. A method to monitor endurance of a rope of synthetic fibres is proposed, which includes a permanent monitoring of a rope with the help of indicator fibres. An elevator is proposed, which provides for usage of a rope of synthetic fibres with indicator fibres, having at least one thread with a lower resistance to wear compared to others.

EFFECT: detection of rope failure limit and opportunity to more fully use the economic potential of up-to-date carrying facilities.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: rope is made of high-strength fibres, preferably from a mix of high-strength polyethylene fibres with aramid fibres and/or fibres of ester liquid crystal copolymers. Fibres and/or the rope are coated with a composition containing a silicon resin functionalised with amines and a neutralised low-molecular polyethylene.

EFFECT: ropes have higher wear resistance in multiple reeling onto pulleys.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method of applying a latex-resorcinol-formaldehyde coating on a synthetic rope comprises a step of holding the synthetic rope in air and subsequently removing part of the braid from the ends of the saturated and heat treated rope, running to the sidewall industrial rubber article.

EFFECT: obtaining a synthetic rope with high strength of bonding with rubber for producing high-strength rubber-cord casings.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of rubber-cord casings reinforced by synthetic rope. Technical result is achieved due to dissolution of rubber mixture in an organic solvent and application of obtained liquid mixture on turns and filling inter-turn space of synthetic rope workpiece with subsequent drying for production of high-quality high-strength rubber-cord casings.

EFFECT: high quality of rubber-cord casing, reinforced by synthetic rope, without shifting angle of applying synthetic rope during assembly.

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