Characterised by path configuration, e.g. lan [local area networks] or wan [wide area networks] (H04L12/28)

Intelligent household appliance control method, device and system, mobile and wearable intelligent household appliances and apparatus // 2642410
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to intelligent household appliance control method, device, system and apparatus. Control method comprises: receiving, by an intelligent household appliance, a wireless broadcast message containing identifier information; determining, by the intelligent household appliance, whether the identifier information is pre-stored unique identifier information of a wearable device; when the identifier information is the pre-stored unique identifier information, executing, by the intelligent household appliance, a preset control command to switch from an initial operation state to an intelligent operation state.EFFECT: technical result consists in the simplification of user control operations.30 cl, 20 dwg

Control method and apparatus for intelligent home device // 2642334
FIELD: monitoring systems.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of controlling an intelligent home device. Method includes: acquiring personal information about participants, determining an operating mode of an intelligent home device according to the personal information, which contains identification information about preferences or priorities of participants, wherein determination of operating mode includes determination of the mean value of information about preferences of participants or determination of operating mode based on the highest priority. Control device comprises an information acquisition unit and a mode determination unit.EFFECT: technical result is a wider range of means of controlling an intelligent home device.25 cl, 15 dwg

ethod for managing intelligent device, terminal and server // 2641541
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method for controlling an intelligent device is that the device identity is obtained from the intelligent device and a detailed data request containing the device identification data is sent to the server via the terminal. Receiving a response with the detailed data returned from the server, and push the response with detailed data to the user through the terminal. And the detailed data response contains a group of initiating conditions and a group of execution conditions corresponding to the device identification data. Sending the control instruction to the server via the terminal. The control instruction contains the first trigger condition and the first execution condition. Moreover, the control instruction is configured to allow the server to control the intelligent device with the ability to perform the first execution condition when the server detects that the first trigger condition is satisfied. Also, a terminal and a server for managing an intelligent device are claimed.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and convenience of managing an intelligent home.25 cl, 34 dwg

Efficient communication for devices of home network // 2640728
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: network communication device is configured to: communicate with another network device using the second communication protocol. This other network device is configured to communicate with the service on the server through the first network using the first communication protocol; receive network configuration information from the noted other network device to enable the network communication device to join the first network; to communicate with the first network using the received information about the network configuration; and connect to the service through the first network using the first communication protocol.EFFECT: possibility of communication without the mandatory presence of a central node or hub and without the mandatory requirement that each network communication device is always switched on.20 cl, 70 dwg, 25 tbl

ethod for remote controlling household appliance operation, portable end communication device and computer software product // 2638755
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for remote controlling the household appliance operation is proposed, in which: the data on the household appliance state are received by means of a communication end device; the current operating mode and control of the display device are recorded to display the graphical user interface. The issuance of information on the current operating mode includes the provision in the user interface of a graphical image describing the current operating mode, and for developing the graphic image, the distinguishing features between the current operating mode and the reference state of the home appliance are set, and the base image in which the home appliance is displayed in the reference state, at least, one overlaid image is superimposed, which illustrates the differing characteristics and which, interacting with the base image, displays the household appliance in the current operating mode.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of determining the current operating mode of the household appliance.9 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and device for thread-specific multimedia data translation // 2636678
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method comprises: obtaining the translation address of the intelligent camera by the first terminal, the translation address corresponds to the thread-specific multimedia data collected by the intelligent camera; display of the list of translating devices by the first terminal in which such list includes information about the device of at least one terminal and at least one terminal has the function of translating the thread-specific multimedia data; sending the translation address to the second terminal if the first terminal receives the command to select the second terminal, whereby the second terminal receives the thread-specific multimedia data based on the translation address and converts the thread-specific multimedia data into an image for translation, wherein the second terminal is any terminal of at least one terminal, characterized in that obtaining the translation address of the intelligent camera by the first terminal comprises: obtaining information about the address of the intelligent camera by the first terminal; and formation of the translation address by the first terminal according to the specified format, based on the address information.EFFECT: increase the speed of data transfer.12 cl, 9 dwg, 1 tbl

