Scanning details of television systems and combination thereof with generation of supply voltages (H04N3)

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H04N3                 Scanning details of television systems; combination thereof with generation of supply voltages(641)
H04N3/04 - Having a moving aperture(10)
H04N3/08 - Having a moving reflector(15)
H04N3/15 - (9)
H04N3/185 - (6)
H04N3/223 - (10)
H04N3/227 - (1)
H04N3/233 - (2)
H04N3/24 - Blanking circuits(3)

ethod of generating a video data stream by rotary sectoral photoreceptor and device for its implementation // 2576336
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to video data flow formation Rotary sector photo receiver. Method is based on generation of signals from photosensitive elements installed on the area of the rotating sensor, their subsequent arrangement in the core of spatial differentiation, output signals which are subject to analogue-to-digital conversion and their further digital processing. Photosensitive elements are installed in series at equal distances between each other on arcs with discrete radii of Rmin to Rmax on the area of rotating sensor having the shape of a truncated sector range, which faces larger side to outer diameter of rotation. Photocurrents from photosensitive elements are amplified by DC and limit at frequency band depending on the sensitivity of photocells and sensor rotation frequency. Own noise minimises and corrects amplitude-frequency characteristics of signal transmission channel of each photosensitive element with subsequent formation of nuclei of spatial differentiation, signals from which are subjected to analog-digital conversion and subsequent digital processing.EFFECT: higher image quality.2 cl, 6 dwg

Device for displaying video on composite liquid crystal screen // 2557070
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: disclosed device for displaying video on a composite liquid crystal screen, which additionally includes: a LED panel switching and control unit connected to video processors of separate liquid crystal displays, and in the gaps between two separate adjacent liquid crystal screens on the vertical and the horizontal there are LED panels on the surface of the gaps, said panels having three-colour RGB LEDs, the emission of which is directed towards the viewing side of the image of the composite screen, wherein in the gaps on the vertical between two adjacent screens, the number of which is equal to M-1, the video information of the last column of the previous display is displayed, where M is the total number of liquid crystal displays placed on the horizontal, and in the gaps on the horizontal between two adjacent screens, the number of which is equal to N-1, the video information of the last row of the previous display is displayed, where N is the total number of rows on the vertical of horizontally placed liquid crystal displays, and the total number of the three-colour RGB LEDs used in the gaps on the vertical and horizontal is a number m=Y/d and n=X/d, where Y and X denote the linear dimension of the separate liquid crystal screen on the frame (vertical) and row (horizontal), d is the diameter of the separate RGB LED.EFFECT: high quality of display and comfortability of viewing video on composite liquid crystal screens.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of generating image signal using charge-coupled matrix devices // 2529369
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method includes, before reading charge packets, setting the position of the window of interest which is characterised by the number of rows N1, N2, setting the level of reduction of resolution in the panorama which is characterised by the number of the summed rows of the panorama M, reading the charge packets in three steps and generating signals of two images. The first and third reading steps include performing N1 and N2 row transfer cycles, respectively, wherein the output register is read only after every M row transfer cycles. During the second step, the output register is read during each row transfer. Two digital image signals are generated: window of interest and panorama. The image signal of the window of interest is obtained by masking readings of a signal read during the second step, and the image signal of the panorama is obtained via successive composition of readings of a signal, read during the first step, with the element-by-element sum of groups on M rows of readings of the signal read during the second step, readings of a signal read during the third step.EFFECT: higher frequency of reading CCD matrix photodetectors with generation of signals of two images differentiated by the viewing field and resolution: a panoramic image with a wider viewing field and low resolution and a window of interest with a smaller viewing field and a higher resolution.4 dwg

Optical-electronic converter // 2492584
FIELD: instrument engineering.SUBSTANCE: optical-electronic converter comprises two lines of photodetectors located in checkered order, in each of which in the same row there are panchromatic, and in the second row - multispectral photodetectors. Image formation is carried out by combining of photodetectors in a single row using optical image stitching.EFFECT: reduction of the time difference of the subject shooting in the panchromatic and multispectral ranges.2 cl, 3 dwg

Audio output device and television receiver // 2416886
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: when voltage in a power supply circuit (26) deviates from the standard value and output voltage of the circuit drops, the protection circuit (24) detects deviation from the standard value and transmits a protection signal to the audio circuit (18). Upon detecting the protection signal, the audio circuit (18) stops transmission of the audio signal, thus preventing output of audio noise due to insufficient voltage. When the power supply circuit (26) does not deviate from the standard, a microcontroller (22) controls the audio circuit (18) by transmitting such a signal to the audio circuit, which enables the audio circuit to generate an audio signal or increase volume of the audio signal, or the microcontroller transmits a switch off signal to the audio circuit.EFFECT: reduced audio noise.5 cl, 5 dwg

