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FIELD: axial fixation of bearing assemblies and chocks in journals of rolling rolls of wide strip rolling mills.

SUBSTANCE: unit includes spacing sleeve mounted on journal of roll. Said sleeve is hold against cranking by means of key arranged in key groove of journal. Ring halves are mounted in annular groove of roll journal and are embraced along their outer cone surfaces by means of spacing nut screwed on thread of end outer portion of spacing sleeve. Unit also includes member for holding nut against cranking on spacing sleeve. Key is arranged between spacing sleeve and roll journal freely in key grooves provided on inner surface of sleeve and journal. Said member for holding spacing nut against cranking on spacing sleeve is in the form of flat ring secured to outer end of nut by means of bolts. There is protrusion on inner surface of ring; said protrusion is arranged in key groove of roll journal. Number of openings for bolts in ring is less than number of threaded openings in end of spacing nut. Diameter of openings of ring is more than that of bolts. Number of openings of ring and of spacing nut corresponds to condition providing possibility for securing nut in any position to ring at least by means of two bolts arranged in diametrically opposite openings.

EFFECT: lowered number of emergency idling periods, reduced consumption of rolls and bearings, shortened time period for changing rolls, enhanced reliability of fixation of bearings, improved rolling efficiency, high quality of rolled strips.

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FIELD: axial fixation of bearings and chocks in journals of rolling rolls of wide strip rolling mills.

SUBSTANCE: assembly includes chock supporting bearing unit, inner and outer lids provided with seals, mounted in journal of roll and secured to chock; spacing ring mounted in key of rolling roll, members for axially fixing chock mounted in annular turning of roll journal. Members for axially fixing chock are in the form of two cover plates with inner cylindrical ribs arranged diametrically opposite relative to vertical axis of chock in annular turning of roll journal. Cover plates are mounted with use of bolts with possibility of motion in outer end of spacing ring. Thickness of cover plates exceeds that of inner cylindrical ribs that is why stop cylindrical surfaces are formed. Said surfaces are joined at both sides of annular turning of roll journal with outer surface of journal. Inclined straight different-length slits are formed in cover plates symmetrically relative to vertical axis of chock. Said slits are inclined by different angles to horizontal axis of chock; lower slits are inclined by large angle and upper slits are inclined by small angle. Length values of chords in cover plates between crossing points of different radius circles passed from center arranged in roll axis with axes of slits along their whole length are the same and equal to distance between mounting bolts of cover plates in spacing ring. Countersunk recesses for bolt heads are formed in ends of slits in bolt mounting places on both planes of cover strip surface.

EFFECT: shortened duration of idle periods and of roll change periods, lowered consumption of rolls and bearings, enhanced quality of rolled strips, improved reliability of assembly for axially fixing bearing and efficiency of rolling mill.

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FIELD: packing unit of journal of roll in bearing assembly on lubricating pad for roll of rolling mill.

SUBSTANCE: roll has journal having intermediate cone portion ended by less diameter part. Journal is placed in case fastened relative to roll journal and mounted with possibility of rotation in sleeve. Packing of journal may be placed in cone portion of roll journal for rotating together with it in position embedded to sealing end plate secured to said pad. Packing unit includes elastic annular body having distributed in axial direction and extending outside along radius first and second flanges. Configuration and size values of said flanges provide sealing contact with sealing end plate. First and second distributed in axial direction ridges extend along radius inside from annular body in order to provide contact with cone portion of roll journal. Said ridges are leveled along radius and they are joined in radial direction with first and second flanges through three-dimensional intermediate parts of packing unit body.

EFFECT: prevention of oil leakage due to correct positioning of radial support for body of packing unit and due to joining of said support at lowered friction between case end and body of packing unit.

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FIELD: rolled stock production, namely stand for cold or hot rolling strip materials of different kinds of steel.

SUBSTANCE: rolling stand includes backup and rolling rolls are mounted with possibility of rotation in chocks arranged at both sides in guides of framework of housing. Rolls may be moved for regulating inter-roll gap and they may be additionally shifted by means of horizontal cylinder-piston units mounted in framework at least of one side for regulating clearance. At least at one side of housing, rolling roll chocks are guided by means of cylinder-piston unit arranged in framework and by means of supporting member on end face of piston. Guides of said chocks for motion without clearance when vertical drive of roll mounting is turned off and said chocks are made with possibility of pressing to other side of housing and drawing off when vertical drive of roll mounting is turned on.

