Having rotor with internally short-circuited windings, e.g. cage rotor (H02K17/16)

Rotor cage of asynchronous electric motor with increased start quality factor // 2638560
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: rotor cage of the asynchronous electric motor contains rods and copper short-circuiting rings. In this case, the copper short-circuiting rings are equipped with ring screens. These screens are made of two-layers of ferromagnetic steel and copper. The screens are L-shaped in cross-section and cover the upper and outer side surfaces of the rings.EFFECT: increase in the start quality factor of an asynchronous motor.3 dwg, 2 tbl

Rotor of electric machine with manufactured, in terms of granulate, short-circuited cage // 2633382
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: rotor has a rotary core (1) of core material, arranged concentrically to the axis, comprising grooves (2) extending substantially axially. The core (1) at each axial end of the grooves (2) has a corresponding annular recess (3) arranged concentrically with the rotor axis and connecting the grooves (2). The core (1) has a diffusion layer (4), which comprises a diffusion material and covers at least partially the corresponding surface of the grooves (2) and / or the annular recess (3). Granulate (5) of an electrically conductive material is introduced into the grooves (2) and/or the corresponding annular recess (3), which is connected with material bringing to the rotor core (1) in case of heat supply and pressure application.EFFECT: improving the mechanical properties of the rotor.16 cl, 2 dwg

Gearless electric lift drive (versions) // 2619162
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: gearless electric lift drive contains a cab suspension, a frequency converter (9) with the possibility of forming voltages with frequencies lowered in relation to the network frequency (10), and a low-frequency induction motor (1) connected to the output of the frequency converter (9) and designed to operate with the indicated stresses. The highest value of the reduced frequency at the output of the frequency converter (9) is set depending on the set nominal speed of the lift cab in accordance with the expression ƒn=νnomipsp/πDs≤0,8ƒc, where ƒn - the highest value of the reduced frequency at the output of the frequency converter; νnom - the specified nominal speed of the lift cab; ips - multiplicity of the polyspast cab suspension; p - the number of pole pairs of the induction motor stator winding; Ds - the diameter of the lift traction sheave; ƒc - the frequency of the supply network. The stator windings of the low-frequency motor are made for the rated network voltage and the largest value of the reduced frequency. The variants of the gearless electric lift drive are also proposed.EFFECT: simultaneously with the reduction of the current in the stator winding of the drive motor, reducing the dimensions and cost of the drive induction motor.3 cl, 2 dwg

Rotor of the asynchronous electric motor // 2617445
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: rotor of the asynchronous electric motor contains a core made in the form of a cylindrical laminated package with grooves and fixed to the shaft, a short-circuited winding made in the form of a squirrel cage design and containing rods of length lδ, height hC and width bc located in the grooves of the core of the rotor, and short-circuiting rings located on the end surfaces of the core of the rotor. Short-circuiting rings are made with a radial height an and the axial thickness bn. On even tines with length t2 of the short-circuiting rings 4 in the radial direction, grooves of a rectangular shape of length l and depth h are arranged symmetrically with respect to the symmetry axes of the even gear divisions.EFFECT: reliability increase.2 tbl, 5 dwg

Electric machine with rotor for electric machine cooling // 2597234
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical machine (1, 51), in particular, an asynchronous machine, and its cooling system. Electric machine (1, 51) includes stator (2), rotor (4) being in magnetic interaction with stator (2), shaft (5), fixed on which is rotor (4); the shaft has axial bore (6), feed element (7, 47), which passes through axial bore (6) so that to ensure possibility of cooling agent (15) flow from feed element (7, 47) into axial bore (6). Electric machine (1, 51) comprises chamber (32, 42), which is located at the open end of shaft (5) so that there is ensured a possibility of cooling agent (15) flow from axial bore (6) into chamber (32, 42). Chamber (32, 42) in axial direction is restricted by axial framework (320, 420), which ensures possibility of spiral guiding of cooling agent (15) around rotation axis (3) into output (33, 43) of cooling agent.EFFECT: higher efficiency of machine cooling.15 cl, 6 dwg

