Fastening of windings on stator or rotor structure (H02K3/46)

otor coil frame // 2621326
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to electrical engineering, namely to electric machines manufacture. The motor coil frame comprises the main part of the coil frame, around which the coil is to be wound, and flanged portions formed integrally with both end portions of the main part of the coil frame, wherein the coil frame uncludes a resin-based molded part formed using a polymer with amide linkages and insulating aramid containing paper made from aramid fibrid and short aramid fibers, at that, the surface of the resin-based molded part and of aramid paper are directly connected to each other.EFFECT: invention provides improved performance and power output of electrical machines.7 cl, 4 dwg, 2 tbl

Element of the generator, its application and method of fitting of stator // 2601949
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electrical engineering, particularly, to generators of electricity. Power generator comprises of the stator with the base, including ring or torus and multiple pins or extending outward from the ring or torus, intended for rigid installation of the base of the stator on the mounting support of the stator, as well as winding conductors wound around said ring or torus. Generator also contains the erection support stator, including base plate, a journal secured to base plate or made integral with it and extending from it, at least on one side, and assembly facilities extending along the periphery of the bed plate, at least on one side. Mounting devices include mounting holes, each of which is intended for reception of one element from the specified multiple pins or the base of stator for rigid installation of the base of the stator on the mounting support of the stator.EFFECT: technical result is improved design of the generator stator.17 cl, 7 dwg

Device for support of superconducting coils in rotor of electromotive machine // 2563456
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electromotive machines, and more specifically to devices designed to support to insulate thermally superconducting coils of rotor. The device for support of superconducting coils at separating distance from the core of the machine rotor comprises an elongated circuit designed to serve as radial support for the coil, axial main assembly (84) made with potential fixing of the above circuit in regard to the rotor core at near end of the elongated circuit in regard to the rotor axis and bracket assembly designed to set inner depth for receipt of the superconducting coil section and to support elongated circuit at its remote end in regard to the rotor axis. The elongated material contains material resistant to heat flow. The axial main assembly comprises a modular assembly including the main module placed in cavity of the rotor core.EFFECT: developing structure ensuring reliable support and heat insulation of the superconducting coil.10 cl, 16 dwg

Winding of double-pole three-phase electric machine for z=18 // 2562795
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electric engineering and may be used at production of submersible borehole pumps, electric vehicles, in particular hybrid vehicles, and battery vehicles. Winding of double-pole three-phase electric machine is made with number of slots z=18, c pitch of y=1-10, with number of parallel branches a=1 and ratio of number of turns in even delta-connected coils to number of turns in odd wye-connected coils equal to √3. Winding includes six single- and double-layered two-section coils with ratio of turn number in single-layered sections to turn number in double-layered sections equal to 2:1. Coil beginnings of wye and delta phases with the same polarity are shifted per 2 slots (40 electrical degrees). The coils are laid in waggle way and their outputs are placed from outer sides of coils or outputs of only even coils are placed from their inner sides. According to another version outputs of coil beginnings of wye and delta phases are placed in the common slot (shift is equal to 0 electrical degrees, at that at inner sides of the coils there are outputs of odd coils only or outputs of all coils.EFFECT: implementation of double-pole three-phase energy-efficient and low-noise electric machine with number of slots of z=18, with pitch of y=1-10 and number of parallel branches of a=1.2 cl, 4 dwg

Electrical machine and method of manufacturing // 2543991
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the stator of electrical machine and the method of its manufacturing. The stator for electrical machine comprises the core having a variety of pole horns and a variety of windings made of electroconductive material at pole horns. At least a part of windings is made of a wire having a pair of free ends, which may be connected electrically to the network power source. The stator comprises two or more electric contacts having a flexible section, which may be moved in direction towards the core and away; the above contacts are connected electrically to the respective contacts of the power source. At least one of electrical contacts is formed by two free ends of the corresponding different wires and has a twisted shaped made by ends twisting along the initial line of the ends passing, at that at the base of each twisted part there is a loop for each electrical contact. The loop forms a dampening element for the respective twisted section.EFFECT: improved reliability of the electrical machine.21 cl, 20 dwg

Stator coil fastener system for stators not coated by lacquer // 2525233
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to perfection of borehole generators, particularly, to support and limitation of displacement of stator coils arranged in the engine housing. Borehole motor has tubular housing elongated in lengthwise direction, stator part arranged therein, stator coil winding looped back in the stator by end turn with tip. It comprises connector to connect at least one of coil windings and housing end abutting on stator part end to support the winding.EFFECT: fastening of stator coils not coated with lacquer inside motor housing.17 cl, 5 dwg

