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FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to trailer-trains with prime mover and one or several trailers. Trailer for use in trailer-train has main chassis made for articulated connection with wheeled part of truck directly before trailer with possibility of turning of wheeled part relative to main chassis around vertical first axle on main chassis. Additional chassis provided with great number road gripping wheels installed on chassis at a distance from each other in longitudinal direction and connected with main chassis for free turning around mainly vertical second axle of main chassis, stop gear adapter for setting maximum angle of free turning of additional chassis from position of alignment in longitudinal direction relative to main chassis depending on positioning of stop gear relative to main chassis. Trailer is furnished also with device for automatically positioning stop gear relative to main chassis at turning of wheeled part around first axle so that maximum angle changes according to positioning of stop gear, and control device responding to relative turning of additional chassis and main chassis around second axle to control at least two said pairs of wheels relative to additional chassis to align additional chassis relative to main chassis in longitudinal direction. Each pair of steerable wheels is installed on fixed axle unit hinge-connected with additional chassis and is made to control, by turning, axle unit around vertical third axle. Axles of rotation of each pair of steerable wheels meet at side of additional chassis at turning of trailer.

EFFECT: improved steerability owing to direction of trailer wheels along track pf primer mover.

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FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed steering system of heavy trailer-train has steering linkages of prime mover and trailer coupled with steerable wheels and actuating hydraulic cylinder. Rod of actuating cylinder is mechanically coupled with spool hydraulic distributor with power hydraulic cylinder mechanically coupled by tie-rods with steering linkage of trailer. System contains also additional hydraulic cylinder secured on prime mover connected by rod with lever coupled with steering linkage. Additional hydraulic cylinder is hydraulic coupled with space of actuating hydraulic cylinder. Reservoir to make up hydraulic system with closing cocks is included additionally into main line connecting additional hydraulic cylinder with actuating hydraulic cylinder. Invention simplifies design providing setting parameter of turning of steerable wheels of semitrailer as a function of angle of turning of steerable wheels of prime mover and provides multipurposeness of trailer-trains owing to possibility of coupling of steerable semitrailers with typical fifth-wheel prime movers and specialized prime movers with typical semitrailers.

EFFECT: simplified design, increased multipurposeness of trailer-train members.

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FIELD: municipal vehicle building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multipurpose small-size machines for cleaning and upkeeping territories of city residential districts. Proposed multipurpose municipal vehicle has driving and driven half-frames interconnected by hinge joint, driver's place with steering wheel arranged in front part of driving half-frame and extended forward relative to front axle, engine and transmission arranged on driving half-frame. Movable part of hinge joint is connected at one side mechanically by steering rods with steering wheel and at their side is coupled with driven half-frame by means of quick-release joint. Moreover, to provide coincidence of direction of rotation of steering wheel and cornering of vehicle, steering rods are arranged in cress-cross manner.

EFFECT: increased capacity of multipurpose small-size vehicle owing to improved maneuverability and reduced time for replacement of working equipment.

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FIELD: mechanic.

SUBSTANCE: a single wheel block designed with the possibility of installation on the body of a vehicle, contains a wheel frame, which serves as a support for the suspension mechanism and the wheel assembly installed on the suspension mechanism. The suspension mechanism contains a Z-shaped link consisting of three levers connected end to end so that they can rotate. The suspension mechanism is fixed to the wheel frame so that the mechanism can be rotated, and a damping device absorbs the suspension mechanism vibration. The wheel suspension hinge support intended for the installation between two rotatable elements contains a cylindrical bushing support limiting the central shaft and having open ends with curved belts. The bushing support is located in a bored hole of the first rotational element. This bushing support supports the axle passing through the flanges with holes in the second rotational element. The flanges are located at each side of the bored hole and the bushing support. The flange holes have curved surfaces for reception of the mating curved bushing support belts.

EFFECT: increased manoeuverability, increase effective load, lower tyre wear.