Determination of eccentricity of induction motor rotor // 2589743
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine is prepared for starting and started. After starting, engine rotor rpm vs time graph is plotted. Amplitudes of rotor rpm variations are isolated at said graph at section between starting time and time of setting behaviour. Now, difference in amplitudes related with reference and tested engines is defined. Said defined difference in amplitudes is used to define the rotor relative eccentricity.EFFECT: determination of induction motor rotor eccentricity at idling.2 dwg

Squirrel-cage rotor // 2557556
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, namely to electric machine industry, and can be used for creation of rotor from series-produced squirrel-cage rotor. The squirrel-cage rotor with permanent magnets has the laminated core covering the whole area of the rotor and having continuous rotor grooves in the longitudinal direction in which the squirrel-cage fills rotor grooves along the whole length of the core, and short-circuiting rings connect cage rods on both end face surfaces of the laminated core, meanwhile the radius of the rotor area is decreased by lathe machining, at least, by the radial thickness of permanent magnets. The rotor radius by lathe machining is decreased along the whole length between short-circuiting rings so that the radial height of the cage rods or the cage lattices connected to them is reduced. On the rotor the permanent magnets are installed. Besides, the invention relates to the electric motor with such rotor and to the centrifugal pump with such electric motor. The invention relates also to the method of manufacture of such rotor and to the method of control of the electric motor with such rotor.EFFECT: rotor manufacture by easy method and low level of costs.19 cl, 8 dwg

Controlled asynchronous drive with cascade and common rotor // 2556862
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: asynchronous drive with cascade and common rotor comprises two electric motors connected coaxially, which magnet systems are axial and placed in the same housing at the same shaft fixed horizontally in bearing assemblies of the housing. Stator of the first electric motor is fixed rigidly by its one side to the housing. Rotor of both motors are joined in a single structure comprising joined magnet core with radial slots placed at the left and right side of the rotor, wherein squirrel-cage winding placed with its turns passing from the left lock ring placed at inner left side of the joined rotor, then through the left slot, then through outer side of the rotor and finally through the right slot to the right lock ring placed at the right inner side of the joined rotor. Stator of the second electric motor is fixed rigidly and by its teeth is faced towards stator teeth of the first electric motor. Stator winding of the second electric motor is connected to variable resistors controlling change in rotation velocity and moment of the controlled electric drive with cascade.EFFECT: reliability improvement.1 dwg

anufacturing method of out-of-alignment short-circuited rotors and out-of-alignment short-circuited rotor // 2548369
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering and can be used at manufacture of a short-circuited rotor of an asynchronous machine. The invention proposes a manufacturing method of short-circuited rotor (1) for asynchronous machine (2), which includes core (5) with bevelled slots (4), end rings (6) from the first material and short-circuited bars (3; 11; 12) from the second material with higher specific electric conductivity in comparison to the first material, which are moulded-on from faces to core (5) of the rotor, and which are laid into bevelled slots (4) of short-circuited rotor (1) and almost fully fill internal zone (7) of the slots if to look in radial direction of core (5) of the rotor.EFFECT: increasing efficiency of an asynchronous machine.24 cl, 10 dwg

Reconfigurable synchronous induction motor // 2543992
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric motors, in particular to mobile permanent magnets and/or to non-magnetic conductive shunting parts in a rotor for motor conversion from asynchronous induction motor at starting into synchronous motor. Reconfigurable electric motor contains a rotor with rotary permanent magnets or non-magnetic conductive shunting parts. Magnets and/or the shunting parts have the first position creating weak magnetic field ensuring the motor run in asynchronous mode at its starting, and the second position creating strong magnetic field ensuring an efficient operation in a synchronous mode. The motor also contains a squirrel-cage winding of rotor. At approaching or achieving by the motor of synchronous rotational speed the permanent magnets and/or the shunting parts rotate for creation of strong magnetic field with ensuring of high performance in the synchronous mode.EFFECT: increase of overall performance.20 cl, 52 dwg

Asynchronous motor with excluded idling // 2538405
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: to device consisting of three-phase cage asynchronous motor, thyristor regulator for the purpose of reduced power consumption at idling by means of automatic transfer of the device to pulse mode in circuit of each stator phase downstream thyristors there are three in-series inductance coils and additional three capacitors coupled in parallel to stator windings of the caged asynchronous motor.EFFECT: reduced power consumption at idling.1 dwg

