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Borehole slalom // 2001268

FIELD: mining industry, construction, mechanical engineering, etc.

SUBSTANCE: machine includes barrel made of impact and static sections, mounted telescopically one in another with possible axial displacement, excluding axial impaction thereof to each other, while both sections are placed in resilient body, made of elastomer, and body has inner bead formed by coaxial recesses of greater and lesser diameters, while impact section is placed in recess of lesser diameter on the outer side of body, and static section is placed in body recess of greater diameter and has outer bead for interaction with appropriate inner bead of body, and also has longitudinal grooves on outer surface, made along forming lines, portion of which by radial drain ports near inner end of barrel are connected to straight drive chamber, and second part connected to back flow chamber by drain ports near outer end of barrel, below-valve and above-valve saddles, respectively covers for barrel and valve box, are made in form of straight and reversed cones, and valve is made of elastic polymer in form of two-tab construction, tabs of which consist of two hollow truncated cones, rigidly interconnected by bases, with forming of chamber, conical on both sides, and outer conical surfaces of upper and lower tabs match conical surfaces of respectively above-valve and below-valve saddles and interact with them in turns, impact mechanism is made of two masses serially placed in barrel - striker and piston, having spherical ends for interaction with forming of intermediate chamber between them, working implement holder lid, fixed on outer end of body, made of elastomer, has a recess in form of inner cone inside ring-shaped edge for interaction with appropriate outer cone on body and pass aperture in base near center, diameter of which matches diameter of bead on replaceable implement, holder of working implement is made of shockproof elastomer in form of cut bushing, having a bead outside for interaction with bottom inside lid and a cylindrical portion, diameter of which matches diameter of pass valve in lid, in which it is mounted, and inner holder diameter matches diameter of neck of replaceable working implement.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, lower vibration, higher effectiveness.

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Pneumatic hammer // 2244828

FIELD: mechanical engineering; jack hammers.

SUBSTANCE: proposed hammer has housing with two working chambers, upper and lower ones, arranged in tandem and divided by bridge with hole. Striker in form of rod with two pistons end ends, upper and lower ones, is installed in chambers. Striker is in contact with shank of working tool. Hammer is provided with air distributor and channels in housing. Channel along which compressed air is supplied to execute idle stroke of striker are laid only to lower part of upper chamber under upper piston. Chamber under lower piston is in constant communication with atmosphere through holes in walls of housing in zone of contact of striker with shank of working tool.

EFFECT: reduced back blow (vibration) and force to be applied to hammer at operation.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device has impact assembly, support for fixing impact assembly, pneumatic tanks, mounted between impact assembly and support. Pneumatic tanks are interconnected constantly by air-conducting sleeve. One of tanks is connected to compressed air source by air-conductive sleeve, containing adjusting device for changing rigidity of tanks dependent on changes in physical-mechanical properties of destructed object.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly use of explosive substances based on calcium oxide for developing decorative rock, for safe breaking building structures and objects taken out of service.

SUBSTANCE: method involves reducing limestone to powder state, mixing powder with fine solid fuel; granulating thereof; high-temperature roasting the obtained granules in bed by penetration method under temperature of not less than 1500°C; grinding roasted granules to obtain the following fractional composition (% by weight): particles with 0.1 mm or lesser size- 30-50, particles with 0.1-0.25 mm size - 25-40, particles with 0.25-0.5 mm size - 15-25, particles with 0.5 mm and greater size - up to 20. To provide increased expansion clinker binding agent, for instance Portland cement taken in amount of 10-30% of roasted product mass is added to roasted granules.

EFFECT: improved quality, increased inner friction of hardening mix, provision of breaking force exceeding 180 MPa and 1.5-2 fold cost reduction in comparison with prior art method using rotary furnaces.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow cylindrical body with radial apertures and ring-shaped shelves at the ends and self-compacting collars. These are mounted on opposite ends of body and are adjacent by bases to its ring-shaped shelves. On the latter barrels are fitted with central apertures in bases. Through barrels and body a pipe is let with possible longitudinal displacement relatively to body, having radial apertures, ring-shaped shelf at one end and outer thread at other end. Pipe is pressurized on the side of ring-shaped shelf, its radial apertures are in zone of radial apertures of body, one barrel is stopped against ring-shaped shelf of pipe, and other barrel is connected to pipe by threaded connection.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly devices for drilling and reaming wells in hard rock.