Protection method of virtual private communication networks elements from ddos-attacks // 2636640
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method according to which create the parameters, changing statistic models of the virtual network subscribers from the white list of IP-addresses network traffic, describe the values of the abnormal behaviour parameters of subscribers from the white list of IP-addresses, during the virtual private network element is operating provide the monitoring of the subscribers abnormal behaviour, if the abnormal behaviour is detected then check the timestamps, the cryptographic hashing function, if the subscriber has not confirmed its legitimacy, the connection is broken and the reconnection is carried out, in case of the IP-address absence in the "White" and "Black" lists, the content of the received packet is filtered according to the specified filtering rules, if it detects and confirms the signs of the DDoS attacks start, simulate its effect on the virtual private network element, if the virtual private network element parameter values of the confirmed DDoS attack as a result of simulation are below the required ones, the received network traffic from the virtual private network users, that are not in the white list is redirected to the clearing centres.EFFECT: protection of virtual communication networks elements from DDoS-attacks.6 dwg

One-range content delivery network, method and control device // 2633111
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: gateway server is configured to request and receive the optimal location of data resources through the RNS resource names server, requesting and receiving data files from the computer-filled network through the optimal data resource locations and processing the received data files to deliver the data files to client, the said means of intellectual routing are made with the ability to respond to interactive and non-interactive queries carried out by the client, using consumed routing, legally protected data from selected optimal data resource locations, wherein said selection of optimal data resource locations is carried out from a group comprising at least two different legal access points, said selection is based on user-defined parameters.EFFECT: optimal delivery of selected data files to the end user.26 cl, 33 dwg

ethod and instrument for intelligent device control // 2633099
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: according to the method, one receives and stores the user-defined configuration information, which comprises the controlled intelligent device, the performing operation, which corresponds to the intelligent device, and the performance condition, which corresponds to the performing operation. One requests the configuration information according to the target performance condition, and, if the target performance condition is satisfied, one determines the target intelligent device and the target performing operation that correspond to the target performance condition. One also control the target intelligent device for the target performing operation implementation in concordance with the preconfigured control commands that include the key trigger on the device, the sensor trigger of the device display screen, the trigger, which is caused by the fact that the device displacement amplitude achieves the certain threshold, the trigger, which is caused by the fact that the number of steps, made by the user and counted by the device, achieves the certain threshold, the device warning signal trigger, the device vibration trigger.EFFECT: providing the intelligent device control.15 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of improving effectiveness of controls in 802,11ah // 2631980
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and system for providing a station (STA) that does not have a target activation time (TWT) schedule, the ability to determine an access point (AP) change, or to synchronize with an AP. To do this, one bit is used in the frame control field (FC) in the control frame to indicate the presence of the "Next TWT" field. The "Next TWT" field is not necessarily present in the control frame, and the "Next TWT" field contains the value of the next activation target time for the specified control frame receiver.EFFECT: ability to use the control frame without incurring additional costs for the next TWT field.9 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of aggregation of multiple data transmission channels in single logic data transfer check for broadband transmission of data to mass consumer and device based on it // 2631972
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to routing devices used in wireless data networks to provide faster and more stable access to network resources, such as an Internet server. The routing is carried out with the possibility of aggregating several channels - local channels and/or wireless data transmission channels into a single logical data channel, and the separation into parts of the transmitted and received parts of information is carried out by separate file packets, taking into account the bandwidth and signal quality of each of the transmission channels of the block Interfaces and subsystems of interaction with a local or external wired network (LAN/WAN) proceeding from the fact that larger files are sent for transmission and downloaded through the channels with higher capacity and better quality.EFFECT: acceleration of the process of transfer of download packages and data transfer during the redistribution of the load.5 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of identifying logical connection in infocommunication network providing anonymous access // 2631971
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: communication network parameters are set and alternative message packet routes are allocated for each pair of alternative connections to the subscriber's communication network, the alternative message packet routes are stored for each subscriber's connection option. In this case, after the parameters of the communication network are set, the intensity of the input stream arriving at the individual nodes characterized by the identifiers is measured, and then the alternative message packet routes are allocated, and after the alternative message packet routes are stored, the flow rate between the adjacent nodes is calculated, and then the alternative routes are ranked by the intensity value and the first and last nodes of the route with the highest flow intensity are chosed, which identify the logical connection in the infocommunication network.EFFECT: identification of a logical connection in the infocommunication network providing anonymous access.2 dwg, 8 tbl

ethod and device for issuing hints on device connection // 2631163
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method contains: receiving connection properties of the connected device after receiving the command to connect the device, contains receiving the identifier of connected device according to the previously stored memory ID and connection properties that contain one of the physical characteristics of connected device and functional characteristics of connected device; displaying hint information corresponding to connection properties of connected device, where said display of hint information further comprises performing a function for acquiring and displaying the current state of connected device, wherein said hint information display further comprising displaying text hint information and graphic information corresponding to hint text information, and if the current state of connected device is an abnormal state, then the display of hint for processing the abnormal state is displayed.EFFECT: simplifying the setup of device.11 cl, 10 dwg