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Coupler for trailer // 2342258

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: coupler contains means for installation on trailer with capability of pivot-hinged turn of at least one left wheel and at least one right wheel, independent means of pivot-hinged turn of trailer and prime mover coupling, means for performing differential turn of wheels and trailer with regard to prime mover in process of turn performed by prime mover. Limiting device is made so as to limit magnitude of wheel turn as compared with wheel turn related to trailer in absence of limiting device. Limiting device contains follower with front end connected with said devices for installation of wheels on trailer and rear end. Follower includes protruding coupling sphere on rear end or near it. Limiting device additionally includes slider guide made so as to couple with prime mover and installed in parallel with or inclined to prime mover and trailer chassis. Coupling sphere is installed with ability to move along slider guide of limiting device in process of prime mover movement.

EFFECT: securing of smooth and safe turning and exclusion of folding effect.

17 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device for controlling trailer wheels of an articulated vehicle has an actuating cylinder, joined to the trailer frame. The device also has an electrical rheostat, fitted on the steering column shaft of the tractive vehicle and is connected through an electrical circuit on one side, to the positive terminal of the power supply, and on the other side, to the first input of a computer. The second input of the computer is connected to an electric speedometer on one side and to an electropneumatic valve, fitted on the trailer frame, on the other side. The electropneumatic valve is connected through pneumatic lines to a receiver on one side, and on the other side, is rigidly fixed at one end to the trailer frame by the actuating cylinder, which has a pneumatic actuator and is journaled to the steering linkage of the steer wheel of the trailer.

EFFECT: increased operational capabilities due to coincidence of tracks of the tractive vehicle and the trailer when turning.

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FIELD: mechanics; transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to controllable devices intended for goods transporting, particularly to trailers designed to be coupled with driving vehicle. The invention may be used under limited spatial conditions. The device is intended for transporting goods and contains frame where controlling and controllable swinging circles are installed in the lower part of the frame. Controllable wheels are placed on an axis and connected with controllable swinging circle. The pulling element is coupled with swinging circles and forms figure-of-eight shaped loop. In addition, axle with wheels is connected with controlling swinging circle. In order to place pulling elements, sprocket wheels are installed under controlling and controllable swinging wheels. The pulling element is represented with a chain in the points of sprocket coverage. The above mentioned chain is fastened to the rigid thrusts by means of turn-buckles.

EFFECT: increased reliability of device and accurate turning.

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Heavy freighter // 2371344

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to trackless vehicles. Heavy freighter consists of hauler and semitrailer coupled via bolster comprising pivot and weight-bearing swivel connection with lock clamps. Semitrailer frame accommodates a pair of torque hydraulic cylinders with their cavities communicating via pipelines. Output shaft of one of aforesaid cylinders is rigidly coupled with pivot arranged at semitrailer frame front to make angular turns. Other hydraulic cylinder is rigidly coupled with vertical pin fixed on rotary mobile truck arranged at semitrailer rear. Pivot section represents polygon interacting with weight-bearing swivel connection lock arranged on clamp contact surface.

EFFECT: higher maneuverability and reduced drag at curved rod sections.

6 dwg

Road train // 2372241

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to trackless vehicles. Proposed road train consists of tractor truck and semitrailer coupled by bolster made up of weight-bearing swivel connection arranged on tractor truck frame and spindle pin rigidly attached to semitrailer frame shoulder bearing sheet. Weight-bearing swivel connection surface facing aforesaid bearing sheet hemispherical ledge with its shape mating that of recess arranged on disk mounted on aforesaid sheet to make angular turns therein. Bearing sheet one side accommodates spindle pin and another side accommodates gear wheel in mesh with toothed rack arranged on two-way hydraulic cylinder casing. Hydraulic cylinder rod ends are attached to frame shoulder. Note here that hydraulic cylinder chambers communicate, via pipelines with chambers of the other hydraulic cylinder with its rods also jointed to the frame. Second hydraulic cylinder casing is furnished with toothed rack in mesh with another gear wheel rigidly fitted on rotary mobile truck that support semitrailer rear wheels.

EFFECT: higher maneuverability and reduced resistance on curved route sections.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for low-profile movable conveyor systems to be used mining. Movable conveyor mechanism are interconnected by coupler. Proposed device comprises guide element to be fitted on first movable mechanism end to form guide with two opposite sides and curved to circular arc with center of curvature. Said coupler may swing on said guide to couple said end of first moving mechanism with said second moving mechanism. Coupler comprises rollers to interact with said opposite sides for guide to be retained between said rollers. First movable mechanism can be turned araend vertical axis, passing through the said center of curvature, about second movable mechanism. These two mechanisms are connected via couple device.