SUBSTANCE: drilling device has drilling tool made as boring rod with rock-cutting members and flame-jet burner installed at end thereof. Device also comprises pipelines for supplying fuel, water and air from discharge compressor outlet to flame-jet burner, as well as compressor with filter arranged at suction pipe inlet. Filter comprises body with condensate-tapper, converging nozzle and deflector. Flame-jet burner is made as a plurality of nozzles. Number of burner nozzles is divisible by 2. Each nozzle has curvilinear grooves extending from inlet orifice to outlet one in longitudinal direction. Curvature of groove generatrix of one nozzle advances in clockwise direction. Curvature of groove generatrix of another nozzle advances in counterclockwise direction.

EFFECT: reduced power inputs due to improved parameters of temperature fields and fields of stresses in well body where high-temperature fuel combustion processes cooperate with rock of complex structure and texture.

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Percussion device // 2258138

FIELD: dislodging equipment for cutting rock, artificial frangible materials, for loosening frozen ground and for compacting fill-up soil, particularly replaceable tool adapted to be connected to shovel boom and operative tool of fixed high-strength rock dislodging plant.

SUBSTANCE: device has resilient seals, hydropneumatic accumulator piston movably installed in device body and comprising cylindrical shaft connected to piston end facing hydraulic chamber thereof and mating device body. Cylindrical shaft has annular groove formed in medium part thereof and brings end chamber of distribution means having larger diameter into communication with draining pipeline or with working liquid source through body channels. End chamber having lesser diameter permanently communicates with working liquid source. Rear cavity of working stroke chamber located behind working end of percussion piston communicates with working liquid source or with working stroke chamber through body channels and two check valves.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, simplicity and reliability, reduced cost and size, improved manufacturability, prevention of working fluid flow between working stroke chamber and idle stroke chamber, increased impact frequency with a given pump capacity and impact energy.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly hand tools or hand-held power-operated tools specially adapted for dislodging minerals.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic hammer comprises arm with cup, executive tool, body with outlet channel closed with lid from arm side and defining annular prechamber for system air between cup and lid, working and idle stroke chambers, displacement chamber located between lid and larger body step and pressurizing chamber defined by recess with cut-off edges permanently formed on inner side surface of central stepped channel by annular prechamber communicated with compressed air system. Hammer also has inlet throttle channel formed in pressurizing chamber wall, annular neck portion located in central stepped lid channel between pressurizing and displacement chambers, bypass displacing channel having radial outlet formed in the body and communicating with working stroke chamber arranged between pressurizing chamber and outlet channel formed in the body and striker with upper and lower cut-off edges located in central stepped channel along body axis. Distance between the striker edges is greater than distance between displacement chamber outlet and cutoff edge of larger central channel step. Hammer is additionally provided with inlet throttle channel made in the lid and permanently communicated with annular prechamber. Radial bypass displacing channel inlet is formed in the annular neck portion between pressurizing and displacing chambers from displacing chamber side so that distance between cut-off edges of displacing chamber on side central stepped body channel surface is greater than distance between cut-off striker edges.