Cooling of induction motor rotor // 2536805
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a squirrel-cage rotor for an induction machine and to a method of its fabrication. The squirrel-cage rotor comprises a rotor core 1 of sheets, short-circuited rods 2 arranged inside the said core 1 and short-circuited rings 3 abutting on the said core 1 to electrically interconnect the said rods 2 at the rotor core end sides. For better heat removal, heat pipes 4 are fitted axially in the said rotor core 1 to extend therefore at end sides and to fit in the short-circuited rings 3.EFFECT: better heat removal from the squirrel-cage rotor of the induction motor.14 cl, 8 dwg

Square-cage rotor // 2518507
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a square-cage rotor for an asynchronous motor. The rotor contains a laminated pack (1) with groves (3), cage rings (5) of the first material moulded at end surfaces to the laminated pack and conductors (4) of the second material with higher conductivity than the first material, at that the conductors are placed in the grooves. Surface of the conductors (4) has a coating (8) of the coating material which through the first doped layer (2) of the second material and coating material borders with the second material of the conductors (4) and through the second doped layer (9) of the first material and coating material border with the first moulded material.EFFECT: improvement of electrical efficiency for the square-cage rotor consisting of two materials.25 cl, 6 dwg

Drive-transformer unit // 2507665
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: transformer part of a unit is made with a primary winding connected to a three-phase circuit, and with a secondary z-phase bar winding, arranged in z slots of a transformer magnetic conductor closed at one side with an end ring. The drive part of the unit comprises an induction motor with a short-circuited rotor and stator with a bar winding, electrically connected with the secondary winding of the transformer, and at the other side closed with the end ring. The bars of the secondary winding of the transformer are connected with Z bars-feedthrough plates arranged in a tight partition. Each bar-feedthrough plate at the other side is electrically connected with n bars of the stator winding via intermediate electric wire arched segments adjoining the stator (where n=1, 2, … - multiple number between the bars of the stator winding and the secondary winding of the transformer).EFFECT: expanded area of application and increased energy characteristics and reliability of a drive-transformer unit.2 dwg

Rotor (armature) of electrical machine (versions) // 2485658
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: core plates are made in the area of internal diameter with slots concentric in relation to this diameter at least in two rows; at that there are at least two slots in each row and bridges between slots are located in the middle of slots in the next row; at that joining of elements fixing core ends to the shaft is made at radial depth from the first row of concentric slots and joining of axial fixing elements to core ends is spread in radial direction to the shaft not farther then the last row of slots from the shaft.EFFECT: prevention of impact of unevenly compacted rotor core on the rotor shaft of an electrical machine.4 cl, 5 dwg

Axial electric motor // 2477559
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: axial electric motor is designed to be stationary and open in a plot of land, the body consisting of the lower tier including a foundation slab with the lower support assembly and the upper tier including a star-shaped spherical framework attached to the foundation, the framework symmetrically composed of prop beams tensioned in the centre with an axial support and balancing assembly. Installed between the lower support assembly and the axial support and balancing assembly is a large diameter runner wheel on the end face whereof the short-circuited rotor proper is installed separated from the magnetic conductor of the stator, erected on the foundation slab on a raised platform, with an air gap. The runner wheel shaft is connected to the load via a clutch.EFFECT: ensuring large magnitude torques combined with design simplification.3 dwg

Asynchronous double-speed motor // 2450409
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: motor consists of body with stator with low and high speed windings mounted in slots, rotor fixed at motor shaft and box of inputs with through joints connected to outputs of specified windings. According to invention winding changeover device is located at motor body; input terminals of the motor should have facilities for connection of feeder current-carrying leads and output terminals of winding changeover device should be connected electrically with through joints connected to outputs of motor windings. Winding changeover device can be located in box of inputs; for this purpose two outputs of this device should be connected through its break-type contacts to outputs of low speed windings of the motor and two outputs through normally open contacts of device should be connected to through joints, which are connected to high speed windings of the motor. Third outputs of low and high speed windings should be interconnected and then connected to the third through joint in box of motor inputs.EFFECT: simplification of power supply system structure, improvement of control and protection, enhancement of reliability and operation of asynchronous double-speed motors due to their power supply by one cable and due to motor control and protection by one device instead of two devices.2 cl, 2 dwg