EFFECT: reliable coupler for low-profile conveyors.

19 cl, 28 dwg

Dump trailer frame // 2254258

FIELD: transport engineering; railless vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed frame of dump vehicle consists of sidemembers and crossmembers with body dumping mechanism bracket rigidly connected to crossmembers in middle part of frame. Body dumping mechanism bracket is made in from of steel wire rope passed through hollow rods rigidly secured in pairs on adjacent crossmembers of frame.

EFFECT: improved reliability of frame of dump vehicle.

4 dwg

FIELD: cargo velomobiles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed four-wheel velomobile has frame (1) with treadle drive (5) made in form of angle framework whose height does exceed wheel diameter; cargo compartments, driver's seat and mounting seat for auxiliary engine (2) are formed by means of longitudinal and transversal angle-pieces; brackets for spring-loaded wheels are mounted on the outside. Kinematic joints of handle-bar drive, steering linkage and rear axle suspension are made in form of forks, inserts with perpendicular holes, axles and rods ensuring compact joint of movable perpendicular rotary and screw pairs. Auxiliary clutch for engagement of auxiliary engine is made in form of bush and holder; holder has recesses and bush is provided with three pairs swivel spring-loaded pawls inclined to opposite sides; drive for engagement of bush and holder is made in form of taper bush mounted coaxially in bush and in holder, as well as balls radially movable relative to bush for action on pawls.

EFFECT: light weight of cargo-hoisting frame.

8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the vehicle, particularly, the construction site machine. Claimed construction site machine is composed of mobile digger or the carrier including the running gear to support the chassis and top part coupled therewith. Note here that said top modular part is composed by two plug-in modules. Note also that at least one actuator module is used to make the machine driving assy and the machine cooling system. Note that at least one extra module comprises one or more elements of said top part. Note that all hydraulic valves or at least their notable quantity are integrated in a separate module.

EFFECT: compatibility of structural parts of said machine or carrier.

9 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle // 2286120

FIELD: self-propelled rail-free vehicles, including wheeled armchairs, preferably with electric drive and servo control for disabled people deprived of or with immobilized lower limbs.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle comprises drive wheels mounted on axles, each being provided with individual drive and two additional self-orienting driven wheels. Each of drive wheels consists of at least outer rim with tire, casing with rollers, and device for transmitting rotation from drive axle to rim. Each of additional driven wheels is mounted at ends of springy rocking arm disposed in longitudinal plane, symmetrically to axes of drives.

EFFECT: increased stability and safety of vehicle, including wheeled armchair.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: high-maneuverability vehicles used for transporting of people with limited excursion in premises and in the street.

SUBSTANCE: self-propelled vehicle has carriage with armchair fixed thereon, power source, front rotary wheel, two rear wheels, and control system. Each of said rear wheels is equipped with drive for independent rotation around vertical axis. Each of said drives is fixed on rear part of carriage and connected to wheel support having vertical axis of rotation. Wheel rotation drives are designed for enabling at least two modes of movement. First mode of movement is mode of rotating rear wheels in synchronism with and through angle equal to that of front wheel. At second mode of movement for rear wheels, projections of horizontal axes of rotation of all the wheels onto supporting surface converge to a common point which is center of rotation of vehicle. Angle between projections for rear wheels differs from zero. At second mode, center of rotation is on longitudinal axis of projection onto supporting surface of longitudinal plane of symmetry of vehicle and is spaced from vertical plane of rotation of front wheel by distance L defined by interval of from L=0.1H to L=0.9H, where H is wheel base.

EFFECT: improved maneuverability and minimized vehicle turning area.

15 cl, 19 dwg

Means of transport // 2325298

FIELD: means of transport; agricultural machine-building industry.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle includes two-axial chassis with front and rear wheels and frame. Frame consists of front semi-frame with installed motor and transmission unit and cabin with control panel and rear semi-frame where platform with hydraulic actuator and rise- and-fall mechanism is installed on articulated arms. Articulated arms are installed so that to ensure turning of gimbal-mounted and welded to side members semi-frame around common arms axis and tipping of platform also around common axis. Rise-and-fall mechanism is represented with brackets rigidly installed on the axis and gimbal-mounted to both hydraulic actuator rods within rise-and-fall mechanism hydraulic system. Both hydraulic actuators are connected with control board. Body of each actuator is fixed to rear semi-frame. Two straps with rear axle are rigidly fixed to common axis ends. Platform is raised and fallen by vehicle turning around front axle in vertical direction. Angle between landed platform and horizontal rear axle is equal to turning angle of vertical cabin axis and horizontal axes of motor and transmission unit with regard to vertical and horizontal front axle, accordingly.

