High-tension or heavy-current switches with arc-extinguishing or arc-preventing means (H01H33)

H01H33/02 - Details(100)
H01H33/10 - etal parts(23)
H01H33/18 - Using blow-out magnet(38)
H01H33/30 - Using fluid actuator(5)
H01H33/32 - Pneumatic(43)
H01H33/34 - Hydraulic(33)
H01H33/36 - Using dynamo-electric motor(12)
H01H33/38 - Using electromagnet(27)
H01H33/40 - Using spring motor(59)
H01H33/42 - Driving mechanisms(130)
H01H33/46 - Interlocking mechanisms(15)
H01H33/56 - Gas reservoirs(8)
H01H33/575 - (1)
H01H33/62 - (4)
H01H33/66 - Vacuum switches(569)
H01H33/662 - (31)
H01H33/664 - (209)
H01H33/666 - (96)
H01H33/668 - (14)
H01H33/82 - The fluid being air or gas(32)
H01H33/825 - (1)
H01H33/915 - (4)

Clutch mechanism for energy battery device and chain locker with gas insulation for it // 2641712
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the mechanism of adhesion for energy storage device that contains the load gear (25), leading gear (22), unidirectional bearing, gear and shaft-liner (24), containing the gear-driven part and clutch. The pinion shaft (24) comprises a plurality of cylinders and a pusher, a rotatable bushing and an elastic member disposed in the cavity of the pinion shaft (24). The pusher comprises a pusher slide hole and a pusher connection hole for connection to the pinion shaft (24) and the control sleeve. The clamping unit (26) is attached to the driving gear, the pressing block (26) is configured to depress the pusher to unlock or lock the insert and the pinion shaft.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility of a simple and reliable mechanical separation of the driving force device and the energy storage device.8 cl, 10 dwg

Circuit breaker with mechanical link // 2641308
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit-breaker with a mechanical link comprises of a transverse rod and a pull rod. The pull rod is located in the transverse rod. In addition, the circuit-breaker with a mechanical link contains a guide means. The guide means is provided with two load-bearing elements and two guide arms. The load-bearing elements are attached to the transverse rod and are located on the two sides of the pull rod. The guide arms suitably surround the load-bearing elements to rotate and are spaced away from the pull rod.EFFECT: increase of reliability and stability.9 cl, 3 dwg

Three-pole vacuum kvk contactor // 2637304
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: vacuum contactor contains a body with three arc extinguishing vacuum chambers installed in it with current leads and movable chamber leads, an electromagnetic drive with two coils, a control unit, a sensor, and an executive relay element, with the same ends of the windings of the executive relay element connected in parallel, and some ends are connected to the positive pole of the rectifier bridge, the other ends - to the negative one through the output circuits of the sensing element, a technical diagnosis unit containing the nodes to determine the time when the contactor is switched on and its switching voltage in the forcing mode, and also the node to determine the voltage at the output ends of the coils of the contactor electromagnetic drive in the hold mode.EFFECT: timely providing the maintenance personnel with prompt and reliable information on the technical condition of the contactor and its components to reduce the number and duration of downtime, labour intensity in setting up and maintaining the contactor, as well as the safety of its operation.2 dwg

Coil of axial magnetic field for vacuum interrupter // 2634749
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: contact group for use in the vacuum interrupter contains a contact disk made of the first electrically conductive material, a coil and a contact holder. The coil is made of the second electrically conductive material and consists of a plurality of helical sections oriented axially relative to the common central axis. Each of the spiral sections has a proximal end and a distal end. Each of the helical sections is connected at the proximal end to a base made of the second electrically conductive material, and at the distal end - to a contact disk. The contact holder is axially centered in the axial direction within the coil and is located between the base and the contact disk. The support disk is connected to the base located between the support disc and the contact holder.EFFECT: support disk is designed to provide support for the base and is made of a material with a high specific electrical resistance.20 cl, 8 dwg

oulded case circuit breakers // 2633514
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a circuit breaker in a moulded case in which a blocking element is formed on the inside of the lever and an anti-rotating element is formed on its upper side. The blocking element can be brought into contact with the anti-rotating element if the handle rotates to the off position even in the fused state between the fixed contactor and the shifting contactor, thereby preventing the handle from turning to the off position.EFFECT: possibility to define the condition of the circuit breaker in the moulded case.6 cl, 13 dwg