Circuit of voltage rise suppression and panel tv detector // 2407212
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit includes semi-conductor stabilitron (D2) with cathode, connected to output voltage line, dividing resistors with one output connected to anode of semi-conductor stabilitron (D2), and availability of other earthed output, transistor (Q1), having the base connected to connection point between resistors of dividers through resistor, and having earthed emitter, transistor Q2, having the base connected to connection point between resistors of divider, and having earthed emitter, and microcomputer with availability of output 10a for detection of lower voltage, which is connected to collector of transistor Q1, and to which 3.3 V is supplied from outside, and output 10b of power supply sources, which is connected to collector of transistor Q2, through which signal P-ON-H is sent of 3.3 V, which starts circuit (126) of power supply source, when power is on.EFFECT: usability and increase of operational reliability.5 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of forming raster on screen // 2375835
FIELD: physics; image processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to visual display devices in continuous monitoring systems and can be used for displaying information in processing systems. A beam is formed, spread out and its intensity is digitally varied in resolved time instants, corresponding to the position of the centre of symmetry of the cross section of this beam on the screen in points, those adjacent of which are located on vertices of equilateral triangles, where the resolved time instants are determined by selecting the scanning mode with possibility of determining the number of the frame and type of the basic scanning element.EFFECT: provision for regularity of the structure of raster for reducing operator fatigue.1 dwg

ethod and device for creation of images // 2365059
FIELD: physics; image processing.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns ways and devices for creation of images. The result is reached with irradiation of the photosensitive gauge with a series of expositions, and simultaneous irradiation of entire photosensitive gauge at each exposition; all expositions of series are incorporated to form the finished image. Preferably, expositions are incorporated, using correction for sharpness increase. The problem of deformation as a result of movement in system of images stabilisation is solved by means of use of a personnel shutter at illuminating for each exposition of series.EFFECT: elimination of deformation as a result of movement, by means of several consecutive expositions.16 cl, 8 dwg

Circuit for reading signals from cells of photo detector matrix // 2356177
FIELD: physics, processing of images.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to computer vision equipment and may find application in optical high-speed mice, video cameras and photo cameras. Specified result is achieved by the fact that in available device of circuit for signals reading from active cells of photo detectors, it is suggested to arrange the first electrode of active transistor as source, and the second one - as drain, and to connect feedback capacitor between its drain and gate. Elements that serve signal line and bus of constant recovery potential are the first and second generators of inward and outward current connected accordingly to signal line and constant potential bus, and feedback transistor of the same conductivity type as in active transistor, source of which is connected to constant potential bus, drain - to common lead, gate - to signal line that is amplifier outlet. Additionally it is suggested to connect transistor of the same type of conductivity in cascade manner between drain of cell active transistor and addressing key. And it is also suggested to connect serially one or more transistors of the same type of conductivity in diode connection between feedback transistor source and constant potential bus. The first additional criterion improves accuracy of potential setup on integrating capacitor, the second one expands swing of outlet signal.EFFECT: increased sensitivity and reduced number of components in column circuit of reading.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of automatic detection and correction of radial distortion on digital images // 2351091
FIELD: physics; computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to computer technology and can be used for detecting and correcting radial distortion on images, obtained using digital still cameras, camcorders and computer vision systems, which use image sensing arrays as image detectors. In the method, the distortion coefficient is determined. Contour-maps are marked out and analysed. Three points are selected on each contour and radial distortion coefficients are calculated. Histograms are drawn of the repetition frequency of the calculated coefficients versus their values. The value of the coefficient is defined as the average in the neighbourhood of the value of the coefficient with maximum repetition frequency. Distortions arising from radial distortions are then corrected.EFFECT: increased rate of determining radial distortion coefficient, increased accuracy of correcting distortions arising from radial distortions, as well as widening of the field of application due to use of the method, independent of parameters of the device in which an image is obtained, based on information contained in the image itself.5 dwg