EFFECT: increased power of hammer stroke.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly hand tools or hand-held power-operated tools specially adapted for dislodging minerals.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic hammer has body with radial outlet channel and central channel, lid with annular shoulder and central orifice supported by body end in air-tight manner, striker with through axial channel dividing central body channel into working and idle stroke chambers, tube having blind shoulder arranged from lid side, longitudinal and radial channels. The tube is installed coaxially in central body channel and cooperates with through axial channel of the striker and with central lid orifice by side wall thereof so that annular dap is created between tube and lid. The annular gap may be closed with blind lid shoulder. Hammer has cup, which is air-tightly installed relative annular shoulder and body so that annular accumulation chamber is formed between side cup surface and lid. Annular accumulation chamber is permanently communicated with idle stroke chamber by radial bypass channel in the body. Annular lid shoulder and cup with air inlet channel define prechamber. Air inlet channel permanently communicate prechamber with compressed air system through air hose and nipple releasable connected to the cup. Hammer comprises ring with outlet orifices forming outlet chamber between the body and outlet channel, executive tool with shank and shoulder cooperating with body end and with shank cooperating with hammer, cap with annular shock absorber retaining executive tool from falling out of central body channel. Executive tool shank is provided with central blind hole for receiving tube rested upon bottom thereof. Side surfaces of the tube and central blind hole cooperate to define annular channel having throat, which is not less than that of longitudinal tube channel.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability and power of hammer stroke.

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FIELD: mining and building, particularly control methods for hydraulic driven pulse systems, to design hydraulic percussion machines.

SUBSTANCE: method involves permanently connecting return stroke chamber to system comprising liquid source and accumulator; connecting forward stroke chamber alternately to liquid source or to drain means adapted to discharge liquid into vessel through hydraulic distribution means including the first and the second control chambers, wherein forward stroke chamber is connected to liquid source in response to a control signal which controls striker shifting into forward stroke, and forward stroke chamber is connected to drain means in response to a control signal which controls striker shifting into return stroke after striker fixation; exerting permanent additional force upon the second control chamber connected to upper striker location sensor. Above alternate connection between forward stroke chamber and liquid source or drain means is carried out by means of quick-acting valve connected to liquid source, to drain means and to the first chamber of hydraulic distribution means. Above control signals for striker shifting into forward or return strokes are transmitted to quick-acting valve from control unit. Time delays for control signal transmission are set manually or with the use of control unit to provide quick-acting valve shifting relative synchronization moment set by timing sensor in accordance to operation condition sensor signal magnitude.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and operational reliability.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: training tools and devices for the training process.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is dealt with the field of training tools and devices for the training process, in particular, with research of engineering and technology of the automated water supply systems, automatic control of a water supply system in a training process using engineering tools of the new information technologies of training. The multifunctional automated complex training-research laboratory consists of blocks connected in series and-or in parallel through intermediate tanks and devices of water-pump over and a water purification. The laboratory has a pumping plant of the first water rise connected by pressure conduits with chambers of switching with an intermediate tank of influent water, which through a pumping plant of the second water rise is interconnected with the technological apparatuses and blocks of the automated plant of the water purification including a block of clarification of water by settling, consisting of a chamber of a flocculation, a horizontal settler, a block of a reactant system, a block of a clarification of water in a suspension layer, including an air separator connected with a clarifier containing a suspended slurry bed, a block of a water clarification by filtration, that consists of a non-pressure fast and a pressure fast or ultra-speed filter with an intermediate tank of a clarified water, which through the pumping plant of the second water rise is connected to the apparatus of disinfection of water and is connected with an intermediate tank of purified water. The laboratory has an automated system of control over technological processes and a supervisory console with use of a PC and a symbolic circuit. The technical result is creation and implementation in the training-research process of the multifunction automated complex training-research laboratory operating in conditions of model engineering of real water supply systems.

EFFECT: the invention presents a created and introduced multifunction automated complex training-research laboratory operating in the real water supply systems.

18 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: engineering of training appliances utilized in training process during studies of mechanics, physics, theory of mechanisms.

SUBSTANCE: training device for demonstration of gearing by means of overhead projector contains body of transparent material in form of plates 1,2, driving disk 5, leading cog 7c with external teeth and following cog 8 with internal teeth, held on axis, and gear couple with external connection. Gear couple is mounted on lower plate 1 of body, one gear 14 of which is connected to following cog 8. leading cog 7 is mounted on driving disk 5, and following cog 8 - with possible free rotation on upper plate of body by means of additional disk 9 and axis 11.