Pole piece for use at medium voltages and method of its manufacture // 2631817
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: pole piece has insulating coating that is made of a thermoset or thermoplastic material in which the transition areas between the materials and the relief structures of the vacuum circuit-breaker and/or the connection terminals are coated with the insulating coating. In order to improve the process of manufacturing and obtaining a reproducible dielectric with the required characteristics, the transition areas are arranged between the plastic piece and the contact part of the pole piece and they are made flat, so that they do not have rounded edges and/or ledges.EFFECT: facilitating the separation of the finished pole piece from the mould due to the tight closing of the joint between the elements.10 cl, 4 dwg

Switching device unit // 2631259
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching apparatus unit contains a block (4) of breaker with switching interval. The first and second contact elements (5, 6, 7, 8) are provided; they are movable relative to each other. The switching gas channel originates in the switching gap and connects the switching gap with the environment of the interrupter unit. The hollow structure (14) of the chamber delimits the switching gas channel at least in sections and is connected to one of the switching contact elements (6, 8). The hollow structure (14) of the chamber has an outlet (22) on the side of the lateral surface of the switching gas channel.EFFECT: improved device reliability.23 cl, 1 dwg

Electrical device // 2629368
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electrical device comprises a hollow cylindrical case (1) made of solid insulation. There are fixed point (2) and movable point (3) in axial alignment with the case. The facing a movable point (3) part (5) of the point (2) is surrounded by the cylindrical wall (6) made of solid insulation. A part of the solid insulation (7) of the movable point (3) is designed as a quill cylinder (9), in which there is an insulating liquid (10). In a built-up operative condition, the fixed point (2) is situated at the top, the movable point (3) is situated at the bottom. In the open condition of the points (2) and (3), the contact part (5) of the point (2), the cylindrical wall (6) end of the point (2) and the aperture (12) are situated in the insulating liquid (10) medium. The technical result is the decrease in device dimensions.EFFECT: disruptive discharge probability over the surface is also brought down to a minimum, reliability growth and device service life improvement are provided.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of forming under pressure of thermoplastic pole parts and casting form for implementating such // 2629067
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: mould during the casting process is fixed and has at least one vacuum interrupter and contact terminals as well as at least one injection port or gate to inject the thermoplastic material into the mould. The injection mould has several injection openings, at least along its long axis, for injecting a hot thermoplastic material. In this case, the injection holes or gates can be controlled so that they inject the thermoplastic material simultaneously or at a predetermined time dependent on the injection scheme.EFFECT: shorter duration for the manufacture of the cast pole piece with a pressure gradient along the long axis and ensuring uniform distribution of the material during the casting process.11 cl, 4 dwg

Switching device arrangement // 2625809
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching device includes the first contact group (11), as well as the second contact group (12). The first contact group (11) has the first electric arc contact element (15), as well as the first contact element (13) of the rated current. The first contact element (13) of the rated current can be moved relative to the first electric arc contact element (15). The first transmission mechanism is used in the kinematic chain to create the relative motion of the first rated current contact element (13) and the first electric arc contact element (15). The first transmission mechanism has a kinematic connection between the fixed counter-support (31, 33, 33a) and the first electric arc contact element (15).EFFECT: secure relative movement of the contact group.17 cl, 16 dwg

Short circuit current limiting device // 2624779
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device contains a water-dissolving resistor and a vacuum switch. The body of the resistor has a cylindrical shape with an expansion tap in the upper part and with a lid in the end. The fixed contact, the rod of which is connected to the current lead, is mounted in the cover from the inside. Inside the resistor, there is a piston contact, the rod of which is connected to the drive. Through-holes are made in the piston contact. The stem of the piston contact is connected to the input of a high-voltage vacuum switch. The drive of the high-voltage vacuum switch is connected to the movable contact of a high-voltage vacuum switch. The drive of the piston contact and the drive of the high-voltage vacuum circuit-breaker are connected to the control system. The output of the high-voltage vacuum switch is connected to the current lead.EFFECT: limitation of short-circuit currents switched by a high-voltage vacuum circuit-breaker in operations of switching on and off.4 dwg

