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Polariton laser // 2611087
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser equipment. Polariton laser consists of filling material (5), resonator (4), which represents two systems of flat, cylindrical rings made from a semiconductor material and inserted into each other with a variable pitch, quantum wells (6) located at the points of the field maximum value. Device also has on both sides of the area of quantum wells and barrier layers (ontop and under bottom) cylindrical rings, each of which is alloyed with a definite concentration, respectively, of p- and n-type (8), (9) and is connected by nanofilament conductors (1) with the resonator rings having on their surfaces metal-coated contacts to feed pumping current (2), (3). Herewith the area of excitation of exciton polaritons represents a circle perimeter, and the area of condensate polaritons, which the laser radiation comes from, is located inside the circle.EFFECT: technical result is increasing the laser operating temperature up to the room values and higher.1 cl, 2 dwg
Active element of semiconductor laser with transverse pumping by electron beam // 2606925
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: active element of semiconductor laser with transverse pumping by electron beam comprises rectangular plate from semiconductor material, having first surface, irradiated with electrons, second surface parallel to first, by which it is fixed on substrate, and two side surfaces, forming optical resonator. Plate is multilayer semiconductor heterostructure, having wave-guiding layer, located next to first surface, and passive wave-guiding layer with low coefficient of absorption of radiation generated in optical resonator, arranged between active wave-guiding layer and substrate, wherein passive wave-guiding layer has optical connection with active wave-guiding layer.EFFECT: technical result consists in increasing of radiation output power with pumping electrons energy reduction.6 cl, 3 dwg

Semiconductor light emitting device with an axis of symmetry // 2577787
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: semiconductor light-emitting device comprises a white optically transparent body coated with a phosphor on the walls. Inside the housing is a laser diode having an axis of symmetry. Wherein the laser diodes are arranged in series on the axis of symmetry of the light emitting devices so that their axes of symmetry coincide. Ends of laser diodes are connected so that they are in electrical and mechanical contact and form an array of laser diodes, the radiation pattern of which has an axis of symmetry coincident with the axis of symmetry of the light emitting device.EFFECT: technical result is to provide a semiconductor white light emitting device of high intensity light without increasing the size of light-emitting elements, thus providing uniform illumination of the phosphor.2 cl, 9 dwg

Dipolar nanolaser array // 2569050
FIELD: physics, optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dipolar nanolaser arrays. The device includes a substrate having an active layer, a transparent conducting layer, a transparent dielectric layer and metal nanoparticles-nanoantennae. The nanoantennae are stretched - one dimension exceeds the other two dimensions. Electromagnetic coupling of the emitters of the active layer with the nanoantenna array is provided by selecting optimum distance between the active layer and the nanoantennae. Injection pumping is used to generate radiation.EFFECT: high efficiency, realising a continuous mode, providing narrow generation lines, small dimensions of the device, high reliability of the device and low pumping power threshold.5 cl, 1 dwg

Semiconductor infrared source (versions) // 2465699
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: semiconductor infrared source includes a semiconductor substrate (1) with two optically connected and geometrically spaced-apart disc resonators (2) or annular resonators (10) in form of a heterostructure. On the surface of the semiconductor substrate (1) lying opposite the surface with the disc resonators (2) or annular resonators (10) there a first ohmic contact (3). A second ohmic contact (8) is deposited on the face of the corresponding disc resonator (2) or annular resonator (10). The distance from the outer edge of the second contact to the inner edge of the resonator is not more than 100 mcm. The disc resonators (2) or annular resonators (10) lie from each other at a distance L or overlap in the region of waveguides at a depth D, said distance and depth satisfying certain relationships.EFFECT: simple design and reducing optical loss during single-mode oscillation in the middle infrared spectrum.2 cl, 14 dwg

Optoelectronic device for high-speed data transfer based on shift of distributed bragg reflector stop zone edge due to electrooptic effect // 2452067
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device includes at least one multilayer interference reflector and at least one resonator. In one version of the invention implementation the reflector works as a modulating element controlled by the voltage applied thereto. The stop zone edge is subjected to adjustment using electrooptic methods due to quantum-limited Stark effect in proximity to resonant mode which creates modulation of the reflector transmission factor thus entailing indirect modulation of light intensity. In another version of the invention implementation the optic field profile in the resonator represents the stop zone wavelength shift function, the device working as adjustable wavelength light radiator. In yet another version of the invention implementation at least two periodicities of refraction factor distribution are created in the reflector which enables suppression of parasitic optical modes and promotes high-speed direct modulation of intensity of light emitted by the device.EFFECT: vertically integrated optoelectronic device serving for high-speed data transfer by way of direct or indirect modulation of emitted light intensity.11 cl, 34 dwg

Resonator on modes of whispering gallery with vertical radiation output // 2423764
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: resonator has circular section and is made in the form of a revolution solid. The revolution solid comprises an active area, facing layers and a part of a substrate. A generatrix of the side surface of the revolution solid is inclined relative to the normal line of a heterostructures.EFFECT: possibility to output radiation, which is wideband by wave length, in vertical direction.2 dwg

Dipole nanolaser // 2391755
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: dipole nanolaser for generating coherent electromagnetic radiation includes a two-level system in form of a quantum dot and a coherent electromagnetic radiation resonator. The resonator, which has a metal or semiconductor nanoparticle and electrocontact plates, has one more nanoparticle which lies from the said nanoparticle and from the said quantum dot at distances less than wavelength of the coherent electromagnetic radiation generated by the said nanolaser. Both nanoparticles are capable of exciting dipole oscillation modes in antiphase at the frequency of the said coherent electromagnetic radiation.EFFECT: higher Q-factor of the resonator of the dipole nanolaser.1 dwg, 1 ex

Holder for depositing optical coatings on sets of strips of light-emitting elements // 2390077
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: holder for depositing optical coatings on sets of strips of light-emitting elements has a base with a window for the support element and has guide clamping elements made in form of prismatic bars whose working planes lie on butt-ends of their cross section; a support element and a locking mechanism. The support element is at an angle (0-45), and dimensions of the cross profile of the clamping element are related to the thickness of the strip of the light-emitting element, the number of strips in a set and the number of sets in the holder by an expression.EFFECT: broader technological capabilities of the holder for depositing optical coatings, higher quality of products and cost-effectiveness of production.1 tbl, 5 dwg

Active element of solid state laser with crosswise electron-beam pump // 2387062
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed active element comprises heterostructure built around semiconductor compounds selected from groups A2B6 or A3B5. Active structure is arranged between upper and lower limiting semiconductor layers that make, together with active structure, an optical waveguide. Said active structure comprises at least two alternating superfine semiconductor layers with different refraction factors and at least one active layer arranged between aforesaid two layers that has higher refraction factor than that of alternating layers. Note here that upper and lower limiting layers have higher refraction factor compared with layers of active structure. Thickness h of upper limiting layer satisfies the condition h<x, where x is the depth of electron beam penetration into active structure. Outer surface of upper limiting layer has corrugated relief with direction of corrugations perpendicular to active element optical axis. Note here that relief spacing equals whole number of half-waves of laser radiation in active layer material. Note also that corrugation depth does not exceed height h of upper limiting layer.EFFECT: higher output power.3 cl, 4 dwg, 1 ex

Semiconductor laser with a broad periodically segmented strip contact // 2197772
The invention relates to the field of laser technology, in particular to systems diode pumping, medical lasers, and laser systems used in computers, office equipment and entertainment industry

The active element of a semiconductor laser with transverse pumping excitation beam (options) // 2174732
The invention relates to the field of quantum electronics, semiconductor lasers with transverse pumping excitation beam

Optical device // 2153746