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FIELD: producing fats.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises securing fleece to the coil, setting the coil in the housing, supplying air heated up to 90°, and rotating the coil with a speed of 900 rev/min. The device comprises rotating coil mounted inside the housing, drive for setting the coil in rotation, source of heated air, and drain pipe for collecting the wooly fat-lanoline.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device for compression wash out of laboratory sample of wool has bath for detergent, meshed cassette for wool t be treated provided with false bottom and compression unit for pressing mass of wool; cassette is disposed inside bath. Compression unit is provided with drive to bring it into reciprocal motion. Device is provided with perforated collector for compressed air, which collector is mounted in bath under false bottom of cassette where wool to be treated is pressed in detergent solution due to spring-loaded compression unit for provision of pressure within 10-120 kPa. Compression unit, made in form of movable piston with sliding clutch and its lock are mounted onto rod. Clutch and lock are connected with return spring and rest. Compression cinematically communicates with cock onto air duct, which duct provides supply of compressed air into cassette in position when piston is put up only. Relation of cross-section area of bath and meshed cassette has to be 1,4 and higher. Relation of height of liquid detergent in meshed cassette above false bottom and under it has to be 1,6 and higher. Meshed cassette with false bottom and piston of compression unit are made of perforated material having live section coefficient of 0,3 and higher.

EFFECT: reduced time for washing wool out; reduced consumption of water and detergent.

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FIELD: textile; paper.

SUBSTANCE: method of wool scouring includes preliminary calculation and setting of the preset value of the counter flow of cleaning solutions during scouring of wool batch taking into account its make-time depending on a technological mode and qualitative characteristics of unsecured wool as well as regulating it by continuous feed with cleaning solutions in each previous washing bath, starting from the last one, against the current of wool with simultaneous draining of spent solution from the first bath to sewerage. Counter flow is actuated when concentration of the cleaning solution of the first bath is achieved up to 50 g/dm3, output flow of the spent solution drained through a flow metre is additionally controlled on the outlet port of the first bath fixing the highest level of liquid flow and estimating the value of counter flow which if necessary to regulate till the preset value is set according to nomogram received from the experimental data of dependences including wool yield and content of mineral mixtures in it corresponding to fixed level of flow, yield of drained solution with further analysis of its correspondence with to the preset value of counter flow, if current flow is diverged from the preset value it's regulated by changing it in accordance with nomogram till the necessary value is set, the highest value of solution flow drained through the flow metre.

EFFECT: method allows increasing efficiency of wool scouring decreasing consumption of water, washing agents, quantity of sewage runoffs as well as excluding additional production costs.

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FIELD: wool-manufacturing industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the area of wool-manufacturing industry and refers to the device for registering and control of detergent solutions counter flow during machine washing of wool. The device consists of dump tank installed on the first bath, gravity-flowing nipple of which is connected to communicated vessel separated with baffle plate with calibrated holes placed above each other in vertical rows with calculated surpass of bottom of upper hole over top of lower hole for registering of counter flow through the upper outflow hole of fixed level of total dump through baffle plate holes. The cross-sections of holes are selected with condition of securing of standardized disposal solution flow of the first bath in amount matching the calculated counter flow. On the downcomers the locks are installed that connect all the baths of washing unit serving for regulation of amount of detergent solutions counter flow by maintaining the level of disposal solution in communicated vessel.

EFFECT: increased effectiveness of wool washing with simultaneous decrease of water and detergent solution consumption due to justified choice of counter flow amount depending on quality characteristics of washed wool, as well as due to the fullest accounting of in-process losses and additions of detergent solutions in constant washing process.

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FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a conveyor belt for conveying wool. According to the invention, there are two working conveyors mounted one above the other, the belts of which are made of a porous absorbent material, for example, lycra, the drive and tension shafts of which are mounted on the frame, rotatably from the electric drive, to the idle branches of two working conveyors, mounted with the possibility of applying working compositions by rolling with the help of spreading devices located in the upper and lower part of the device and consisting of baths for the working compositions in the form of a foaming detergent and fluted shafts, which are immersed in the bath and mounted with the possibility of obtaining the rotation from the drive, a technological shaft with the possibility of bending strips of the working conveyor is mounted between the drive shaft and the auxiliary shaft of the working conveyor. Under the drive shaft, a squeegee shaft is mounted, in addition, the operating members are mounted in the upper and lower parts of the device and are in the form of porous plates of an elastic porous material, for example, a sponge, which are placed in holders, wherein the operating element located at the bottom of the device is mounted with the possibility of reciprocating motion perpendicular to the plane of the belts of the working conveyors, for example, by means of a crank mechanism. The conveyor belt for conveying wool is made in the form of a belt feeding conveyor mounted above the tension shaft, and a belt scraper conveyor is mounted under the drive shaft.

EFFECT: water costs for washing wool are reduced, felting is reduced, reliability is increased and it becomes possible to mount the device in an automated line.

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FIELD: process for washing of textile products.

SUBSTANCE: method involves exposing washing liquid with contaminated article to modulated low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations at intensity below cavitation threshold; providing said exposure in alternation using at least two ultrasonic vibration sources with distance between said sources being equal to odd number of ultrasonic vibration half-waves. Exposures are of equal duration and multiple to modulation period of these vibrations.

EFFECT: reduced washing time and improved quality of washing procedure.

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FIELD: equipment for washing large volumes of articles in laundries.

