By structural association with other equipment or articles (H01Q1/22)

Server cabinet and data centre based on server cabinet // 2642809
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: server cabinet comprises at least two functional units, a plurality of intra-server antennas and a plurality of inter-server antennas. The functional units are located in a vertical direction with the formation of a server core; the intra-server antennas are located in the vertical direction, located at the side of the server core, and are electrically connected to the corresponding functional units, and the adjacent intra-server antennas are connected in a wireless manner. When transmitting a radio signal within the server cabinet, the intra-server antennas located in the vertical direction form a transmission path. Because the intra-server antennas are located at the side of the server core, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the radio signal during transmission process has a relatively small impact on the functional units.EFFECT: reducing impact of the electromagnetic radiation on various electronic devices and equipment, which increases the service life of electronic devices and equipment and improves the quality of the radio signal transmission.10 cl, 13 dwg

Device and method for providing information about product // 2621602
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: sensor system includes a label. The label comprises, at least, one radio frequency integrated circuit and the first antenna. The integrated circuit comprises a memory element, wherein the memory element comprises an electrical storage device for binary-encoded words comprising, at least, one bit, and output terminals. The label further comprises, at least, one conductive polymer structure located in electrical connection with, at least, one output terminal of the integrated circuit and adapted to change the electrical state according to the predetermined ambient change of the conductive polymer structure. The first antenna is in electrical connection with the output terminal (s) of the integrated circuit and the conductive polymer structure.EFFECT: providing reliable information about consumer products having a useful life.17 cl, 3 dwg

Expandable design of the diffraction optical system with large aperture // 2619155
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: optical system design includes a Fresnel lens with diffraction optical elements (6), support (4) and the lens frame (5). The lens has a frame (1), containing three arc-shaped trusses (2) and strapped together by ropes (3). The rim (1) is rigidly attached to the spacecraft body(7). The support (4) is connected to the spacecraft body by means of longitudinal ropes(8).EFFECT: improving the quality and efficiency of imaging by creating the sufficiently rigid and light large-sized design of the optical system.1 dwg

Housing of plug connector with rfid transponder // 2610385
FIELD: radio engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio engineering, in particular, to RFID marks. Device comprises a RFID transponder with a RFID mark and a RFID chip, as well as a slit antenna. Slit antenna is built in the housing in the form of an insert from copper foil and is coated with a synthetic material forming the housing. Plug connector is made in the technique of forming shaped connection devices and is coated with a material suitable for laser structuring. Herewith the mark is located on a pad of the modular frame. Connection of the mark with the slit antenna is provided by means of a loop dipole. Modular frame has a fastener in the form of a bridge, and the pad is made from a transparent material. Mark is made on the basis of a flexible printed circuit board glued on the modular frame pad.EFFECT: technical result is longer range of operation.10 cl, 6 dwg

Device and method for provision information about product // 2610252
FIELD: physics, computer science.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems and methods of provision product information. The sensor system for provision product information, including a label, which consists of: the first part containing at least one sensor, having output terminals and designed to generate an output signal, corresponding to change in sensor ambient conditions; and a second part containing: the analog-digital converter, provided that, the input terminals of the analog-digital converter electrically connected to output contacts of the sensor; radio frequency integrated circuit, containing a memory element, input terminals and output terminals, wherein the input terminals are electrically connected to the output terminals of the analog-digital converter; the first antenna, which is electrically connected to the output terminals of an integrated microcircuit, wherein the first and the second part are joined together detachably.EFFECT: invention provides the accurate information about the product.20 cl, 3 dwg

Lighting device with rf antenna // 2608552
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Lighting device comprises light source (7), arranged on lighting device base (2), wherein light source has main forward radiation direction (12). Lighting device comprises reflector (9), made with possibility to reflect light from light source outside lighting device in direction away and backwards in relation to main forward radiation direction, radio frequency (RF) antenna (10) made with possibility to receive signals, to control lighting device and placed on reflector.EFFECT: technical result is improved reception of radio frequency signal.13 cl, 2 dwg

Smart card with dual interface and its manufacturing method // 2607725
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a design of a smart card with dual interface and to a method of its production. Disclosed is a group of inventions involving a smart card with dual interface and a method of manufacturing the smart card with dual interface. Peculiar feature of the declared smart card and of the method is that the basic sheet with a compensation sheet are connected by the thermo-compression method to make a pre-laminate, the smart card composition is homogeneous, the material, on which there is a wire antenna, is connected with similar in composition sheet materials at the molecular level.EFFECT: technical result is higher stability of the smart card resistance to changes in ambient temperature.4 cl, 5 dwg