EFFECT: expanded demonstrational capabilities of device, unification of devices, demonstrating types of gearings, decreased device dimensions, increased legibility of image on screen and improved efficiency of device utilization during training process.

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FIELD: training facilities.

SUBSTANCE: trainer allows modeling real conditions of doing adjusting works of valve mechanism, which skills are necessary for preparing specialists who repair and maintain the internal combustion engines. Trainer for forming skills of doing adjusting works of internal combustion engine's valve mechanism has table, rattle head with rotating tip, support plate, arm-pieces on support plane. Rotation transmitted from handle of drive of main shaft, disposed inside table in supports of rotation, is passed through drive gear to distribution shaft, disposed inside table in supports of rotation. Head of arm-pieces in assembly is attached to top part of support plate by means of arm-pieces. Axes of pushers are fastened to lower part of support plate onto arm-pieces. Support plate is fastened to table for rotation and fixation. Axis of rotation of rotary plate is shifted relatively axis of pushers. Re-adjustment of space in valve mechanism is provided.

EFFECT: reduced time for re-adjustment.

FIELD: mechanical engineering; trainers.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to training devices which can provide real conditions of crankshaft laying required for training servicemen for repair and operation of internal combustion engines. Proposed trainer for forming skills of crankshaft laying in internal combustion engine contains table, ratchet head with rotating end piece, support plate and brackets on support plate. Beads of main bearings of cylinder block are connected by channels and high pressure hoses with hydraulic plant. Pressure and temperature of working liquid in hydraulic system are read by pressure and temperature gauges.

EFFECT: possibility to create real conditions for selection of shells for main bearings, laying of crankshaft and reduction of time taken for fitting operations in process of repair of crank gear.

3 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: laboratory bench designed as standalone installation includes air-ejector mounted inside of rectangular box with counter swirl air flow apparatus attached on its cover plate. Downflow swirler in body cavity is provided with plain washer attached below tangential branch pipe. Upflow swirler is made of identical thin-walled bent tubes with lower ends rigidly clamped in line to each other through inside perimeter of half-length telescopic pipe moving over external diameter of coaxial branch pipe. Upper ends of the bent tubes protruding from the telescopic pipe are deflected from its axis and are bent towards clockwise rotation at the same time. Along the telescopic pipe axis, there is a moving axial pipe provided with injection nozzle from the side of working chamber. The pipe is provided in the axial bore between lower ends of the bent tubes, while its lower end is moving within bottom-most portion of the coaxial branch pipe and supplied with the fluid valve at its end by. External surface of the telescopic tube close to its upper end face contains removable plain washer radially split to petals with angular edges bent towards storage hopper cavity. Slide gates with in-built internal cavity provided with square-sectioned channel and casing external surface provided with linear metric scales are attached to inlet end faces of downflow and upflow branch pipes. Linear metric scales relate to moving flat latching plates with datum planes relative to linear scales.

EFFECT: higher level position stability and stable rotation of toroidal product blanket, reduced back leakage of dust from under the dividing washer, ensured lower hydrodynamic resistance in upflow swirler and in apparatus as a whole, prevented dust adhering in stagnant air within acute angle between bottom-most portion of storage hopper and upflow branch pipe.