Complex communication equipment room for transport network of field communication system // 2629426
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: complex communication equipment room contains an APM operator and a mechanic, four LAN switches, two multiplexers of the combined communication systems, two electronic cross-channels, an integrated switching device, a group information coder, a broadband radio access station, three microwave stations, two laptop computers, a network multiplexer, two primary multiplexers, two group information encoders, an individual information encryptor, two telephone sets of the automatic telephone systems, three optical channel crosses, two cable entries, scanning and printing devices, a navigation equipment, fiber-optic lines, cable lines, connection lines, four-wire subscriber telephone lines, two-wire intercom lines, VHF radio intercom with antenna, service communication hardware, two remote controls and a communication control panel.EFFECT: increasing the deployment efficiency of the communication lines, compiling routes and communication channels of the transport network, expanding the volume of communication services provided to consumers, increasing the protection of information transmitted along the generated paths and communication channels.1 dwg

obile communication node // 2623893
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: mobile communication node contains a technological automatic workstation, a switch of lines and group paths, an Ethernet card, a server, a telephone system of the IP system. It includes a VSAT earth station, a linear board, an IP-ATC, an uncontrolled Ethernet switch, a subscriber panel, a crypto-gateway, mobile radio controller, a base station multiplexer, n-base radio access stations with antennas [n=1, 2, 3…14], m-radio terminals with subscriber encryption unit [m = 10, 11, 12…60], an operator workstation, a crypto router, a controlled Ethernet switch, a media converter, an xDSL modem, a radio router with antenna, a subscriber input board, an input board, a remote subscriber station, three sets of user equipment, a fiber-optic communication line, a cable communication line, a radio interface.EFFECT: ensuring the provision of guaranteed cryptographic protection of transmitted information to subscribers and increasing the opportunities for reconfigurating and building up an established autonomous network for providing multiservice services to subscribers.5 cl, 5 dwg

Control method and device for intelligent accommodation // 2622154
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: control method for intelligent accommodation includes obtaining information about visitors within the range and determining the number of visitors according to the information received. Then the state of the device is determined by comparing the number of visitors obtained in the current period with the number of visitors obtained during the previous time period. Method also includes sending of a command to indicate the state to the intelligent device to let the device perform an operation corresponding to the desired state. Intelligent accommodation device can obtain the desired state defined according to the information about visitors within the predetermined range, according to embodiments of the present disclosure, and perform an operation corresponding to the desired state.EFFECT: increased efficiency and ease of intelligent accomodation use.24 cl, 33 dwg