Three-pole high-voltage sf6 circuit breaker // 2624768
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: three-pole circuit breaker contains skeleton from two parallel channels with elements of rigidity. Current transformers are mounted inside the inlets. The SF6 density sensor is located inside the tank casing. The poles are mounted on pads fixed to the channel bars of the frame with mounting holes for an additional support consisting of interconnected racks. Side walls are welded to vertical channels. On the one hand the carcass to the plate welded to the vertical beam and kerchiefs, and is attached to the wall of the closet of the actuator. To the side walls with an angle of 45°, the sloped channel is welded, inside which the gear train system is placed, the spring wire of disconnection. The inner cavity of the channel that hosts the transmission closed lids, one of which made window for observation. On the one side of the frame to the corner and to the channel are welded additional corners, which are made with holes for fastening the control cabinet on them. The bosses for grounding are welded to the supports on both sides. The lifting lugs are welded to the both sides of the channels. In one of the horizontal channels, the holes are made for cable ties from the control cabinet.EFFECT: creation of an ergonomic compact three-pole high-voltage gas-insulated circuit breaker in which, by using support elements with the same mounting holes connected to the carcass channels, the switch is unified and a series of switches with different heights and mounting holes is created with the same frame.3 dwg

System of switching devices // 2624424
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: system of switching devices has the breaker unit (2) provided with the first and the second switching contact elements (7, 8, 9, 10), which can move relative to each other. On the switching section, in which the electric arc can burn, the switching gas channel starts, that passes through the breaker unit (2) and connects the switching section to the area around the breaker unit (2). Said channel in certain sections is limited by the elements embracing one another similar to the annular channel, wherein, as an element, the first component (17) clamped at the end projects with its free end into the switching section.EFFECT: providing the improved switching gas outflow from the switching section.18 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for switching operating current // 2624254
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method for switching operating current in the mesh grid (1) of the constant voltage is proposed. Wherein at least one inverter (2) connected to the DC voltage grid is adjusted so that in the switch branch with the mechanical switch (6) the transition through zero current is caused, and the mechanical switch (6) is actuated depending on the created passage through zero current.EFFECT: possibility to switch operating currents in the constant voltage grid in both directions in an economical manner.5 cl, 5 dwg

ixture of hydrofluoroolefine and fluorocetone for use as a medium for insulating and/or damping of arcs and an electric medium voltage device with gas insulating that contains it // 2623458
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: proposed gaseous medium can be used in an electrical medium voltage device in which electrical insulation and/or electric arc quenching is provided by a mixture containing hydrofluoroolefine and fluoroketone, optionally together with a diluent gas.EFFECT: high dielectric strength of the proposed mixture as electrical insulation, low toxicity and flammability, the possibility of using it at a low operating temperature provide an increase in the reliability of electrical insulation and/or electric arc extinguishing in the medium voltage electrical device at the substation.15 cl, 1 tbl, 6 dwg

Insulator made of composite material, designed to contain the arc chute // 2620585
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: insulator of composite material designed to accommodate the arc chamber has a cylindrical portion, which is arc chute. The insulator contains at each of its ends a truncated cone portion (10, 16). The insulator is made of first and second chambers (4, 6). Each of these chambers has a truncated conical portion (10, 16) followed by a cylindrical portion (8, 14). First and second chambers (4, 6) connected to each other end to end of their cylindrical portions (8, 14).EFFECT: improved operational capabilities.10 cl, 5 dwg

Switching method and device for switching // 2619272
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching device with a first contact side (6) has a first contact member (12), rated current and the first contact member (11) of the electric arc is moved relative to the second contact side (7) having a second contact member (13) of an electric arc and a second the contact member (14) the nominal current. During the switching process, the first contact member (11) of an electric arc moved by the motion profile and a first contact member (12) the nominal current is driven by the motion profile and motion profiles of the first contact member (11) of the electric arc and the first contact member (12 ) nominal current different from each other, and a second contact member (13) of an electric arc moved by the motion profile and a second contact member (14) the nominal current is driven by the motion profile and motion profiles of the second contact element (13) of the electric arc and a second contact element (14) the nominal current different from each other.EFFECT: increase of power switching devices.14 cl, 8 dwg