16 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to test benches for experimental investigations in laboratories. The test bench for investigation of parameters of the chain gate for ore chute consists of the section of a vertical oriented tube secured on a frame; a circular guide of angular profile in cross section with vertical and horizontal flanges is fastened on the lower cut of the said tube; the bench also consists of a ring designed to turn in a horizontal plane relative to the guide and equipped with welded round-link chains arranged along the perimeter of the ring at uniform spacing. Lower ends of chains are secured to another ring, which can turn in a horizontal plane and can be set off in a vertical plane. Alternating between them rollers are installed on the upper ring along its perimeter; the rollers are designed to rotate around horizontal and vertical axes and also the rollers interact correspondingly with horizontal and vertical flanges of the circular guide. Further the rollers are assembled on the lower ring along the perimeter of the ring with uniform distance between them and on vertical axes; these rollers are designed to interact with interior cylinder surface of the case secured on a frame; also on the lower ring there are assembled two additional diametrically set rollers on removable horizontal axes, the said rollers interact with vertical oriented guides of double-T profile in cross section pivotally hanged to the frame with their upper ends and able to turn in the plane passing through the axes of the additional rollers sideways from the lower ring; the said guides can be fixed in turned position relative to the frame. In upper and lower rings in grooves of sections of flexible elements there are secured rims; flexible elements envelope the rims at an angle close to 360 degrees. One end of each flexible element is fastened on the rim, while another is equipped with a dynamometer and kinematically connected with a drive. The upper ring is equipped with a catch device, which fixes the upper ring relative to the circular guide. The cylinder case has a vertical slit wherein the branch of the flexible element running from the lower ring is located. A round plate is placed in the interior cavity of the tube section with a gap in a horizontal plane; alternative loads can be arranged on the plate; also this plate interacts with samples of ore located in the interior cavity of the tube section. By means of the flexible element, the length of which is equal to the height of the tube section, the plate is kinematically tied with the frame, where points of flexible element fixture to the frame are arranged along the symmetry axis of the section of the tube. A container with a slide gate in its upper part is installed under the lower ring on the frame; the samples of ore can be received and placed in the container.

EFFECT: invention facilitates laboratory assessment of strength and kinematic characteristics of chain gate for ore chute for conditions of ore lumps chute with various versions of turn ring position: upper and lower one.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: testing equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to benches for execution of experimental research in laboratory conditions. Device comprises section of vertically oriented pipe fixed on frame, lower cut of which has fixed circular guide with angle profile in cross section with vertical and horizontal shelves. There is upper ring arranged on horizontal shelf with the possibility of rotation in horizontal plane versus this guide. Ring is equipped with identical welded round-link chains attached along its perimetre, lower ends of which are fixed on another lower ring with the possibility of its rotation in horizontal plane and displacement in vertical plane. On upper ring along its perimetre there are alternating rollers installed with the possibility of their rotation in horizontal and vertical axes and with the possibility of rollers interaction accordingly with horizontal and vertical shelves of circular guide. On lower ring along its perimetre with identical pitch there are rollers arranged in vertical axes with the possibility of their interaction with internal cylindrical surface of jacket fixed on frame, as well as two additional diametrically installed rollers on detachable horizontal axes with the possibility of their interaction with vertically oriented guides of I-section in cross section. Guides are hingedly suspended to frame by their upper ends with the possibility of their rotation in plane passing through axes of additional rollers, to the sides from lower ring and fixation of these guides in turned position versus frame. On upper and lower rings there are rims attached with the possibility to install sections of flexible elements in their chutes and with rims enclosure by flexible elements at the angle close to 360 degrees. At the same time one end of each flexible element is fixed on rim, and the second one is equipped with dynamometre and is kinematically joined to drive. ,. Upper ring is equipped with stop accessory, having possibility to fix upper ring versus circular guide. Cylindrical jacket is arranged with vertical slot cut with the possibility to arrange branch of flexible element coming off lower ring. At least on three round-link chains in area of their fixation to upper ring there are detectors installed, which register value of longitudinal load over round-link chains, and round-link chains with detectors are arranged along perimetre of upper ring at the same distance from each other. In internal cavity of pipe section there is round plate arranged with gap in horizontal plane with the possibility of replaceable weights location on it and interaction with ore sample placed inside internal section of pipe section. Plate, with the help of flexible element, length of which is equal to height of pipe section, is kinematically connected to frame as point of flexible element attachment to frame is allocated along axis of pipe section symmetry. Under lower ring there is container installed on frame with gate valve placed in its upper part with the possibility of ore pass reception and arrangement in container.

EFFECT: provision of possibility in laboratory conditions to detect power and kinematic characteristics of chain gate for ore pass for conditions of bulk ore outlet from ore pass with versions of rotary ring location - upper or lower ones.

4 cl, 6 dwg