Rotor of asynchronous electric machine // 2436220
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: rotor of an asynchronous electric machine comprises a shaft, a ferromagnetic core fixed coaxially on the shaft - a magnetic conductor with an external surface in the form of a circular cylinder and an electric winding of "squirrel cage" type. At the same time according to this invention, the ferromagnetic core - magnetic conductor consists of longitudinal elements made of material having at least axial electroconductivity, besides, the longitudinal elements with the help of frontal conductors - links are electrically connected to each other only by their end parts, forming a winding of "squirrel cage" type.EFFECT: considerable improvement of weight and dimension characteristics of an electric machine, reduced prime cost of its manufacturing, considerable reduction of teeth pulsations of the torque on the shaft of the asynchronous electric machine with a rotor made according to this invention.10 cl, 2 dwg

Asynchronous high-torque motor for reduced rotation speed // 2435283
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: in asynchronous motor the following is used: semi-open (up to 2.2 mm) rotor slots of special design without chamfer with transition at the height of 1 mm to wide part of the slot top; stator slots having upper part of arched design and maximum opening up to 4 mm on condition that number of pairs of poles 2p = 6 - 12 is chosen so that frequency of supply voltage is not lower than 4 Hz, with rigid matching of ratio of numbers of rotor slots of 66-130 and stator slots of 54 - 108 at the number of rotor slots more than number of stator slots by 20%; stator winding with number of slots per pole and phase is at least 2; magnetic system made from steel having high values of induction without connection to value of specific losses.EFFECT: higher energy data and overload capacity of electric motor, including at its operation in generator mode.2 dwg, 1 tbl

Low-speed asynchronous electric motor // 2412518
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: low-speed asynchronous electric motor includes stator with multi-phase winding and rotor with interleaved core and short-circuited winding. Stator phases are made in the form of annular windings coaxial with rotor, each of which is located between two annular magnetic cores with teeth protruding in axial direction and which are opposite directed. At that, annular magnetic cores of the phase are offset relative to each other through π/z angle, and between them there arranged is toroidal magnetic core, and annular magnetic core of various phases are offset relative to each other through 2π/z·m angle, where z - the number of teeth of each annular magnetic core, and m - the number of phases.EFFECT: simplifying the manufacturing procedure of the stator windings at simultaneous technically possible increase of the number of poles of low-speed asynchronous electric motor.3 dwg

Repulsion commutator-free electric motor // 2412517
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the proposed electric motor containing stator (2) with single-phase winding (6) and rotor (13) with squirrel cage (24), stator (2) has magnetic core (3) and magnetic core (4), the symmetry axes of which are parallel to each other and perpendicular to rotor (13) rotation axis; poles (5) of magnetic core (3) lie in its symmetry axis, magnetic core (4) is ring-shaped and has one pair of poles (11) on inner side of the ring; angle between symmetry axis of each pole (11) and symmetry axis of magnetic core (4) lies within 15° to 75°; on poles (11) there arranged is winding (12) in the form of coil wound on spiral; on the part of magnetic core (4), which is opposite to poles (11), there is winding (9) representing the coil wound on spiral; windings (9) and (12) are connected to each other so that the direction of their coiling is the same; rotor (13) is located between poles (5) and (11).EFFECT: simplifying the design, improving operating reliability of electric motor, and reducing its operating costs.2 cl, 3 dwg

Asynchronous motor with hollow rotor with outside excitation // 2396672
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: asynchronous motor with hollow short-circuit rotor includes hollow rotor and external stator with core and winding, as well as additional rotor installed on the shaft in the zone restricted with stator with possibility of rotation irrespective of hollow rotor, made from ring-shaped magnet radially magnetised with the number of pairs of poles, which is equal to the number of pairs of poles of stator winding, on which there pressed is thin-wall sleeve from conducting material, and hollow rotor is made in the form of thin-wall shell from conducting material.EFFECT: increasing power coefficient and efficiency of asynchronous motor with hollow rotor without deterioration of its dynamic characteristics.3 cl, 2 dwg
Rotor of asynchronous motor // 2395151
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: there is proposed rotor of asynchronous motor which includes magnetic conductor fixed on shaft and in slots of which there arranged is short-circuited winding made from cast metal. Cast metal of winding contains 98.80 - 99.95% of copper, as well as alloying elements and impurities in the form of plumbum, stannum, bismuth, antimony, nickel, zinc, cadmium, phosphorus and arsenic. In addition, lithium is added to cast metal of short-circuited winding.EFFECT: increasing density, decreasing the influence of impurities and increasing conductivity of cast metal of short-circuited winding of rotor of asynchronous motor.3 cl