Charge or particle detection // 2339973
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: proposal is given of a sensitive device for detecting charged particles and/or quanta of electromagnetic radiation. The sensitive device has a sensing apparatus (12) and an amplifier circuit (14); (M1, M4). The sensing apparatus (12) transmits a signal to the input unit Vin of the amplifier; (M1, M4), so as to induce change in the level of Vout at the output unit of the amplifier (14). The negative feedback device (T1); (M2) reacting to the change in the level at the output unit, changes effect on the negative feedback device, so as to increase loop gain of the given amplifier circuit (14); (M1, M4). Current mirror (T2, T3); (M3, M6) repeatedly restores the initial level in the output unit. A sensitive device for detecting a single particle and an integrating sensitive device are hereby invented.EFFECT: reduced connection volume and simplification of assembling when connecting the sensor to the amplifier.25 cl, 27 dwg

ethod of image registration // 2339177
FIELD: physics, image processing.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to television equipment and may be used for registration of images in devices for speed digital video filming of fast processes. Object image is transferred onto inlet field of fibre optic harness, image is fragmented by means of fibre optic harness separation into bundles, outlet fields of which are formed as narrow strips, then they are optically coupled with corresponding groups of photosensitive cells in photodetecting arrays with creation of zones of redundant memorising cells in specified arrays, at that after exposure of every image frame packets of electric charges are transferred into memorising cells of redundant zones, serially filling zones of redundant memorising cells until their partial or full filling, after that electric charges are read from photodetecting arrays. Image is fragmented into narrow strips, width of which is selected not more than required size of object image resolution element in the inlet field of fibre optic harness. In photosensitive arrays zones of redundant memorising cells are located with regular pitch of their repetition in direction of stepped parallel transfer of electric charges packets. In every photosensitive array number of memorising cells in direction of stepped parallel transfer of electric charges packets is selected not less than required number of serially registered frames. Cells of zones of redundant memorising cells are arranged as insensitive to light. In the end of working cycle of images registration video signals are read with restoration of sequence of initial image frames by means of combined unification of signals from corresponding zones of redundant memorising cells in photodetecting arrays.EFFECT: increase of fast action.6 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of large-format high-speed laser-beam scan for transmission and receiving of video- and other images and device to this effect // 2330316
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: method incorporates influencing the deflecting system laser beam in the oscillating medium wave excitation mode. Linearly elongated media with the substance gradient density in the resonance excitation mode are used. The mode of resonance matching of transverse oscillations of two media are selected proceeding from the conditions of the linear media oscillation wave length-to-substance linear density ratio. The device includes a laser beam deflecting system. The said system includes two linear mechanically coupled tape-like resonators.EFFECT: high efficiency oscillation medium wave excitation sufficient for large-format high-speed laser beam scanning.2 cl, 13 dwg

Single-crystal adaptive video sensor // 2299521
FIELD: computer engineering, possible use for creating video sensors in video cameras and technical vision systems with large dynamic brightness transfer range.SUBSTANCE: in accordance to invention, single-crystal adaptive video sensor contains matrix radiation detector with active pixels, control signals generation block, block for generating address and reading pixel signal, block for processing pixel signals, multiplexer of pixel signals and analog-digital converter. Additionally introduced into each pixel are transistor amplifier with controllable amplification coefficient and circuit for measuring amplification coefficient, and also multiplexer of amplification coefficients, first amplifier, second amplifier, signals multiplication device and output amplifier.EFFECT: expanded dynamic range due to control over control coefficient of each pixel, which control is adaptive to external illumination.2 dwg

ethod for receiving images // 2279187
FIELD: methods for receiving moving and non-moving images.SUBSTANCE: method includes mechanical shifting of CDMA matrix with periodical return to starting point, while movement of matrix is performed in order: to right, downwards, to left, and upwards (starting position), each time moving for a value of element of matrix. Prior to each movement of matrix information (image) is read from it and recorded in memorizing device, from appropriate address. Because image is recorded serially one line after another, during sending of image to output device, no additional processing of image is required.EFFECT: decreased error caused by movements of matrices, and also prevented reading of one and the same elements of image.4 dwg

Deflection device for cathode-ray indicator // 2267168
FIELD: engineering of devices for controlling indicator devices.SUBSTANCE: device has subtracter circuit, amplifier, deflecting coil, check communication resistor and check communication circuit. Device additionally has two-side key, capacitor, diode, second amplifier, second check communication circuit and transistor key. Decrease of consumed power occurs because for the most part of time of generation of reversed drive of scanning first amplifier is disengaged from deflecting coil, and for changing of current flow direction resonance effect in inductive-capacity contour is implemented.EFFECT: decreased power, consumed during generation of reversed scanning drive in bitmap rows generation mode.2 dwg