Effective communication for home network devices // 2619694
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is received on the first electronic device from the second electronic device via the first network infrastructure device, where the message is intended for the target electronic device; the extended unique local address, encoded in the IPv6 message header, is identified, where the extended unique local address indicates that the second network is preferred for achieving the target electronic device; and the message is transmitted via the infrastructure of the devices to the target electronic device using the second network based on, at least, in part, the extended unique local address.EFFECT: effective communication management to balance power and reliability factors, effective transmission of messages to thecertain preferred networks based on the packet headers analysis of Internet Protocol version 6, which use the extended unique local address, effective transmission of the software updates and status reports throughout the infrastructure network, and effective connection to the infrastructure network.19 cl, 70 dwg, 25 tbl
ethod and device for home network content processing // 2617593
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: home network content directories are provided in home data center and each terminal associated with the home data center, and the content directories of the home network record the content data of the home network. The content data of the home network are synchronized in the home data center and each terminal and the home network content directories are updated in the home data center and each terminal. Storage attribute identifiers are assigned for the home network content directory in the home data center and each terminal, and the storage attribute identifiers are arranged to indicate if the home network content, listed in the content directories of the home network, is being locally stored or not. After the synchronization of the home network content data in the home data center and each terminal and update of the content directories of the home network in the home data center and each terminal, the whole content is synchronized.EFFECT: increased efficiency of content distribution.12 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod and for scenario mode recommendation device for smart devices // 2617330
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method provides the smart device structure information linked to the user's account, according to which the scenario mode profile pre-defined on the server is forcibly sent. Scenario mode profile coincides with the smart device structure information to the user's account, the scenario mode profile corresponds to the scenario mode. Scenario mode is configured to preserve the association relationship to initiate the operational control for the second device according to the state parameter information collected by the first smart device, and the scenario mode linked to a user's account is determined according to received information on the user's account scenario mode profile selection.EFFECT: increased smart device control efficiency due to the use of scenario mode for smart devices.18 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and device for transmitting/receiving frame in accordance with its bandwidth in wlan // 2612605
FIELD: communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a wireless communication system and is intended for transmitting/receiving a frame in accordance with its bandwidth in a WLAN system. Method of performing a response in a WLAN system according to one version of the present invention may include: the step of the first station (STA) transmitting a frame requiring a response frame to the second STA; and the step of the first STA waiting for the response frame for an ACKTimeout interval. ACKTimeout interval value can be determined in different ways according to a type of the frame preamble channel bandwidth.EFFECT: technical result is preventing wastage of resources and providing proper shift between frames by means of waiting for a response frame or delaying access to the channel with account of the response frame and/or the channel bandwidth.12 cl, 17 dwg, 2 tbl

Complex of operational command connection // 2612580
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: complex includes a local network, a switching unit of the digital signals, communication units, control panels (CP), an Ethernet hub. The alarm unit associated with the Ethernet hub is connected by the local network with the digital switching unit and the communication units, each of them is connected with the CP via RS485 interface and the terminal intercommunication devices. The alarm unit is in the form of the interconnected announcing circular board, the Ethernet hub, the keypad and indication board, the radio wiretapping module and the on-duty radio wiretapping module; the digital signal switching unit - in the form of the interconnected Ethernet hub cells of, at least, nine communication channel cells and the power cell; the communication unit - in the form of the interconnected processor board, the switching and amplification board, the keypad and display board ; the CP - in the form of the interconnected processor board and the keypad and indication board, and the terminal communication devices - in the form of the microphone, the headset and the handset.EFFECT: reducing size and weight of the product.6 cl, 1 dwg

edia imaging device providing uninterrupted content playback // 2611491
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of providing uninterrupted playback of a content rendered by a media imaging device in a home network. Stored is the media imaging device in the home network and checked is whether the media imaging device renders the content. Checked is whether the media imaging device wants to continue its current content rendering in an uninterrupted manner. Configured is the media imaging device with the possibility of notification of multiple controllers devices not to subscribe and not to activate any request for rendering until any controller device activates a request for rendering, thus suspending processing of a request for rendering. Herewith the media imaging device uses an event mechanism and notifies one or more controllers devices, that processing of the request for rendering is suspended, thus not allowing the controller device to subscribe for events associated with the given rendering.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of traffic in the network.9 cl, 3 dwg
ethod and system for sending message to electronic device, computer-readable data medium // 2608875
FIELD: electronic equipment; information technologies.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of message transmitting to electronic device user. Formed at least one group of target identifiers through server of provider. User device identifier is obtained by first server. First server checks identifier affiliation to at least one group of target identifiers. First server sends identifier to server of provider. Server of provider checks for provider message presence for appropriate identifier. Server of provider sends provider message to first server. First server generates message for electronic device user. First server sends message to user device.EFFECT: faster message delivery to users with high probability of their reading.12 cl

ethod and apparatus for resources sharing // 2606305
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to network technologies, particularly, to a method and apparatus for network resources sharing. Technical result is achieved by accessing a predetermined service address for resources sharing via a browser, wherein the service address is directed to a web-service port of the resource providing apparatus, which was previously assigned for resources sharing, as a result, the resource providing apparatus returns a list of shared resources to a resource requesting apparatus through the web-service port; making a list of shared resources sent by the resource providing apparatus; displaying a list of shared resources in the browser, to allow a user to select a target access resource; and accessing the target resource in accordance with information on the target resource.EFFECT: technical result is reduced volume of used memory to obtain shared network resources.18 cl, 10 dwg