Bandage of anchor winding of electric machine // 2321134
FIELD: electro-mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: bandage of electric machine anchor winding is made in form of continuous solid coiling, coil to coil, in a layer of isolated wire of magnetic or non-magnetic material at whole axial length of bandage section of winding, which does not have other means of radial attachment. The bandage contains even number of wire layers with a lock of beginning and end of coiling on one of end sides. Below each single or double layer of wire, an insert ribbon is positioned which envelopes the anchor surface being bandaged in one layer and which is made of non electro-conductive reinforced material containing axially oriented direct threads rigid to stretching. Aforementioned insert ribbon is provided with collar stops on external surfaces along end edges. Collar stops are longitudinally reinforced with wire or non-metallic filaments rigid to stretching. Axial distance between their internal stopping surfaces is equal to axial size of surface being bandaged.EFFECT: simplified construction, ensured maximal technically possible reduction of losses to vortex currents, ensured stable reliability.4 cl, 8 dwg

Coil for magnetic system of stator of salient-pole electric machine // 2306655
FIELD: electric engineering and electro-mechanical industry, in particular, features of design of coils with salient poles for rectangular stators of salient-pole electric machine.SUBSTANCE: in the coil for magnetic system of stator of salient-pole electric machine with rectangular poles, made by winding of flat rectangular cross-section bus onto narrow rib and containing elements of body and coil isolation with monolithic realization of working part of coil, in accordance to invention, on frontal parts of coil air gaps are provided between coils, expanding in wedge-like fashion in axial direction from the end of magnetic-duct of pole, in gaps between coils in longitudinal symmetry plane of coil distant inserts are installed made of solid isolating material with shape and dimensions, corresponding to gaps between coils in this plane, and with width substantially lesser than width of pole, connected by gluing to surfaces of adjacent coils, a packet of structural elements, consisting of frontal parts of coil rings and distant inserts between them, is fastened in longitudinal symmetry plane of the coil by bandage of non electro-conductive material, resistant to stretching, aforementioned inserts being of orthogonally symmetric H-like form with height of bar, equal to width of bus, and with common height, exceeding it by double bandage thickness, aforementioned bandage being positioned between shelves formed by aforementioned method. Due to such characteristic feature, all four sides of rectangular cross-section of each conductor within limits of frontal part of coil form surfaces, directly cooled by blowing air or liquid, correspondingly to scheme of theoretically full usage of external surface of conductors for their cooling.EFFECT: increased efficiency of electric machine, increased density of current in windings, resulting in improved mass-dimensional characteristics of electric machine, decreased temperature of windings, and, thus, increased lifetime of isolation, allowing to use isolation of lesser heat resistance which is therefore cheaper or more technologically accessible.8 cl, 10 dwg

Electrical machine rotor // 2296410
FIELD: electrical and electromechanical engineering; rotors of large electrical machines such as turboalternators.SUBSTANCE: proposed electrical machine rotor has heavy wound core whose winding coils are secured in end portions in radial direction by means of heavy metal banding rings fitted with one end on butt-end portions of core and with other end, on cylindrical surfaces of Z-section alignment rings; inner surface of alignment rings are joined with end portions of rotor shaft, two rows of slits being made in vicinity of mentioned rotor-shaft or banding-rind junction surfaces of each alignment ring uniformly and tangentially disposed over circumference of the latter in relatively staggered manner. One row of mentioned slits can be made in mentioned zones within alignment ring and other row, on rotor shaft surface jointed to alignment ring, for instance in the form of cooling ducts.EFFECT: enhanced reliability due to additional reduction of alternate stress in zone where banding rings are fitted on rotor core.1 cl, 2 dwg

The device for fastening the winding in the slots of the core of an electric machine // 2237336
The invention relates to the field of electrical and electric engineering, in particular to the construction of large electric machines, mainly turbogenerators and hydrogenerators, and more particularly to the fastening elements of the winding in the slots of the core

System circuit grooves // 2134010
The invention relates to electrical machines, namely, devices for closure (closure) of the slots, and the system circuit filled with conductive rods or reels of the slots of the stator body of sheet steel electrical machines with end locks grooves, which consist respectively of the upper prismatic body, on the lower side of which has a surface that passes obliquely, and a lower prismatic body facing to the upper body, the surface of which is inclined relative to the bottom surface of the upper prismatic body in the opposite direction, and direct the jamming may be accomplished by relative displacement of both prismatic bodies

Rotary pulse generator // 2128871
The invention relates to Electromechanical transducers mechanical energy into electrical energy to create a powerful pulse of energy sources intended for use in power systems large thermonuclear devices, lasers high power in other areas of technology

Toroidal design of laminated plates of the magnetic circuit with the electrical windings // 2092924
The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in transformers and electrical machines

Anchor electric dc machine // 2076427
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely electrical DC machines and can be used in the design of traction motors, ship crests electric motors, excavators and t