Antenna with multi-channel input and multichannel output and electronic equipment // 2601171
FIELD: antenna technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to antenna engineering, particularly to antennae with multi-channel input and multichannel output (MIMO). MIMO-antenna includes two antenna components symmetrical relative to each other, and each antenna element includes a fastening part and an emitting part connected with the fastening part. Fastening part is made with the possibility of tight connection with a metal sheet in the electronic equipment, where the MIMO antenna operates, for the metal plate to be part of the antenna component. Emitting part is made with the possibility of generating resonances of the antenna at least in one frequency band.EFFECT: higher efficiency of the MIMO-antenna radiation with simultaneous reduction of materials consumption during its manufacture.8 cl, 11 dwg

Can // 2595561
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal can for beverages, which can be opened by means of disposable closure. Can (1) includes at least partially conducting housing, wherein at one end wall (14) of can (1) of area (2) of closure is at least partially limited by specified edge (3) of separation, element (4) for opening, which in its initial position at least partially flat adjoins end wall (14) of can (1) and is connected with end wall (14) in at least one point, wherein when turning element (4) area (2) of closure is separated from specified edge (3) of separation and in limited specified edge (3) of separation of intermediate zone forms hole (7), wherein element (4) for opening comprises bearing body made of electrically and/or magnetically insulating material or consists of it. Antenna (8) located on or in bearing body and adjoining transponder chip (9) in initial position are located near can (1), in particular, in area of its end wall (14), wherein section (5) of end wall or its surface, to which adjoins element (4) for opening, is electrically and/or magnetically conducting.EFFECT: technical result is creation of a can, through which data on location thereon of a transponder are transmitted to an external device in case of opening of can.15 cl, 16 dwg

Antenna // 2407116
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in antenna having a lower part and an upper part carrying a radio wave emitter and/or receiver, a bogie, the lower part has apparatus for sucking onto the horizontal surface blow the wheels. The said apparatus for sucking onto the horizontal surface is in form of a socket piece joined by a corrugation to a ventilator. The upper part can move vertically through a rope with a drive lying on the base of the lower part.EFFECT: high stability.3 cl, 3 dwg

Contactless marker with y-shaped omnidirectional antenna // 2371817
FIELD: radio engineering.SUBSTANCE: contactless marker is essentially characterized by microchip (16) and Y-shaped antenna, connected to microchip, which contains information required for object tracking, which may be read with the help of reader through exchange of electromagnetic waves of ultrahigh frequency. Antenna is an antenna of dipole type, which consists of three main wires, the first main wire (10), the second main wire (12), generating dipole with the first main wire, and the third main wire (14), which generates the second dipole with the first main wire. Angle between the firs and second main wires is equal to angle between the first and third main wires, and angle between the second main wire and the third main wire is in the range between 60 and 180. Each of the main wires comprises an auxiliary wire (24, 26 or 28) at its end, which is perpendicular to the main wire.EFFECT: creation of contactless marker with an omnidirectional antenna.12 cl, 8 dwg

Unit for matching satellite-system signal receiver with active antenna // 2256982
FIELD: radio engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed unit designed for matching satellite-system signal receiver with active antenna that uses single coaxial cable for transmitting signals and supply voltage has high-voltage connector for cable running from active antenna and printed-circuit board, both secured either side of electricity conducting base so that electrical connection is provided between high-frequency connector shroud and ground strip of printed-circuit board. The latter carries circuit designed to connect/disconnect signal circuit and active antenna supply circuit to/from signal, antenna, potential, and ground leads. Ground lead is connected to ground plane. Antenna lead is connected to central lead of high-frequency connector. Central core and screening sheath of lead used for passing satellite system signals to receiver are connected to signal and ground leads. Signal circuit has first filter assembly inserted between antenna and signal leads that passes signals arriving from active antenna and does not pass supply voltage to antenna. Active-antenna power circuit has low-frequency connector whose first and second contact members form leads for connecting closing jumper in case active antenna is supplied with power from satellite-system signal receiver, and third and fourth leads for connecting bundled power conductors in case active antenna is supplied with power from power unit; signal circuit also has second and additional filter assemblies that pass, respectively, supply voltage to active antenna and do not pass signals arriving from this antenna and are connected to antenna and signal leads; their other leads are connected, respectively, to potential lead and to first contact member of low-voltage connector; potential lead is electrically connected to second and third contact members of low-voltage connector and ground lead, to its fourth contact member.EFFECT: enlarged range of satellite-system signal receivers matched with various active antennas fed either from receiver or from separate power unit.3 cl, 7 dwg