Automatic preparation for operation of network control system devices // 2605347
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automatic preparation for operation of network control system devices, in particular, to automatic preparation for operation of wireless switches in lighting control systems. Method for automatic preparation to operation of network control system devices comprises the following stages: processing certain signal intensities taking into account limitations found from the network control system for preparation for operation, and assignment of first devices (S1-S3) to one or more second devices (RC1-RC3) depending on the processing result, the processing stage further includes weighing the intensity of each received wireless signal.EFFECT: technical result is automation of devices preparation for operation.13 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of bandwidth controlling and corresponding device // 2604416
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to video streaming content distribution. Device has first interface in first network containing adaptive streaming server, second interface for second network, containing at least one client device for adaptive streaming, flow identifier for detecting at least one stream transmission content, requested, by at least one client device of adaptive streaming, wherein said at least one streaming content is accessible at more than one data transmission rate, bandwidth manager for selection of data transmission rate among more than one data transmission rate, scheduler for transmission to second interface of this at least one content stream transfer, to at least one client device at data transmission rate of said selected data rate, but lower than any high data rate, available for said streaming content.EFFECT: improved quality of displayed video.13 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of using dedicated computer security service // 2601162
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of computer security. Method comprises a intercepting a request from an user computer in a cloud safety service, including a public cloud service and private cloud service, private cloud service is within a corporate network; request parameters are determined from the user computer in the cloud service; policies of cloud service selection is determined, including the following parameters: date of the last updating the private cloud service; connected services types in the private cloud service; type of data transmitted in the request; traffic share; public cloud service is selected, if the policies of cloud service selection allow transmitting data outside a company, private cloud service is selected, if the policies of cloud service selection prohibit transmitting data outside a company; request is redirected from the user computer to a selected cloud service.EFFECT: technical result is preventing transmitting confidential data of a company-client, using cloud security services of a company-computer security service provider.1 cl, 6 dwg

Optical line terminal device and implementation method thereof // 2599927
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to network communication technologies. Device includes an interface unit and a service processing apparatus, wherein: interface unit is configured to: receive data in an Ethernet format transmitted by the service processing apparatus, perform protocol processing on the received data in the Ethernet format, convert the data after protocol processing into a transmission signal corresponding to a sending interface and then transmit the transmission signal to an external device; as well as receive message data sent by the external device, convert the message data for protocol processing corresponding to the service processing apparatus, convert a signal after the protocol processing into data in the Ethernet format and transmit the data to the service processing apparatus; and the service processing apparatus is configured to: perform service processing on the data transmitted by the interface unit and transmit the processed data to the interface unit; wherein, the service processing apparatus comprises a core area, a backplane area, a power supply area, and a fan area.EFFECT: technical result is more secure data transmission in a network.13 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of routing data packets between multiple network switching devices // 2598322
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction. Method of routing data packets between multiple network devices intended for switching data packets, after checking the data message a first network device compares values of priorities of the current and second network devices and for the network device with lower priority a response is blocked by means of the first network device port conjugated with said network device, value of the priority of the network device is a value, reverse the distance from the network device to the host-device, expressed in amount of intermediate network devices, located between the network device and host-device, and calculating distances values for each network device is carried out using a remote vector algorithm.EFFECT: technical result is ensuring minimum delay when transmitting data and uniform distribution of load between network switching devices.1 cl, 1 dwg

Optimising multimedia in real time in remote sessions // 2595548
FIELD: electrical communication engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to telecommunication means of communication for transmitting audio and video data. Real-time media optimisation may be provided. First, a remote session may be established with a remote computing device. Then, during remote session, non-real-time media data may be exchanged with remote computing device over a server path. Moreover, real-time media data may be exchanged with remote computing device over a media path during remote session.EFFECT: increased volume of processed data over a pre-set period of time.20 cl, 5 dwg

Basic controllers for conversion of universal streams // 2595540
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to network control system. System comprises first instance of controller for logic control of plane data conversion of first set of logic data channels into data of universal plane physical control (UPCP). System also includes second instance of controller for transformation of UPCP data into data of customised plane physical control (CPCP) for first controlled element of data movement, but not for second control element of data movement. System also includes third controller instance for producing UPCP data generated by first instance of controller, identifying second instance of controller as controller instance responsible for generation of CPCP data for first control element movement data, and feeding obtained UPCP data on second instance of controller.EFFECT: technical result consists in generation of data physical control plane to control first and second control data movement, which perform operations of data movement associated with first set of logic data channels.20 cl, 25 dwg