EFFECT: application of specifically designed vehicles is expanded; labour output ratio of handling operations is decreased as loading is possible directly from ground without additional lifting equipment.

4 dwg

Vehicle // 2372240

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles that feature higher cross-country capacity. Proposed vehicle comprises power plant consisting of engine with gearbox, propeller shafts, turning device, articulated frame made up of two semi-frames pivoted together, front drive axle attached to one semi-frame and rear drive axle attached to another semi-frame. Engine with gearbox is coupled, via one propeller shaft, with aforesaid front drive axle and, via another propeller shaft, with rear drive axle. Aforesaid semi-frames consists of top and bottom sections coupled by vertical posts. Bottom section of each semi-frame features recess with depth making at least maximum vertical travel of appropriate drive axle. Front and rear drive axles are suspended to semi-frames.

EFFECT: increased cross-country capacity.

5 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Proposed vehicle comprises interconnected drive and drive sections. Said sections are interconnected by two joints, i.e. top and bottom.Bottom joint represents a universal joint. Top joint is arranged above the bottom joint along vertical axis and represents a steering device.

EFFECT: reduced weight.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to self-propelled machine with articulated chassis. Machine comprises chassis 1. Chassis 1 consists of two parts 5, 7 to pivot relative to each other about, in fact, vertical axis A2. Each said part is fitted on one appropriate axle 9, 25. The latter make guide and drive axles 9, 25. Axle 9 may swing on chassis element 5. Articulation between said parts 5, 7 represents joint with axial rod and additionally comprises means 25 for parts selective turn relative to each other and, in fact, about vertical axis A2.

EFFECT: higher stability.

12 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to control over articulated frame to allow motion in two wheel tracks and crossing of wheel axles. Vehicle comprises two parts each being coupled with the other hinge 1. Said hinge 1 comprises four structural elements 4, 5, 6, 7 articulated by four hinges 8, 9, 10, 11 to stay in normal position. At said position, centers of hinged 8, 9, 10, 11 form one plane and closed, in fact, fixed frame. Each of two structural elements 4, 6 forming two opposite side of fixed frame can turn in four hinge joints 8, 9, 10, 11 about rotational axis D1, D2. Said axis is located in normal position if the plane formed by two center of hinges relative to other structural elements 5, 7. One (4) of two rotary structural elements 4, 6 with one (5) of two other structural elements 5, 7, directly interconnected with one (10) of four hinges 8, 9, 10, 11, can turn from normal position relative to two structural elements 4, 7 so that center of hinge 10 jointing said two rotary structural elements 4, 5 can extend beyond the plane formed by centers of hinges in normal position while centers of other hinges 8, 9, 11 do not extend beyond said plane to allow crossing of rotational axes D1, D2 of both hinges 4, 6 relative to each other.

EFFECT: improved maneuverability, increased vehicle length.

25 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles. The agricultural towline-transporting energetic means comprises an engine, a cab with control elements mounted on the bearing frame. The bearing frame is based by rails on the combined double-reduction axle with driving-steering motor-driven wheels and an additional frame with rails and support wheels. The bearing frame is connected with the additional frame by the hinges of rotation by 180° of "folding" and "unfolding" rails of additional frame and the bearing frame placed with an equal distance "α" on the axes of wheels of axle of the bearing frame and the support wheels of the additional frame. The bearing frame and the additional frame are equipped with hydraulic servo motor of turning of the said rails and attachment clamps to each other in the unfolded (biaxial machine) and the folded (single-axial machine - "modular unit") states. The bearing frame is provided with a crown hinge of junction with agricultural tool and hydraulic cylinder of controlling its turns.

EFFECT: improvement of adaptability of the agricultural towline-transporting and energetic means is achieved to working conditions, improvement of quality of technological operations performed and machine performance while reducing the overall energy consumption.

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