Device for pressing of wood-based panels


(57) Abstract:

Use: in the manufacture of wood-based panels. The inventive device includes a host of heating the briquette and the node is a pressure of the pressing bottom plate 1, made in the form of the mold, the nodes of the heating and pressurization is made in the form of a chamber 5 having an area of 6 combustion of the fuel with the injectors 7 and 8 feed tsleva and compressed air, the nozzle 9 for supplying coolant into the chamber, the valve 10 of relieving excess pressure and the outlet 11. 1 Il.


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FIELD: equipment for laminated structure compaction, particularly to produce floor panels.

SUBSTANCE: compaction device comprises two heated compaction plates, gripping transporting means, means for moving heated plates to laminated structure and compacting thereof. Gripping transporting means is adapter to clamp laminated structure and to move thereof to space between compaction device plates. Means for moving heated plates are controlled in such a way that heated plates simultaneously reach laminated structure and simultaneously move away from it. Plate area, which transfers pressure to laminated structure is at least 1 m3. Temperature and pressure is applied to laminated structure in the device from both sides thereof, which results in gluing structure layers together. Heating for glue melting is performed simultaneously from both structure sides. Laminated structure is adapted to produce floor panels having width of at least 300 mm and length of at least 800 mm and thickness not more than 15 mm. Grooves and ridges are cut in side panel edges. Panels have additional locking means to connect panels without glue.

EFFECT: prevention of shift during transferring heat.

12 cl, 2 dwg

Door frame mould // 2427463

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mould for producing door frames with openings intended for paneling or glassing. Frames are made from conglomerate of wood particles and glue arranged in layers to produce sandwich structure with its outer layers made from smaller-size particles with higher density relative to inner layer that features greater thickness and is made from larger particles. Material is fed from moulding machine to fill moulds and compacted between two heating plates of the mould. Mould comprises stationary perimetric frame that follows the door frame outline or that of its several surfaces to produce simultaneously several door frames and separated them by cutting. Note here that perimetric frame height exceeds thickness of door frame before compaction. Mould bottom horizontal platform may move vertically and be driven hydraulically. First rectangular frame made integral with said platform rests thereon. Frame sizes comply with those of perimetric frame opening. Said frame may slide in perimetric frame inner part like a plunger. Mould first rectangular frame surface incorporates so many openings as many door frames may be moulded at a time. Besides, mould is made up of one or more independent second rectangular frame arranged to perform telescopic displacement inside every opening of first rectangular fame and make remaining surface of door frame with its relevant openings. Note also that they may be driven by hydraulic cylinders and feature the height of the first rectangular door frame. Mould top plate may move vertically and doubles as heating plate driven by hydraulic drive in mould closing on placing in contact with stationary peripheral plate.

EFFECT: reduced wastes, ruling out machining and higher rigidity of peripheral zone.

28 cl, 30 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to presses to be used for application of amino-aldehyde resin coating on chipboards. Platen press comprises at least one heating plate, at least one caul plate to face pressed material and at least one press pad arranged between caul plate and heating plate. Said pad incorporates tight membrane (3) filled with resilient polymer material and connected with caul plate (5) to form closed space there between. Said space is filled with pad ply material liquid at, at least, platen plate operating temperature.

EFFECT: simplified replacement of press pad with liquid pad ply.

9 cl, 1 dwg

Double-end press // 2563393

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to press equipment, particularly, to short-stroke press for production and/or lining of plate-shaped materials. This press comprises the bed composed of frame arranged in lengthwise direction of pressing, top and bottom plates. Working cylinders for loading of top and bottom plates are located on the frames to rest thereon and to be secured thereat. Rods fitted in frame recesses are used for attachment of working cylinders. Note here that rods and recesses are made for compliance to allow dismantling of rods between two appropriate pres frames.

EFFECT: lower press servicing labour input.

14 cl, 9 dwg