EFFECT: lowered wear degree of rolls, elimination of clearance in rolling roll chocks in their vertical guide at rolling process without using hydraulic coupling with chocks.

13 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: rolling equipment, namely bearing assemblies of rolling rolls.

SUBSTANCE: bearing assembly of rolling roll includes liquid friction bearing unit whose sleeve-pivot is fit on cone portion of rolling roll journal. Said sleeve-pivot is joined with roll journal by means of one or more keys placed in key grooves formed on sleeve-pivot and cone journal of roll. Base of each key groove is parallel to generatrix of joined cone surfaces of sleeve-union and roll journal.

EFFECT: increased rigidity of rolling roll bearing unit, lowered influence of rolling roll bending upon accuracy of rolled metal at time moment of key joint passing through load plane.

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FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sealing devices intended for bearings of machines and mechanisms. The roll bearing sealing device containing a bearing cap with a ring element and, at least, two sealing collars. One of them, a face-type collar, is arranged on the cap ring element and contacts by its working edge with the face surface in the roll recess. The cap ring element is made tapered extending beyond the sizes of sealing collar set in the sap, while the roll face has an additional tapered recess receiving the ring element to form, together with the additional recess, a slot seal. Here, note that screw-like grooves are made on the additional recess tapered surface. Also, the device is provided with one more face sealing collar set on the roll neck contacting by its working edge with the cap.

EFFECT: increase in the sealing device service life and simplification of its mounting.

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FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: film-lubrication bearing includes bushing-insert, which is installed in the chuck of forming roll, bushing-journal, which is hafted on roll cone neck, and thrust unit. Bushing-journal is retained against slipping on roll neck by means of key installed in keyway, which is provided on internal conical surface of bushing-journal and external conical surface of roll neck so that bridge is formed between keyway and end surface of bushing-journal from the side of thrust unit, at that bridge width makes (0.03...0.09) from minimum diameter of internal conical surface of bushing-journal.

EFFECT: increase of bearings rigidity; rolling accuracy and quality of rolled material.

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FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: proposed pad has one lubricant receiving space on the barrel side and one lubricant receiving space on the discharge side, both aforesaid spaces being located beneath the deepest point of the bearing bush, and the holes communicating receiving aforesaid spaces on both aforesaid sides. Note that the lubricant is intercepted in the pad by additional lubricant receiving spaces.

EFFECT: reduced number of contacts between roller on barrel side and lower costs of pad production.

7 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: regulation method of rolling mill with facility for loading of roll bearing plane guide face, located in stand embrasure of rolling mill, containing pressure plate, implemented with ability of overlaying on bearing plane guide face, and also hydraulic actuators for pressure plate movement, located in stands of rolling mills, outfitted by instruments, recording pressure and movement tracks of piston, includes position definition of roller bearing planes by means of pressure plate occlusion and measurement of piston stroke in direction of bearing planes at the side of driver and on side of rollers maintenance, comparison of received values of bearing plane position of roller with filled earlier values, definition of wear and frictional force in stand embrasure of rolling mill by means of comparison results, implementation subject to defined values of frictional forces regulation of bearing planes and wear take up in stands of rolling mill.

EFFECT: optimisation control of rolling mill with wear take up and regulation frictional forces in embrasure of mill stand.

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FIELD: mechanics, metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: film lubrication bearing sealing device incorporates a separation chamber confined by two, primarily contact seals the said separation chamber accommodates a medium representing gas and has holes to feed gas there inside. The oil discharge channel is furnished with a gas outlet to withdraw gas from the bearing oil drain channel in atmosphere.

EFFECT: longer life of bearing parts ensured by ruling out ingress of cooling fluid and solid inclusions and oil contamination as well as it leakage.