System and method of integrating remote services // 2589385
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to integration of remote services, namely to electronic trade. In preferred version system comprises control system, database with table of users and table data associated with each user input system and identifying message for written messages, voice messages or text messages, output system dialogue system and communication system for communication with remote services third party, wherein data exchange system is connected with control system and comprises connectors adapted for each type of service, so that at least one connector is configured to execute business transaction, which can be requested by user.EFFECT: technical result is efficient provision of user with access to different types of remote services.16 cl, 14 dwg

Automatic determination of typical for artists relevancy of recommendations in social network // 2589320
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an operation method of a recommendation system. Idea of the invention is automatic training of the user in a social network aimed at explaining which recommendations of the user contacts also being members of the social network are relevant with respect to the category, in which the user is interested. Instructional algorithm is used to interpret feedback from the user in response to reception of recommendations from his/her contacts. Thus, for each combination of a contact and category there can be determined a "relevancy-taste" index. Certain "relevancy-taste" index is filtered. Only such recommendations are provided to the users associated "relevancy-taste" indices of which satisfy the filtration criterion. So, it becomes possible to considerably reduce the number of irrelevant recommendations presented to the user.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of the number of irrelevant recommendations presented to the user.14 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of automatic network commissioning // 2589308
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to network communication technologies. Method includes a plurality of network devices, in which each device is characterised by the device identifier and in which allow exchange of data bursts, the method involves obtaining a machine-readable plan installation for network, the plan of the installation contains a handle physical location for network devices; removal of network topology of descriptive information provided by network devices on the basis of data packets exchanged between devices; and comparing the derived network topology with plan installation to find out which device identifier is connected to a specific physical location of handle.EFFECT: faster data transmission.15 cl, 7 dwg

Home communication gateway // 2584511
FIELD: telecommunications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of communication between door stations and apartment stations at output with IP terminal devices in IP network. Method for communication between analogue door stations and analogue apartment stations is characterised by that by means of home communication gateway provide conversion of video bit stream data of additional IP terminal from IP network interface to analogue video signal, combined with analogue signal analogue door station from home communication bus interface to analogue audio/video signal, and route via another interface home communication bus on at least one of analogue apartment stations.EFFECT: technical result consists in integration or combination of digital IP terminal devices of all types of analogue door and attached to stations at minimum use of components.12 cl, 3 dwg

Network system, switch and method of detecting connected terminal // 2583745
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: in OpenFlow network, it is determined to which port of any node device is connected a terminal, which is connected to a group of node devices using only MAC-address of source and port number of packet transmitted from terminal. In particular, node device compares a set from number of port and information of MAC-address of source packet transmitted from terminal to node device, with set(s) of number of port and MAC-address information, in preliminary search table to verify whether they correspond to each other. If comparison does not result in a match, node device notifies controller using OpenFlow-function interrogation information (packet-in message). Also, node device compares destination MAC-address information of packet with set(s) of MAC-address information contained in final search table to verify whether they correspond to each other.EFFECT: enabling network devices to be controlled externally to achieve flexible control, such as balancing and displacement of load.7 cl, 11 dwg

ethod and system for info communication // 2582066
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method and system for implementing of communications routing. Info communications system comprises info communications network, including end user terminals, switching units/traffic routing between terminal of calling user and called user terminal, switched communication channels and channels for packet transmission, gateways of direct and reverse transmission of call between networks switched communication channels and packet transmission, DNS server, supporting special public domain top level on Internet, in which name are only used digital symbols, routing/switching units are made with transmission function call user formed in telephone network in call Internet addresses of same user, wherein end user terminals through respective switching units/traffic routing and gateways are connected to DNS server, communication channel is switched telephone network, and packet transmission channels use Internet.EFFECT: technical result consists in connection of subscribers conventional telephone network and IP telephony networks as with participation of operators and directly by users.22 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of associating or re-associating devices in control network // 2581562
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: at the first step, an associating or re-associating timer (ZC_REASSC_TIMER) window is initialised at a(ZC) defining time. A zone specific information (ZN_SPEC) message is transmitted during the (ZC_REASSC_TIMER) window. Further, the method includes comparing whether the zone specific information contained in the (ZN_SPEC) message includes the device specific information that matches local device specific information. If during comparison a pre-defined matching criterion is fulfilled, an association request message (RA_REQ) is sent to zone controllers (ZC). The (RA_REQ) message includes device description parameters and indicates a request from the devices to join the control zones controlled by the said (ZC). It is determined whether the association is confirmed by means of comparing, by the respective (ZC), the device description parameters match zone specific information.EFFECT: efficient association of devices in a control network.14 cl, 3 dwg, 4 tbl

