Hopper wagon


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the building and in all industries for transportation of cargo used cars trucks . Comcost of the invention: hopper car includes a body , a bottom frame, a power cylinder for tilting the body. The rods of the power cylinders are connected with the body through a rack pivotally connected at one end with the body, and the other with the rod and with a thrust, pivotally connected to the bottom frame. This allows you to increase the tilt angle of the body during the unloading of the car, to reduce the force action on the part of the cylinder rod. 1 Il.


Same patents:

Dumpcar body tilter // 2296684

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for mechanized unloading of dumpcars and other vehicles. Proposed dumpcar body tilter has body 3 mounted on lower frame 2 for turning in vertical plane and hinge-coupled with power cylinder 4. Rod 5 of power cylinder is hinge-connected with one end of tie-rod 6 whose other end is hinge-connected to lower frame 2. Said tie-rod has two slots 10 for movement relative to joints fastening to lower frame and to rod. Joint of power cylinder rod and tie-rod is attached to body through slot in body.

EFFECT: increased angle of tilting of body, reduced force acting onto body from side of power cylinder rod.

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Dumpcar // 2461479

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway equipment, namely, to dumpcars. Proposed dumpcar comprises lower frame 8 with unloading cylinders 13, body 1 with sides 2, and upper frame 5 with lengthwise elements 6 wherein fixed are hooks 7 with side turn axles 4. Body turn axles 11 are aligned with unloading cylinder axles 12 for attachment said cylinders 13 to frame 5. Aforesaid lengthwise elements 6 wherein fixed are hooks 7 with side turn axles 4 are arranged on the right or left side on rod, above unloading cylinder cover 15. In unloading, side 3 rests on lower frame swivel joint and cylinder brackets 9, 10.

EFFECT: increased volume of body, decreased weight.

1 dwg

Self-dumping boxcar // 2549750

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: self-dumping car includes body, upper frame (8), subframe (2) with centre sill (1), centre sill, pneumatics for body lifting during loading, body turning during unloading and its return to original position including rubber-cord cushions (3). The cushions providing body lifting and its turning are hinged on centre sill (1) and rigidly connected with upper frame, and cushions (10,11) providing initial stage of body turning and its return to original position are located in hoisting devices installed on brackets of subframe and located on both sides of centre sill (1). Each hoisting device includes vertically oriented frame (14) installed in bracket with possibility of vertical movement, and on upper and lower parts of frame base plates are fixed between which cushions are placed. On the upper part of frame, cushions provide initial stage of body turning, and on the lower part of frame they provide body return to initial position. On the movable frame of hoisting device, block (15) for cable (16) connecting bracket (9) of lower frame with middle of body upper frame is fixed.

EFFECT: decreased car weight, higher reliability.

3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. Sixteen-wheel dump car comprises body (7), two pairs of four-axle bogies, each of which consists of two pairs of bogies, associated by the connection beam, four unloading pneumatic cylinders. Two air cylinders are installed between four-axle bogies. Third and fourth pneumatic cylinders are installed between two-axle bogies and made with smaller rod stroke in comparison with rod stroke of pneumatic cylinders arranged between four-axle bogies.

EFFECT: improved car framing into curved tracks and enabling reduction of overturning moment.

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