Video transformer of optical emission // 2262207
FIELD: multi-element matrix video transformers of optical radiation.SUBSTANCE: device has matrix of photo-sensitive elements, connected by horizontal buses to vertical shift register and vertical buses - to cells of storage selection, which through all keys, connected to horizontal shift register, are connected through common video signal output bus to output pre-amplifier, while storage selection cell consists of communications transistor, connected by source to vertical buses, gate of which is connected to first control bus, and drain, via accumulation capacitance, - to power bus and to source of charge selection level transistor, gate of which is connected to second control bus, and source - to source of potential setting transistor, gate of transistor of source repeater and through storage capacitance - to power bus, source of potential setting transistor is connected to power bus, and gate - to third control bus, source of source repeater transistor is grounded, and source is connected to keys. In process of operation, transformation of charge packet to voltage is realized in a row of accumulating capacitances, to allow dropping of background component of charge and adjustment of non-linear component of transformation dependently on spectrum and brightness of objects emission, expanding functional capabilities, and perfecting contrast of image.EFFECT: better image contrast, broader functional capabilities.1 dwg

Television camera on a matrix of charge-coupled devices // 2235443
The invention relates to a television technique and can mainly be used in television cameras to provide television surveillance in challenging lighting conditions

The signal image // 2231233

Focal plane array optical radiation // 2222874
The invention relates to multi-element photosensitive devices

ethod for the visual analysis of television signals with a large dynamic range and device implementing this method // 2221348
The invention relates to the field of television, and it systems monitoring and exploration using television means

A single device forming the image signal // 2205521
The invention relates to the field of television technology and can be used for television photography

Tv camera // 2199191
The invention relates to a television technique and can mainly be used in television cameras, providing the opportunity television photographing objects of control by a single formation video

Device for preventing the formation of x-ray radiation and excess voltage in the colour display tube // 2197069
The invention relates to a protection device in the tube colour display (TSD), and more particularly to a device for preventing the formation of x-ray radiation and voltage, in which the high voltage or the voltage of the heater caused by abnormal operation of the monitor and supplied to TZD, or high voltage supplied from the power source to the peripheral circuit, is detected and turns off to prevent x-radiation and high voltage

The device forming the spiral scan for television coordinators // 2195787
The invention relates to a television technique, namely, devices forming a rectangular spiral scan

Diagram image stabilization for the television receiver screen-half-width // 2195082
The invention relates to television technology, in particular to the schematic image stabilization for the television receiver screen-half-width

The method of controlling the image size and device for detecting left and right edges of the image // 2190933
The invention relates to the field of management by the size of the image in a television receiver

Device and method for automatic adjustment of the image size in the video // 2171547
The invention relates to the field of automatic adjustment of the size of the image in the video, for example, video monitor

The amplification device horizontal deflection // 2165680
The invention relates to the amplification device horizontal deflection, which is used for the network power source, such as a power supply for a cathode-ray tube color picture tube and the high-definition television

A device for converting images // 2162279
The invention relates to optoelectronics, is used for optical information processing

The apparatus and method of automatic control of parameters of the image on the display screen // 2158059
The invention relates to display devices for regulating the image settings on the screen

The method of stabilization of the image formed optoelectronic device with a mechanical drill, and a device for its implementation // 2156548
The invention relates to the field of devices for converting electromagnetic radiation into an electrical signal that carries information about the image when placing these devices on a movable base

The circuit matrix driving mirror, which has a d / a converter // 2155386
The invention relates to the formation of the video signal and can be used in optical projection systems

A single device forming the image signal // 2146080
The invention relates to a television technique and can be used in devices television photography

A single device forming the image signal // 2145154
The invention relates to a television technique and can mainly be used in devices television photography intended for registration of objects of control by a single forming a video signal using a photosensitive matrix of charge-coupled devices (FESS)

Device for training // 2142308
The invention relates to techniques for training and can be used for individual and group training

Videodisplay device synchronized with switchable inductance (options) // 2131170
The invention relates to the control signal amplitude deviations for cathode-ray tube (CRT), a scheme operating in the switching mode and, in particular, to its synchronization and time selection for the duration of the line

The power supply for a raster central controller for a video display // 2129755
The invention relates to power sources and can be used in raster Central controller for a video display

Generation deflecting currents for rectangular - planar television tube distortion correction type "gull wing" // 2126186
The invention relates to circuits scan television image with distortion corrected type "gull wing"

The way of reception and playback of images // 2109409
The invention relates to a method of receiving and playing moving and still images

How to play x-ray television image type // 2097937
The invention relates to a radiation device in which the x-ray image is converted into an electrical signal and reproduced on the television indicators type, and may find application in engineering, medicine, science

The method of forming a raster on the screen // 2097936
The invention relates to visual display and can be used to represent information in data processing systems

Shaper pulse sampling information on the screen of the cathode-ray tube // 2094952
The invention relates to computer technology and can be used in a raster input devices and display sequential access to information

Shaper pulse sampling information on the screen of the cathode-ray tube // 2094951
The invention relates to computer technology and can be used in a raster input devices and display sequential access to information