Scanning of social network data // 2571593
FIELD: physics, computation hardware.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to on-line applications of social networks. In compliance with this invention, at least one object is extracted from arbitrary web-page viewed by the user on display. Note here that said object is at least one key word on said arbitrary page and canonical meaning content of said key word. Said object is compared with the user social network data. Note also that said data include multiple messages compiled by parties of the user social network.EFFECT: output to the user, along with the content of scanned page, of the messages of social network related with said user, time saving for scanning of said messages.20 cl, 11 dwg

ethod and device for implementing service of multicast transmission // 2571398
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method and device for implementing the service of multicast transmission of data. The method of implementing the service of multicast transmission comprises the following steps: in receiving the request for connection with the service of multicast transmission the comparison is carried out for coincidence of the identification information of the service of multicast transmission contained in the request for connection with the service of multicast transmission, with the identification information recorded for each service of multicast transmission for which it is necessary to ensure the assured transmission characteristics, and if the coincident recorded identification information is found, the service of multicast transmission is appointed the order of the service corresponding to found coincident recorded identification information of the service of multicast transmission, and the service of multicast transmission is implemented using this order, and if the coincident recorded identification information of the service of multicast transmission is not found, then to implement the service of multicast transmission the service order is obtained per default.EFFECT: increasing the carrying capacity of multicast transmission and improving the quality of service.10 cl, 3 dwg

Providing bufferless transport method for multi-dimensional mesh topology // 2565781
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to semiconductor technology. A mesh interconnection system comprises an n×m mesh system including a plurality of nodes, the plurality of nodes arranged in a first dimension and a second dimension; and a plurality of interconnects, each connecting a pair of the plurality of nodes, wherein the mesh system is configured in a first traffic independent connection state during a first cycle of a traffic schedule period and in a second traffic independent connection state during a second cycle of the traffic schedule period.EFFECT: efficient reduction of dimensions and faster operation of electronic circuits.15 cl, 6 dwg

ultiport device of ethernet interface and method of identification of its ports // 2562417
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to telecommunications, namely to identification of multiport device ports. The method of identification of multiport device ports of Ethernet interface, includes: reception by the multiport device of the Ethernet interface of the message transmitted by the module of network device port; getting information on the switch chip or on the network processor (NP) of the respective network device according to the information on input port of the message transmitted by the port module and pre-set to the mapping table, while the pre-set mapping table sets the compliance between the information on input port and the information on the switch chip or NP; saving data on the switch chip or NP in the message transmitted by the port module for modification of the named message, and transmission of this message to the respective switch chip or NP so that the switch chip or NP is able to receive the information on input port according to the information on the switch chip or NP.EFFECT: elimination of loss of capacity without decrease of switch capacity.10 cl, 9 dwg

Hybrid mesh communication network // 2562388
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a mesh communication network. Disclosed is a communication network comprising a plurality of physical media. The physical media may be sensitive to disturbances that are different from one physical medium to another, such that a failure in one physical medium does not effect communication in other physical medium of the communication network. The nodes of the communication network may comprise a plurality of physical layer and MAC unit pairs, each pair connected to a different physical medium. The transfer of massages between the network nodes through said different physical media is done in a transparent way by upper layers of the communication unit of said network nodes.EFFECT: preventing situations when communication with one or more stations is blocked for at least a certain time.24 cl, 2 dwg, 10 tbl

ethod of transmitting/receiving downlink data using resource blocks in wireless mobile communication network system and device therefor // 2556389
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of transmitting/receiving downlink data in an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) cellular packet data communication system. The method of transmitting downlink data using resource blocks in a base station comprises transmitting to user equipment downlink data mapped to physical resource blocks (PRB), wherein virtual resource block (VRB) indices are mapped to PRB indices for a first slot and a second slot of a subframe, and PRB indices for the second slot are shifted relative to the PRB indices for the first slot based a predetermined gap, wherein the predetermined shift is applied to the PRB index when the index of said PRB is equal to or greater than a predetermined threshold.EFFECT: providing efficient transmission of downlink data.22 cl, 33 dwg