SUBSTANCE: supersonic washing machine has connection wire, casing with sealing covers, multiple-cascade supersonic generator (80-140 kHz), one or more stationary supersonic emitters of any type (up to 10 W). Emitters are arranged in opposite relation or offset with respect to one another in horizontal or vertical plane. Washing machine has safety valve. Supersonic emitters are connected through outside wiring to multiple-cascade generator equipped with automatic stepped frequency adjustment means. Emitters are positioned in mid portion of side walls, on detachable trays manufactured from supersonic sound-conductive materials. Gap between casing and inner drum is up to 0.12 m. Washing machine is further provided with viewing holes, perforated, netted or netted-perforated inner drum, hermetically sealed process hole with composition introducing tray, and steam-type or electric heater. Drum has adjustable rotational speed.

EFFECT: reduced washing process costs, decreased power consumption and reduced extent of manual processes, simplified treatment and improved cloth washing quality.

FIELD: drum-type washing machines.

SUBSTANCE: supersonic household washing machine has connection wire, multiple-cascade supersonic generator, one or more stationary supersonic emitters of any type (magnetostrictive or piezoceramic), and reduced software. Supersonic generator operates during washing and rinsing with automatic frequency readjustment within the range of 80-140 kHz. Supersonic emitters are positioned on bottom or in mid portion of washing tank and are offset with respect to one another in vertical plane on detachable hermetical trays and are fixed at the outside within streamlined casings manufactured from supersonic sound-conductive materials such as rubber, steels, plastics. Washing machine drum is made netted or netted-perforated, with reduced gap between casing and washing tank walls. Cloths are mixed during washing procedure by periodical rotation of reversible drum.

EFFECT: reduced costs of washing procedure, improved quality and reduced labor intensity for washing of textile articles.

FIELD: household goods and domestic appliances.

SUBSTANCE: vibration washing machine is referred to the domestic appliances and intended for linen washing with the technical result being identified as washing process intensification and quality improvement. The washing machine consists of a meshed tank having rigidly interconnected membrane, electromagnetic drive and lid installed on the holed bottom. The lid is represented with the truncated cone or cylinder with bottom. The inner surface of the lid forms a working cavity. The lid is perforated with the tapered nozzle-type holes. There is an intake valve in the centre of the truncated cone or in the centre of cylinder bottom. The valve overlaps cylindrical holes. The total area of cylindrical holes is more or equal to the total area of tapered holes. Mesh for linen packing rests upon the valve clamp by its central part.

EFFECT: washing intensification and quality improvement.

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Laundry washer // 2354767

FIELD: textile fabrics; paper.

SUBSTANCE: laundry washer comprises the following components installed in body - tank with tub wheel, driven electric motor, drain pump, valves, temperature detectors, damping weights, level detector, controller and heating element. Machine additionally comprises detector of tub wheel position, which provides for tub wheel stop in certain position. End wall of tub wheel has ultrasonic radiator installed on it and providing laundry washing in the periods of washing detergent solution heating. Counterbalance is installed on the opposite side along tub wheel radius for its balancing. Power voltage to ultrasonic radiator is supplied via current collector rings.

EFFECT: reduced total time of laundering and reduced power inputs.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: in washing machine, water for washing from outlet channel 31b of circulating pump 20 is sent to pouring hole 51, arranged at lower back side of front end wall 3h of tank 3 for water, and in the beginning of at least one of washing operations and rinsing operation, circulating pump 20 is set at specified speed of rotation. Thus, water for washing, injected from pouring hole 51, passes into lower part of tank 3 for water without passage into rotary drum 4, performing operation of water circulation in tank, and thus, even when outlet hole for washing water does not have a special design, it is possible to improve efficiency of detergent and softener and to prevent such a problem as ingress of remaining detergent onto linen or stains on it.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of detergent and softener and prevention of detergent ingress onto linen or white stains formation on it.

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FIELD: textiles, paper.

SUBSTANCE: main body (4) comprises a washing and/or drying device. The ultrasound cleaning device (30) contains an ultrasound transducer and an ultrasonic radiator (36). The working surface (14) is designed to place on it of a textile good to be treated, and is located on or above the movable tray (12). The mobile bearing connects the movable tray (12) with the main body (4) and is made with an ability to direct the movement of the movable tray between the retracted and working positions. At that in the retracted position, the movable tray is retracted into the main body (4), and in the working position this tray protrudes outwards the base area of the main body.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability of the device.

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Washing machine // 2468130

FIELD: textiles, paper.

SUBSTANCE: washing machine (1) comprises a drum (3), a motor (6) with an output shaft (8), a driving belt (13) covering the output shaft (8) and the drum (3) for rotating the drum (3) around the first fixed axis (4), and a tensioning device (14) for the belt (13) tension, which comprises a pulley (15) loosely mounted on the second fixed axis (17) with the possibility of contact with the belt (13) with a given contact pressure and with the possibility of radial elastic deformation.

EFFECT: simplification of the design of the belt drive due to elimination of the number of components while ensuring the maintenance of the belt tightly tensioned.

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: washing machine is disclosed, in particular a washing machine for laundry, equipped with at least conventional and ultrasound devices for washing fabrics, comprising a tank having at least one opening for placement an ultrasonic transducer, and the said opening (20) is limited by a flange projecting from the tank and interacting with a counter-flange for attaching the ultrasonic transducer to the tank.

EFFECT: improvement of the design.

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