Control device average voltage electric distribution unit and distribution unit controlled by similar device // 2619070
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: control device for the average voltage electric distribution protective gear comprises an electrical switching unit including at least one opening actuation component (7) and at least one closing actuation component that are configured to transmit the control command on at least one contact opening component (15) and at least one closing contact component (12), respectively, via a mechanical connection. The device also includes means for the mechanical communication interrupting. The closing component (12) and the opening component (15) are arranged substantially facing the actuating component (6) of the manual closing and the actuating component (5) of the manual opening respectively. The mechanical link includes a part (24) attached to the closing component (12) which comprises a retractable element (25) made movable between the first position in which the element is configured to interact with the actuator (18) of the actuating component (6) and the second position in which the element (25) is retracted. The displacement of the element from the deployed position to the retracted position is controlled by the closed state of the contacts, or held opening command for the contacts, or by actuating the locking means for accessing the drive shaft (1) for controlling the contacts of the switching unit.EFFECT: simplified design and operation.20 cl, 22 dwg

Working cylinder for circuit breaker drive // 2615745
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering. Working cylinder (1) for the circuit breaker drive comprises a base (2) made of the first cylinder head element (3) and the second body element (4) of the cylinder, which are connected with each other, the additional elements are attached to the cylinder head as the main drive part, and the thrust ring disposed on the outer surface of the cylinder body is intended for the compression of mechanical springs in the mechanical device of power storage.EFFECT: invention provides high reliability and ease of maintenance of the circuit breaker.10 cl, 3 dwg

Device for limiting or interrupting current in power transmission line and method of controlling said device // 2614807
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for limiting or interrupting current in a power transmission line, as well as to a method of controlling such a device. Device includes branch (29) of current interruption and a bridge branch. Bridge branch includes two arms of a bridge, which are formed by four identical branches of current switching. Every two of the four current switching branches are connected in series, and formed as the result two arms of the bridge are connected in parallel. Both arms of the bridge are connected in parallel to a branch of current switching, and midpoints of the two bridge arms are separately connected to two ends of the line. Each branch of current switching contains at least one high-speed isolating switch (6) and at least one bidirectional power semiconductor switch (10), which are connected in series. Said device can interrupt currents in two directions.EFFECT: technical result is providing high rate of opening and low losses.7 cl, 4 dwg

Screening element for medium voltage switchgear // 2613683
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: vacuum interrupter has at least two blades, arranged to move the path switching between the open and closed states. The shielding member is disposed around the location area of the vacuum interrupter contacts. At least the inner surface of the screen is provided with a relief structure with a rough surface or ordered. To achieve the technical effect relief structure is designed such that at a predetermined constant or approximately constant volume (Vi) of the screen housing area ratio (S2) Treated surface with an embossed structure to the area (S1) Without raw surface relief structure is greater than 1, i.e. the condition V1≈V2 and S2/S1>1.EFFECT: increase screening efficiency through the implementation of the screen with a surface that has a high energy absorption.5 cl, 1 dwg

Vacuum circuit breaker for medium voltage circuit breaker with cup-shaped pmp-contacts // 2612660
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: vacuum circuit breaker for medium voltage circuit breaker contains vacuum chamber, in which two electric contacts are arranged coaxially to each other, concentrically surrounded by cylindrical shape vacuum chamber, electric contacts are PMP-type contacts, each of which has cup-shaped contact element with cutouts, attached to contact rod far end and closed with contact ring (10) installed on cup-shaped contact element rim (11), wherein each cup-shaped contact element is equipped with inward bent in vertical direction towards contact ring (10), cup-shaped contact element lower part outer diameter is larger than this element rim (11) outer diameter, which is made in order to change Lorentz force and its direction inwards.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of arc suppression in vacuum circuit breakers with cup-shaped PMP-contacts.10 cl, 9 dwg

Electric switching device // 2611430
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric switching device (10), in particular, to high-voltage switching device. There is a housing with wall (11) of housing, in which there is hole (14). There is corrugated hose (12) connected with hole (14). For this purpose, corrugated hose (12) is inserted into hole (14).EFFECT: between corrugated hose (12) and hole (14) there is circular gap (18), where there is sealing ring (20) of round section, fitted in cavity of corrugations of corrugated hose (12).10 cl, 2 dwg