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FIELD: repairing equipment of shops, namely of locomotive depots of railway road transport vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: movable installation includes lifting table having lower wheeled platform and jointly mounted on it upper stand; mechanism for lifting and descending said stand; power hydraulic cylinder mounted on upper stand and communicated by means of hydraulic lines through control unit with high-pressure pump system; clamping device for mounting-dismounting bearing assemblies. High pressure pump system includes tank, pump aggregate, draining pipeline, suction pipeline connecting inlet of pump aggregate with tank. Lifting and descending mechanism is in the form of hydraulic cylinder and it is mounted on lower platform. Pump aggregate is arranged on upper lid of tank and it is in the form of displacement hydraulic pump with electric motor. Filter is mounted in suction pipeline. Control unit is in the form of body having two built-in safety valves, tap distributor and built-in non-return valve. Manometer and additional filter connected with draining pipeline and having pouring hole are connected with control unit. Hydraulic lines are in the form of flexible hoses. Installation is provided with additional power hydraulic cylinder that forms together with connected in parallel main hydraulic cylinder unit of power hydraulic cylinders. Said unit of power hydraulic cylinders is placed on supporting sheet-plate mounted on upper stand with possibility of rotation or removal from upper stand and with possibility of moving in range of length of flexible hoses. Similar cavities of hydraulic cylinders are mutually communicated. Clamping device includes movable and stationary plates mounted respectively on rods and back lids of hydraulic cylinders and designed for joining tie rods of attachment.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability, no-failure operation of installation.

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FIELD: assembling of precise units of instruments by pressing-in with use of calibrated effort, by riveting and expanding with use of precession tool.

SUBSTANCE: press includes П-shaped housing; adjustable table mounted in struts of housing and fixed to said struts by means of pins; power hydraulic cylinder with axial motion of rod; rotation drive of precession head; pumping station of hydraulic drive unit. Rotation drive of precession head includes electric motor and belt transmission. Power hydraulic cylinder is rigidly mounted on cross piece of housing and it carries plate on end of spring-loaded rod. Said plate supports two plungers spaced in parallel relative to axis of rod and spring-loaded relative to housing. Pulleys of belt transmission of rotation drive are mounted in casing. The last is secured to plate in such a way that driven pulley is mounted on spindle coaxially relative to rod of hydraulic cylinder and driving pulley is mounted on the same axis as shaft of electric motor placed in cross piece of housing. Driving pulley and shaft of electric motor are kinematically joined by means of other shaft whose one end is mounted in shaft of electric motor and whose other end is joined by means of sliding dowel with opening of supporting axle of driving pulley. Spindle of driven pulley is joined with precession head.

EFFECT: improved design providing enhanced rigidity and working accuracy of press.

4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical assembling procedures, namely equipment for assembling aggregates of caterpillar transport vehicles, for example semiautomatic machines for assembling caterpillar tracks.

SUBSTANCE: in apparatus for assembling chain stop plate is mounted in such a way that its working surface is arranged in plane normal relative to pressing in plane. Upper non-working portion of stop plate at side of ending pressing-in cycle is inclined in horizontal plane to side from rotor type conveyer. Lower non-working portion of plate in vertical plane is inclined relative to vertical line to side from rotor type conveyer. Stop part of pusher exceeds diameter of head of pin. Rigid guides are arranged in plane parallel to pressing-in plane; said guides are in the form of roller tables with pitch between rollers of roller table less than pitch of chain links. Guides embrace upper branch of conveyer from downwards and branch of chain from upwards at least along the whole length of it. Drive unit is provided in addition with back-stroke mechanism. Splitter is in the form of plate that is jointly mounted in its mean portion along lateral sides on supporting surface in horizontal plane along motion direction of conveyer for moving pins and it forms two-arm lever. One end of said lever is spring-loaded from downwards with possibility of engaging with dents of conveyer for moving pins. Other end of said lever is Г-shaped one and it may engage by free end with pins on inclined trough. Horizontal axes of articulation joints in vertical plane are provided with holding levers rigidly joined with plate and mounted with possibility of engaging with pins on inclined trough.

EFFECT: enlarged manufacturing possibilities, enhanced operational reliability.

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Mandrel // 2258591

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: mandrel has guide, working part made of deformable teeth, calibration parts, and diverging groove made in the guide and working parts. The expanded end of the groove is in coincident with the origin of the guiding part. The groove that ends at the last deformable tooth of the working part has radius-shaped cross-section.

EFFECT: enhanced quality of the press joint and expanded functional capability.

2 dwg

FIELD: machine engineering, namely equipment for dismounting press-fit joints, possibly restoration of electric machines.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus includes housing with platforms for horizontal and vertical motions. Part to be dismounted is placed on horizontal motion platform and it is fed to stripping mechanism. The last is joined with vertical motion platform by means of fastening members and it is provided with adjusted grips supporting heating members with possibility of their axial movement. Heating members are in the form of nozzles for alternating feed of hot and cooled air.