ethod of operation efficiency improvement for asynchronous short-circuit electric machine, and asynchronous short-circuit electric machine (versions) // 2393613
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: additional effect of rotating electromagnetic stator field on sectors of short-circuit rotor winding coils passing through areas adjoining stator pole half-pitch borders is added to effect of rotating electromagnetic stator field on short-circuit rotor winding coils passing through areas adjoining stator pole pith borders. Machine retains field rotation effect and continues full-scale operation with one phase disconnected, generating high-quality harmonic voltage of missing phase in disconnected phase winding.EFFECT: starting current ratio reduced by motor due to prevention of braking losses, increased number of starts without load loss, possible application of the machine in most difficult operation environment with high shaft load.6 cl, 4 dwg

Short-circuited rotor with squirrel cage of asynchronous machine // 2386201
FIELD: electric engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed short-circuited rotor with squirrel cage comprises shaft (1) and laminated core of sheet steel (2), in laminated core of sheet steel (2) there are rotor winding (3) rods located, which at both ends of laminated core of sheet steel (2) are pulled through openings (10) of each end plate (9) and closed by short-circuited ring (4), which, being electrically conducting, connects ends of rotor winding (3) rods on one side of short-circuited rotor to squirrel cage, besides each end plate (9) comprises circumferential ledge, which at least partially covers short-circuiting ring (4) with geometric closure at its outer side, besides each end plate (9) comprises part of rotor winding (3) rod and part of short-circuiting ring (4). At the same time, according to the present invention, end plates (9) are arranged as massive and are made of stronger material compared to rods of rotor winding (3) and short-circuiting rings (4), besides rods of rotor winding (3) have bulge at their ends with increased cross section of rod (7), moreover, at least part of rotor winding (3) rods bulge lies in openings (10) of end plates (9), besides transition between bulge and short-circuiting ring (4) is arranged in the form of rounding with transitional radius (8).EFFECT: improved reliability of short-circuited rotor and asynchronous machine as a whole by elimination of possibility of breakage in transitional area of rotor winding rods and short-circuiting rings, provision of reliable retention of short-circuiting rings at high speeds of rotation and centrifugal forces.9 cl, 13 dwg
Asynchronous machine // 2349015
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and may be used in other engineering branches, for example wind-power engineering. The main point of the invention is the use of specific common rotor in asynchronous machine with two stators and common rotor. The above-mentioned common rotor rotates freely with regard to the shaft and at the same time has two separate short-circuited windings for each stator and one common short-circuited winding for both stators. One stator is fixed to the shaft, while the other rotates together with it. The windings of the fixed stator and the stator rotating together with shaft are made up from windings of two or more unequal sections of the above stators. In addition, the minor sector of the fixed stator winding and the minor winding sector of the stator rotating together with the shaft are connected to the mains. The same connection is ensured for large sectors or next by the size sections of the fixed stator or stator rotating together with stator shaft.EFFECT: increase of electromagnetic moment at smaller dimensions, while ensuring moment control.2 cl

Rotor of frontal electric machine // 2321139
FIELD: electric engineering, possible use for engineering asynchronous electric machines with short-circuited rotor.SUBSTANCE: the rotor includes magnetic conductor with a yoke, a short-circuited winding, ventilation blades, short-circuiting ring, rods, ribs and stator. In accordance to the invention, ventilation blades are made current-conductive in form of several current-conductive, vertically mounted rods, connected to one short-circuiting ring of magnetic conductor, while upper part of current conductive ventilation blades is wedge-shaped, narrowing towards the working air gap and having cross-section area which is equal to or greater than the area of cross-section of current-conductive rod of magnetic conductor. Ventilating current-conductive blades may be installed according to two variants: in the first variant - vertically along internal and external diameters of short-circuiting ring of magnetic conductor, and in the second variant - vertically only along the internal diameter of short-circuiting ring of magnetic conductor, or only along external diameter of short-circuiting ring of magnetic conductor with possible passage of electric current through vertically mounted current-conductive rods of aforementioned blades along their whole height. The short-circuiting ring is installed on the side which is opposite to working air gap and positioned along the internal diameter of magnetic conductor, and ribs of ventilating current-conductive blades are installed on one short-circuiting ring.EFFECT: reduced metal consumption and increased operational reliability of rotor.3 cl, 3 dwg

