The solution for chemical copper plating


(57) Abstract:

The invention is: to increase the speed of chemical deposition of copper coatings Offers a stable solution containing, g/rc copper sulfate 5 - 50: UN. -Tetra"-{2-hydragyrum atgentive 6 - 180; formaldehyde 3-20: dumpdatabase sodium 0.001 - 0.10; this lie-mraes-7.1-dump"- booktoday OjOOl - 1ft, putchong matria to pH 13JO J3.2


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FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to technology for production of metalised woven and nonwoven materials, and may be used for production of catalysts, and also for production of decorative and finishing materials. Method includes previous chemical activation of coated material surface, using as activator glyoxal acid and/or oxalic acid. Then chemical metallisation is carried out, which is realised from solution containing bluestone. Stabiliser used is tetraethylene glycol, and reducer - glyoxal. Sodium hydroxide is used in solution to maintain required acidity.

EFFECT: invention provides for production of metalised dispersed woven and nonwoven materials using simplified technology, with simultaneous cheapening and provision of production safety due to use of proposed ingredients and their certain ratio.

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