ethod and apparatus for implementing remote house control // 2555244
FIELD: physics, control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to remote home control means. In the system, a virtual private network is formed between a network home control key and a network home control device. For said network home control key and network home control device, network routes to the Internet from data networks to which they are connected are determined. The found network routes are stored in a home control network server on the Internet. If there is need to form a virtual private network, the home control network server reports the stored network routes to the network home control key and to the network home control device. Using the received network routes, the network home control key and the network home control device form a virtual private network with each other, said virtual private network being connected to a client device used by the individual performing remote control and actuating devices to be controlled remotely.EFFECT: high reliability and safety of the home control system.13 cl, 7 dwg
Device for remote property control // 2552140
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: device comprises: an input/output facility for network interfaces; a processor and a memory, which contains a computer software code; at the same time the specified processor, memory and computer software code stored in the memory provide for possibility to receive a unique identification code of the device transmitted by its unique paired network terminal, which is a unique terminal, with which it is possible to establish a connection to transfer data only for a network key of house management, or to transfer one's own identification code of the device into one's own paired network terminal, when the network key of house management and the unique paired network terminal are connected to each other by means of their USB ports.EFFECT: increased safety of data transmission.9 cl, 7 dwg

Serial networking fibre-to-seat in-flight entertainment system // 2550537
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an in-flight entertainment system. The in-flight entertainment system includes a plurality of head-end line replaceable units physically interconnected in a ring configuration and a plurality of serially-connected networking line replaceable units physically interconnected in a serial configuration, wherein two of the serially-connected networking line replaceable units at the edge of the serial configuration are physically interconnected with two of the head-end line replaceable units, respectively, wherein a loop-free head-end data path is maintained between active head-end line replaceable units by regulating link participation in the data path, and wherein one or more loop-free serially-connected data paths are maintained between at least one of the two head-end line replaceable units and active serially-connected networking line replaceable units.EFFECT: high efficiency of communications of components of an in-flight entertainment system.10 cl, 13 dwg

Telecommunication network data transmission means and telecommunication network // 2549120
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multiprotocol telecommunication data transmission means. The system enables to create a network with data relay and routing based on navigation information. The data transmission means comprises a signal (2) type detection and determination unit, a scanning receiver (28) for air scanning and transmission of a set of reports to a frequency spectrum (29) computer, intended for transmission thereof to the signal (30) type determination unit, designed to determine a set of frequencies corresponding to the detected signal based on geographic coordinates obtained from a navigator (14), and also notify a monitoring and control telecommunication module (1), selecting a corresponding radio station connected to a switch (12), for signal modulation with parameters corresponding to the detected parameters. The telecommunication network comprises radio stations with or without an Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3 interface, and telecommunication network (461-46q) data transmission means, the switches (12) of which are connected to the radio stations with or without an Ethernet standard IEEE interface.EFFECT: constructing a data transmission network without setting the broadcast frequency and parameters of radio stations which are part of the network.3 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of allocating channel resources in broadband access system during data transmission, including multimedia data // 2546543
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method comprises forming a database of content units to a user or group of users, formed on a particular list and, based on the list, making a more precise calculation of the required channel resources in the system by building a queue of orders for rate reservation for each ordered content unit for each user or group of users; combining the same orders and multicasting the same custom content units to the user or group of users; carrying out automatic switching of the user access device to a content channel that has already broadcast a content unit in accordance with its request. The allocation of resources is also carried out through creating dynamic content feeds that include content units of duration T to be transmitted to groups of user access devices at certain time intervals.EFFECT: high optimisation of broadband access channel resources.17 cl, 8 dwg

Database application navigation // 2544774
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to database management and specifically to database applications for performing certain functions on databases. The technical result is achieved due to a database server application program which is provided such that it is configured to provide a programmable interface into a database application through uniform resource locators (URL) of database services. A database services URL used by the database application can be updated programmatically by program code executing within or under control of the database server application program. A macro action for use in conjunction with a database server application that provides functionality for displaying a database object, such as a form or report, locally in a Web browser is also described.EFFECT: enabling users without a copy of the client database application to gain access and use the database application through a Web browser and a local or wide area network.19 cl, 8 dwg