Machine for assembling bracelets


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FIELD: perfumery industry; a method and a device for an aroma fantasy creation.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertinent to the field of perfumery industry, in particular, to a method of creation of an aroma fantasy by construction of its substantive composition. At that the liquid aroma odorous substances are batched separately without admixing aromas of at least triads of its notes, adjust their volumetric ratios according to the rule of gold proportions and exercise a note by a note a split resonance comparison of contrasts of its perception in accordance with biorhythms of a brain of an individual; and also a device intended for realization of the given method and made in the form of at least bifunctional costume jewelry decoration, for example, ear-rings or a bracelet or a decoration of rooms, for example, the clocks and containing a function module, in which the inserts with structure-forming elements are placed, for example, capillaries, which contain odorous substances. At that the aromas of at least triads of its notes: a basic, a centering and a leading notes are batched separately. The invention is intended for meeting the vital needs, at least for perfect aesthetic effect or / and sanitation or / and hygiene or / and identification of a person of the consumer or / and aromagraphy or / and advertising and allows to obtain a qualitatively new aroma, to which the organs of the consumer would not adapt for in due time and which would not be distorted by the consumer odors.

EFFECT: the invention allows to produce a qualitatively new aroma, to which a customer organs of sense of smell would not adapt in due time and allows to meet the vital needs in the perfume field as well as to identify personality of a consumer.

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FIELD: equipment for retaining and/or connecting various members, such as shoe parts, bracelets etc.

SUBSTANCE: retaining and/or connecting device comprises two members A, B including teeth 2 and slots 5, respectively, said slots being adapted for receiving of teeth upon connecting of both members. Teeth 2 are manufactured from elastic flexible material and deformed in slots 5 upon connecting of both members so as to provide for holding of both members A and B together. Said teeth recover their shape after disconnecting of members A and B from one another. Said device is also used in bracelet and shoe part.

EFFECT: increased wear-resistance, provision for keeping of good fixation even after prolonged operation, and also precise fixing in desirable position.

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FIELD: items for personal use.

SUBSTANCE: lock with a fastener that can be unfastened for a bracelet contains the first lamel, at least, one second lamel, joined with the mentioned first lamel, at least, one press-button, counteracting elastic element when lock is being opened. The lock contains, at least, one stud to limit the amplitude of movement of the mentioned press-button, at least, on one axis. The mentioned stud is fixed in a mobile manner with the press-button.

EFFECT: efficiency in production, reliability and simplicity of the lock connection of the fastener that can be unfastened.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to production of wristwatch cases, including watchband fastener. Fastener includes medium part, connected with the first end of the watchband, base, connected with the second end of the watchband, extension piece pin-connected with medium part and the base. Pivotal connections between the medium part and the extension piece are set the way they have overlapping of the medium part, the extension piece and the base in the folded position and their allied disposal in unfolded position. Besides the fastener has one or several control element for watchband expansion or shortening in folded position.

EFFECT: convenience in using is provided.

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Necklace // 2378964

FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to manufacturing of jewellery items, bijouterie. In necklace made in the form of closed contour, comprising tubular links, tubular links are arranged as telescopic. Tubular links are connected by means of angular elements, having hinged joints.

EFFECT: invention provides for necklace compactness.

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FIELD: articles for personal use.

SUBSTANCE: device includes locking unit, connected to watch with hinged link and forming socket for bracelet. In addition, according to invention, device includes catch, installed in such way, that it can turn around its axis, and controlling device, made with possibility of setting catch in action in order to move it from stable closed position, in which it holds locking unit closed, into open position, in which locking unit is released and allows access to socket.

EFFECT: increase of reliability and convenience of application of device for fixation of replaceable belt to watch.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bracelets, in particular to bracelets for wrist watches. Safety device comprises a system of sliding extension elements that move in guides, latch, which blocks bracelet and double-sided button. Besides device comprises grooves equipped with stopping cuts or conical tapers. System of sliding extension elements consists of two extension elements with slots retained and moved relative to each other using slots, double-sided button and grooves that make it possible to stop specified extension elements. Latch consists of fixed part and movable part, which interact between each other to block the bracelet after desired size of bracelet has been achieved due to displacement of extension elements.

EFFECT: invention provides for improved and more reliable system of bracelet length adjustment applied in bracelets of wrist watches, jewellery items and other similar articles.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for use in bracelet latches, in particular, in latches with folding loop for wrist watch bracelet. Latch is provided with cover and is designed to join the first and second ends of bracelet to open or expand bracelet. Latch comprises notched knob accessible for used through window provided in cover of this latch. Knob may be rotated to screw or unscrew threaded rod so that end of bracelet is moved towards specified cover.

EFFECT: invention provides for simplicity of manufacturing, convenience of use, accurate adjustment of bracelet length, high range of control.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medical equipment, namely to devices for control of user's heart rate and/or variation of heart rate. In one version implementation control device contains capacitor and data processor. Capacitor consists of two capacitor electrodes, made with possibility of adjacent to different parts of human body surface in such a way that electric capacity of capacitor depended on pulses of arterial blood pressure. Data processor is made with possibility to determine heart rate of its variations by change of capacitor capacity. Device also contains output device for sound and/or visual notification of user about changed parameters. In second version of implementation device is made in form of bracelet or watch, which contain said control device. In third version it is made in form of watch, which contain said control device, in which output device is contained in time display. In order to control heart rate and/or its variation two capacitor electrodes of capacitor are placed adjacent to different parts of human body surface. Heart rate and/or its variation is determined by changes of capacitor capacity.

EFFECT: application of group of inventions will make it possible to increase accuracy of heart rate measurement.

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Watch bracelet // 2438543

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: watch bracelet contains two bands, each of which is designed to mount with one of its ends to the body of a watch, a fastener attached to the bands on the other ends and capable to hold an open position and closed position. In addition, the bracelet has a magnifying glass. The said fastener includes a housing and at least two arms pivotally connected to each other in the bend. These arms are pivotally connected to the housing of the fastener with its one end and with one band with the other end. A magnifying glass is fixed in the housing of the fastener. A watch is supplied with the specified bracelet.

EFFECT: protection from deformation and scratches is provided, as well as an opportunity to review objects or symbols of small size.

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