eans for extinguishing or suppressing arc (H01H73/18)

Device of electric protection, comprising at least one switching module, controlled by control device with electromagnetic coil // 2596615
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for electric protection comprises at least one switching module with contacts, installed on mounting base, and also comprises a control device with an electromagnetic coil placed close to one of said modules. Electric protection device also includes magnetic screen (22) arranged in a plane substantially perpendicular to plane of mounting base. Screen (22) is located between control device (1) and switching module (2, 3) and comprises at least one ferromagnetic part (22a) made so that screen performs magnetic direction of arc during separation of contacts, in order to increase component T of translation Laplace force acting on arc, during separation of contacts.EFFECT: technical result is design of electric protection, having a simple design and improved interruption characteristics.10 cl, 9 dwg

Electromechanical circuit breaker // 2562123
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit breaker is designed to pass and interrupt current in the main circuit. The circuit breaker includes an arc-suppression device with an arc-suppression facility, a magnetising coil (11) and a group of electrode facilities (9, 10) coupled electrically to the magnetisng coil (11). Fixed (5) and movable (6) contact elements in the first position are interconnected so that they can pass current in the main circuit. The contact element (6) is transferred into the second position remote from the contact element (5) with current interruption in the main circuit and shift of an occurring arc (17) to the arc-suppression facility. The group of electrode facilities (9, 10) is designed to interact with the arc (17) with the creation of excitation current by arcing in the coil (11). The arc-suppression facility includes a group of magnets (15, 16) creating a magnetic field (B15, B16) oriented radially to the arc and a force (F15, F16,) that shifts the arc (17) for the purpose of the arc (17) interaction with the group of electrode facilities (9, 10).EFFECT: developing the circuit breaker capable to interrupt rather low current in any direction.8 cl, 11 dwg

Arc-control casing of electric switching apparatus // 2320046
FIELD: mechanical design of electric switching apparatuses and method for their assembling.SUBSTANCE: proposed electric switching apparatus has arc-control casing designed to accommodate at least one pole arc-control unit that incorporates two laminated arc-control units disposed either side of movable contact bridge along horizontal axis. Arc-control casing has first member incorporating base formed by first horizontal side of switching apparatus to organize chamber that has space for first laminated arc-control unit and second member connected to first one; second member has base formed by second horizontal side of switching apparatus opposing first one to form chamber that has space for accommodating second laminated arc-control unit.EFFECT: enhanced mechanical strength and tightness of switching apparatus at superhigh gas pressures, facilitated assembly and reduced time required for this procedure.15 cl, 7 dwg

Switch automatic // 2136074
The invention relates to electrical engineering, and in particular to circuit breakers for conducting current in normal mode and the current is switched off at short circuits and overloads

The maximum electromagnetic release current circuit breaker // 2117357
The invention relates to elektroapparatstroy

Automatic switch // 2117356
The invention relates to elektroapparatstroy, in particular, to the design of circuit breakers

Automatic switch // 2115191
The invention relates to the field of elektroapparatstroy, particularly to circuit breakers designed to protect consumers of electrical energy and electrical networks against current overloads and short circuits

Automatic switch // 2100863

Automatic switch // 2074441
The invention relates to low-voltage electrical switching apparatus, particularly to circuit breakers

Arc chamber // 2041528
The invention relates to elektroapparatstroy and can be used in low-voltage switching devices, in particular in the contactors AC / DC