EFFECT: reduced axial errors between dismounted part and stripping mechanism, lowered efforts for stripping parts.

5 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises the mechanism for locking pressed parts made of an extensible sleeve. The first power hydraulic cylinder is used for moving parts and can rotate between two vertical unmovable pillars. The pillars are pivotally connected in pair with movable vertical pillars through the top and bottom horizontal clamps. The extensible spring-loaded stop with the drive and the first hydraulic cylinder are axially aligned. The first power hydraulic cylinder receives the second power hydraulic cylinder whose rod is provided with first center and spring. One end of the spring co-operates with the piston, and other end of the spring co-operates with the face of the extensible sleeve. The extensible stop receives the second center with the stack of plate springs that is coaxial to the first center. The bottom clams are provided with a lifting-rotating device.

EFFECT: reduced labor consumption for making and simplified structure.

1 cl, 2 dwg

Crank stripper // 2267397

FIELD: devices designed for simplifying procedures of assembling/disassembling units.

SUBSTANCE: crank stripper includes cross piece 1 supporting power mechanism in the form of one-way telescopic hydraulic cylinder 2 having thrust rod 3 for shaft of crank 14; mechanism for forced closing of foots having cylindrical discs 8, 9, paired plates 10 and double-arm levers 4,5. One arm is used for engaging with crank; other arm of is cone one and it may rest upon lateral surface of cylindrical disc secured to lateral side of cross piece. Double-arm lever whose arms are mutually inclined by obtuse angle is jointly mounted through paired plates in center of disc. Articulation joint of lever is mounted in edge portion of second lever arm on line of inner surface of first lever arm.

EFFECT: intensified clamping of part by foots, enhanced efficiency, lowered cost price of working operations.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises gripping the part to be dismounted and applying axial load by means of at least two ties and, e.g., hydraulic cylinder. The rod of the hydraulic cylinder cooperates with the face of the shaft. The ties are interconnected via a plate opposite to the end of the part to be dismounted. Each of the ties is provided with the eccentric groove. The ties are set in the openings in the part to be dismounted for permitting engagement by their step defined by the eccentric groove. Between the wall of the opening of the part to be dismounted and each tie is sickle-shaped bushing member. The hydraulic cylinder abuts against the plate so that to provide relationships D1 ≤ D2, b ≥ H, e = h, where D1 is the outer diameter of the tie, D2 is the diameter of the opening in the part to be dismounted, b is the width of the eccentric groove, H is the thickness of the part, e is the eccentricity of the groove with respect to the axis of the tie, and h is the maximum thickness of the sickle-shaped bushing member.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

1 cl, 2 dwg

Stripper // 2271922

FIELD: machine engineering, namely mechanical strippers.

SUBSTANCE: stripper includes traverse bar with grips, screw having two outer threads with different pitches; main detachable sleeve mounted by thread whose pitch is less than that of said screw; additional threaded sleeve mounted by second thread of said screw; holder embracing both sleeves, fixed relative to them in angular direction and resting by its inner shoulder upon end of main sleeve. Inner shoulder is formed on one end of holder; other open end of holder is arranged in through opening of traverse bar and it is rigidly joined with said bar. Threads of powerful screw have similar sign; additional sleeve has outer flange spaced from open end of holder by interval determined according to relation K = B1(H2/H1 - 1), where K - interval between outer flange of additional sleeve and open end of holder; B1 - displacement (caused by main sleeve) of part stripped by means of stripper; H2 - thread pitch of additional sleeve; H1 - thread pitch of main sleeve. Sleeves are mutually spaced by interval T exceeding value of mutual convergence of sleeves.

EFFECT: simplified usage of stripper.

1 dwg

FIELD: railway road machine engineering, possibly repairing of railroad machines.

SUBSTANCE: press includes frame having base and two struts mutually joined by means of two columns; working cylinder mounted on one of said struts; force and supporting traverse bars with rollers. Said traverse bars are arranged between struts of press frame and they are mounted with possibility motion on rollers along columns of power frame. Force traverse bar is mounted with possibility of fixing it to columns.

EFFECT: enlarged manufacturing possibilities, improved quality of combining wheel pairs, simplified design of press.

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