Face electric machine // 2321136
FIELD: electric engineering, namely - engineering of face electric machines, which may be used in various industrial branches.SUBSTANCE: the face electric machine includes circular magnetic conductors, stator with excitation winding, rotor shaft with short-circuited winding, bearing shield with roller bearings, springs and adjusting device. In accordance to the invention, one of springs is the main spring and is made with diameter which exceeds rotor shaft diameter, and is mounted on the rotor shaft between roller bearings to ensure possible free movement of shaft inside the main spring, while on one end the spring abuts against the body of one roller bearing, and by other end it abuts against the body of another roller bearing with possible movement of rotor shaft along its axis, and additional spring is installed between roller bearing and the rotor, while by one end it abuts against the body of a roller bearing, and by other end it abuts against the body of rotor.EFFECT: increased reliability of operation of electric machine with simultaneous improvement of its output parameters.2 cl, 1 dwg

Asynchronous two-frequency generator // 2313886
FIELD: electric machines (electro-mechanics), in particular, autonomous asynchronous generators, meant for usage in autonomous electric plants.SUBSTANCE: asynchronous two-frequency electric machine contains short-circuited rotor and two three-phased windings combined in common core of stator with numbers of pole pairs p1 and p2, where EMF are induced at frequency f1 and f2 respectively, having clamps for connecting external electric circuits, including electric receivers, while in parallel to winding with number of pole pairs p2 a three-phased excitation capacitor is connected, also contains a motor as supply of mechanical power which rotates shaft of machine, and additional three-phased excitation capacitor, connected in parallel to winding with a number of pole pairs p1.EFFECT: simplified supply of electric energy in autonomous electric plants with two frequencies of current and reduced losses of energy in such a supply.1 dwg

Asynchronous electric motor rotor // 2309516
FIELD: electric engineering, namely, asynchronous electric motors with short-circuited rotor winding.SUBSTANCE: shorted rotor of asynchronous electric motor contains a core with grooves, shorted winding with working and launching cells, where launching cell is made in form of inserted conductors of material with lesser specific electric conductance compared to working cell and shorting rings. In accordance to the invention, launching cell is made only of aforementioned inserted conductors and its length does not exceed the length of rotor magnetic wire, and working cell in each groove of magnetic wire of rotor only has one-sided contact with launching cell along whole length of inserted conductor, where working cell and shorting rings are cast copper, and inserted conductors of launching cell along their length are made in form of parts made of materials with varying specific electric conductance.EFFECT: improved electromagnetic characteristics of asynchronous electric motor in repeating short term modes with simultaneously reduced industrial costs due to simplification of manufacturing technology for shorted rotor and economy of materials.6 cl, 4 dwg

Axial-centrifugal motor-pump // 2284426
FIELD: power engineering; mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in liquid-handling pumping facilities. According to invention, in proposed axial-centrifugal motor-pump, stator of electric motor is hermetically isolated from passage part of motor-pump by diaphragm made of dielectric material. Magnetic circuit of rotor is laminated, made of electric sheet steel with short-circuited aluminum winding and is press-fitted into bladed impeller made of light aluminum alloy. Impeller-rotor is installed on axle secured in housing for free rotation.EFFECT: provision of protection of stator winding of electric motor of motor-pump from harmful mechanical and chemical action of handled liquid, reduced heating of handled liquid and motor-pump as a whole, increased power characteristics, reduced energy losses, increased efficiency and improved mass and size characteristics of pumping unit.2 dwg

Electrical machine winding // 2275729
FIELD: electrical engineering; multipole ac electrical machines and their stator and rotor windings.SUBSTANCE: proposed electrical machine winding has at least most of end-portion conductors made in the form of jumpers whose sectional area at points of connection to bars averaged lengthwise of slot; is smaller than that of winding bars being connected; junctions between mentioned jumpers and bars of winding upper layer are disposed on toothed surface end of core; junctions between these jumpers and bars of winding lower layer are disposed on core yoke end; cross-sectional areas of winding phase lead conductors at junctions between them and bars averaged lengthwise of slot are smaller than those of bars they are connected to.EFFECT: reduced overhang of end windings, facilitated manufacture, reduced material input.4 cl, 5 dwg

