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FIELD: food engineering.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has rotating knife equipped with grinding blades located on its upper surface and driven into rotation by means of engine, immovable knife arranged in spaced relation above rotating knife and equipped with grinding blades located on its lower surface, and central charging opening. Rotating and immovable knives are disposed within case equipped with opening for discharging of coffee bean ground products placed between rotating and immovable knives, and guiding pipeline. Apparatus is further provided with worm wheel connected with immovable knife for lifting and lowering thereof, worm drive meshed with worm wheel teeth for rotating of worm wheel, and control engine adapted for rotating of worm drive in forward and backward directions. Guiding pipeline is provided with distributor adapted for supplying of predetermined amount of ground coffee beans.

EFFECT: simplified controlling of size of ground coffee bean particles, delicious taste and aroma of coffee beverage extract.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device for switching on/off kitchen appliances contains electric switch with electric contact and counter contact as well as a control unit interacting with the switch. The switch is installed movable in the first section of the housing. It can be moved toward the control unit and only when it is moved against the control unit the switch can be controlled by the unit. Thanks to the kitchen appliance only can be switched when, for example, its bowl is covered with cover.

EFFECT: invention allows for improvement of the appliance safety.

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FIELD: household appliances.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric household device for preparing food and is aimed at improvement of ergonomic characteristics and at construction simplification. Electric household appliance contains body, which is equipped with pole adjoining the base, operation reservoir, placed in detachable way on said base, lid, which locks operation reservoir, holding unit, mounted on pole and intended for holding lid and movable safety unit, which brings switch in action. Operation reservoir contains movable and/or deformable init, which is able to interact, from one side, with lid, and from the other, with movable safety unit. Recognition unit interact with lid, held on operation reservoir by holding unit in blocking position, and influences on movable safety unit in direction of position, in which said switch turns on engine.

EFFECT: improvement of ergonomic characteristics and at construction simplification.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: device relates to the field of producing fine powders including nano-sized ones. The device contains a hollow perforated cone-shaped electric motor rotor wherein, the same as in the grinding bowl of a common mill, proceeds disintegration of a substance to produce a nano-sized powder. On the inside the rotor has teeth or spikes performing disintegration of larger substance globules and creating aggressive vortex flows that continue milling the substance to ever smaller particles. Grinding is additionally promoted by vibration of the rotor suspended on magnet bearings during its high-speed rotation; the magnet bearings proper are designed so that to enable correction of the rotor vertical and horizontal microvibrations in accordance with the preset algorithm. Grinding is performed due to simultaneous action of three factors: disintegrating effect of the rotor spikes, aggressive air or gas vortices, rotor microvibration in the longitudinal or crosswise direction. Grinding proceeds within two spaces simultaneously: inside the hollow rotor and in the space between the rotor and the stator. Thanks too the device design peculiarities grinding is performed into two substance fractions at once.

EFFECT: invention enables production of fine powder with dispersity less than 100 micron.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to kitchen hand appliance with electric drive. Hand mixer with switch provides an electric interlock controlled with the help of fingers. Method is also stated on how to switch kitchen appliance on/off, when switch is unlocked, as safety switch is actuated with the help of user finger. Safety switch makes switching electronically.

EFFECT: invention, due to manual control of two separate switches, reduces possibility of unpremeditated switching of kitchen electrical appliance, which considerably improves safety of electrically driven kitchen appliance operation in housekeeping.

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Two-stage roll mill // 2413449

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed roll mill comprises first rolls to crush material to first preset size, and adjustable second rolls intended for additional grinding a fraction of grist with first preset size particles to second preset size.

EFFECT: provision of desirable distribution of particles.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to household appliances. A device for grinding coffee, implementing the claimed method, comprises a housing within which at least two grinding heads are located, of which at least one is rotating. It also contains means for actuating of the said at least one grinding head, an inlet for coffee supply between grinding heads and an outlet for milled coffee. Preferably, the said housing and the grinding heads located inside it are connected with the means of actuating through the detachable locking connection, which ensures their rapid removal and re-assemble without tools. Preferably, this device includes means for controlling the distance between the grinding heads, and at least one sensor for measuring this distance and/or sensor of rotation speed of the drive shaft.

EFFECT: claimed group of inventions enables to improve reliability and efficiency of the device operation.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to appliances for crushing solid food products, in particular - for manually-driven ones intended for crushing spices. The first component has a coaxial bushing with an axial inner hole the surface whereof is covered with dents. The second component has a coaxial hollow conic element with spikes, perpendicular to the element axis and diverging from the element walls into its base; between the spikes there are holes. The outer surface of the hollow conic element of the second component has dents. The hollow conic element of the second component is placed inside the axial hoe of the first component bushing. Between the dents of the first and the second components a space is formed wherein spice grains grinding occurs during the second component rotation relative to the first one. Specificity of the utility model consists in the fact that the first component has a coaxial support ring connected to the bottom butt-end of the bushing with connective strips, positioned radially and perpendicular to the component axis; the hollow conic element of the second component has a coaxial bottom support pin inserted into the inner hole of the first element support ring. The inner surface of the hole in the coaxial bushing of the first component has two groups of straight dents, each group positioned on one of the two adjacent conic sections of the inner hole with varied conicity. The outer surface of the hollow conic element of the second component has two group of screw-shaped dents; the group of higher dents encloses two adjacent conic sections of the outer surface with varied conicity, while the lower group of dents is positioned on the top section with greater conicity.

EFFECT: reliability enhancement; service life extension, increase of uniformity and reduction of size of the resultant grind particles, reduction of the quantity of unground coarse grains in the residue, improvement of efficiency of the crusher operation are ensured by the fact that the detachable spice crusher unit contains two coaxial components inclusive of the first component having means for attachment to the necks of the container with spices and the second component rotated relative to the first one and placed thereon.

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FIELD: personal usage articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a coffee-grinder container. The container (10) for installation into the coffee-grinder is equipped with a lid (20). The lid has a central inlet whole (26). With its external rim (21) the lid rests on the edge (18) of the container (10) hole. Branching from the lid and into the container (10) is an annular projection (30) positioned opposite the external surface of the coffee-grinder container (10) wall (14) at a distance from the lid external rim (21). For elimination of the influence of the coffee-grinder containers height values spread within the tolerance limit, the lid (20) consists of a deformation-resistant central part (24) a of hard plastic and a resiliently deformable peripheral part (22) that is connected to the central part and made of soft rubber, having an annular projection (30) branching downwards.

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to preparation and dispensing of drinks. Proposed device can be connected with food product container and comprises batching element (23) fitted in seat (21). Seat (21) has inlet (21A) for food product feed and outlet (21B) for dispensing of said food product. Batching element (23) spins in seat (21) and has hollow case (23A) with hole (23B) for feeding and dispensing of food product. Spinning of batching element (23) levels hole (23B) of case (23A) alternatively with inlet (21A) or outlet (21B) of seat (21). Seat (21) has channel for control over atmosphere in both seat (21) and hollow case (23A).

EFFECT: higher quality of product.

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