Induction motor rotor // 2251781
FIELD: electromechanical engineering; squirrel-cage rotors of induction motors.SUBSTANCE: proposed squirrel-cage rotor has laminated ferromagnetic core accommodating squirrel-cage winding bars. Upper part of bar has single- or double-ended longitudinal rectangular-section lateral slots which are not filled with ferromagnetic material. Double-ended longitudinal slots provided in upper part of bar are alternately disposed on one and other sides of bar.EFFECT: enhanced starting torque of motor without changing starting current.4 cl, 6 dwg

Face-type induction machine // 2249293
FIELD: electrical and electromechanical engineering; face-type induction machines having one stator and one rotor.SUBSTANCE: proposed machine has stator ring-type magnetic cores carrying field winding, as well as squirrel-cage rotor, stator base endshield accommodating supporting sleeve, rotor disk, bearing assembly incorporating rotor shaft bearings, and thrust bearing. Stator base endshield is fixed in position by means of enclosing hollow cylinder with thrust bearing disposed on its inner surface and tightly fitted on one end to annular boss of hollow cylinder and on other end abuts against rotor disk. Up to three actuating mechanisms can be coupled with this machine.EFFECT: enhanced diametric dimensions of stator and rotor cores, minimized air gap between them, enhanced loading capacity and operating reliability of machine.1 cl, 1 dwg

A method of manufacturing an electric machine having a core and a squirrel-cage winding // 2239932
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely technology rotor induction motors with a core and a short-circuited winding, reduces waste conductive material squirrel-cage winding and to provide for the Assembly of large machines with a core having sufficient mechanical strength

echanical electrical asynchronous machine // 2233529
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely mechanical asynchronous electric machine with a stator and a single rotor

Induction motor with a hollow rotor // 2232460
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely asynchronous Executive motors with hollow rotor

Asynchronous sealed squirrel-cage motor and method of manufacturing // 2231895
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely to asynchronous motors

Double-layer fractional winding of electrical machines ac // 2231891
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and of electrical engineering, namely the multi-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor, fed from a solid state frequency converters

The motor electrophrenic centrifugal pumps // 2211520
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, in particular for motor installations electrophrenic centrifugal pumps with squirrel-cage rotor

Induction asynchronous motor // 2208892
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and can be used in systems of Electromechanical energy conversion

The ac motors // 2192091
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, in particular to drive an alternating current of high frequency asynchronous motors

Induction motor // 2171541
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and can be used as motors for actuators woodworking machines, monoblock pumps and other equipment requiring strict fixation of the shaft with the rotor in the same position

Induction motor // 2171540
The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used as asynchronous motors for a complete set of actuators for domestic and industrial use, in particular electric drives of pumps

Squirrel-cage rotor for an asynchronous machine // 2168832
The invention relates to electrical engineering, namely to the specifics of the design execution squirrel-cage rotors for electric machines

Squirrel-cage winding of the rotor of the asynchronous electric machine // 2152117
The invention relates to electrical engineering and is intended for use in frequency-controlled induction machines for the transport and industry

echanical electrical asynchronous machine // 2140700
The invention relates to electrical engineering and electrical engineering, namely mechanical electrical machine with a stator and one rotor, in which the base of the rotor is carried on a base shield stator console

Squirrel-cage rotor century. and. valley // 2133072
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely, electric machines, in particular, to the design of the rotors of induction motors with soldered squirrel-cage winding

A method of manufacturing an induction motor and asynchronous motor with squirrel-cage rotor // 2130681
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, can be used for systems with asynchronous three-phase and multi-speed motors and provides high demands on the mechanical characteristics (dependence of torque from slipping), in particular by the starting points and the points in the region of large slides, and vibroshumes parameters

A method of manufacturing an induction motor and asynchronous motor with squirrel-cage rotor // 2127016
The invention relates to electrical engineering, can be used for systems with asynchronous three-phase and multi-speed motors and provides high demands on the mechanical characteristics (dependence of torque from slipping), in particular, starting moments and the moments of the big slides, and vibroshumes parameters