High-voltage circuit breaker // 2609567
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: field of application: electrical engineering. Circuit breaker pole contains at least one isolated from earth arc suppressor positioned inside the insulating shell with top and bottom flanges and containing movable arc receiving and main contacts with insulating gap between them, drive, insulating rod, connecting drive with movable contacts, and lever mechanism, connecting and ensuring longitudinal-counter movement of both movable contacts. Upon this insulating gap is increased at least by 1.06 times in comparison with required according to electric strength for circuit breaker with this class of voltage, and there is fixed insulating support structure in the increased gap between contacts, which has two fixed contacts electrically connected to each other, forming with movable contacts of arc suppressor two insulation arc control gaps when disconnecting circuit breaker. Herewith the said isolating support structure can be installed on the above mentioned lower or upper flang. Said circuit breaker version with two arc-quenching gaps at relatively simple design radically increases arc-quenching capacity of the circuit breaker and value of breaking current.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of disconnecting capability of the circuit breaker.3 cl, 1 dwg

Switching equipment device // 2608840
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, particularly to switching equipment. Device can be used in closed electrical substations of voltage 35 kV and higher, for which there is dependence of cost of structure on area and volume of structure. Electric substations also use a switch with built-in current transformer, used in measurement circuits or in relay devices. Invention also simultaneously uses a switch without built-in current transformers, in this case additional equipment is installed – current transformer, as well as overvoltage limiters.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of production area for installation of support elements of switch, circuit breaker and associated other equipment due to compactness thereof.3 cl, 2 dwg

Electric switching device // 2608571
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric switching device. Switching device has first and second switch contact pieces (1) and (2). First switch contact piece (1) has guide portion (10). First switch contact piece (1) is connected to drive device via a kinematic chain, said guide portion (10) of first switch contact piece (1) being guided on guide path (9). Guide portion (10) and guide path (9) each have bearing surface (12), at least one of bearing surfaces (12) being convexly curved. Guide portion (10) and guide path (9) are part of a rotatory-rectilinear pair connected to kinematic chain.EFFECT: enabling use of low-power drive.14 cl, 19 dwg

Electromagnetic drive // 2608563
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric switch (20) electromagnetic drive (10), particularly TO electric power circuit breaker containing at least one movable armature (60), which can perform reciprocal movement in specified movement direction (P), indirectly or directly connected with switch (20) moving switching contact (21) and in closed position (61) closes drive (10) magnetic circuits (M1, M2) on armature (60) first thrust surface (62) with first conducting yoke (100) of drive and on armature (60) second thrust surface (63) is with drive (10) second conducting yoke (105), at least one permanent magnet (90, 95), generating magnetic field for magnetic circuit (M1, M2) and holding force to hold armature (60) in closed position (61), and at least one coil (80) located so, that it can generate magnetic flow due to current flow through it, associated or counter to magnetic flow of permanent magnet (90, 95) in magnetic circuit (M1, M2), wherein after assembly electromagnetic drive (10) provides readjusted state due to, that due to magnetic force of permanent magnet (90, 95) self-adjustment of first and second yokes (100, 105) positions relative to each other is possible, and wherein both yokes (100, 105) can be brought in strongly assembled position due to, that they are immovably oriented irrespective of further armature (60) positioning.EFFECT: disclosed is electromagnetic drive.10 cl, 7 dwg

Device comprising circuit breaker unit of power switch // 2608174
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a circuit breaker unit of a power switch. Circuit breaker unit of a power switch with switch gap is located between first and second arcing contact elements (4, 5). Between both arcing contact elements (4, 5) there is switch gap (10). Switch gap is switching gas channel, which diverts switching gas to hole (24) for releasing switching gas in circuit breaker unit of power switch. Switching gas channel has first and second tubular sections (12, 13), which, at least partially overlap with each other and have in their side surfaces corresponding discharge holes. Free through discharge holes in first and second tubular sections (12, 13) are arranged with axial offset relative to each other.EFFECT: higher efficiency of removing switching gas.9 cl, 1 dwg

Circuit breaker unit // 2608173
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a normally closed power circuit breaker unit. Power circuit breaker unit has first and second arcing contact pieces (4, 5). Between arc-quenching contact parts (4, 5) there is a solution (6) contacts. Switch gas channel of circuit breaker unit joins contact gap (6) to surrounding area of circuit breaker unit for cooling a switch gas from contact gap (6). Several barriers (21a, 21b, 21c, 21d, 21e) that increase a flow resistance are arranged successively, spaced from one another, in switch gas channel. At least one of barriers (21a, 21b, 21c, 21d, 21e) is arranged between first pipe section (12), which is surrounded by second pipe section (14), and second pipe section (14).EFFECT: efficient cooling of switch gas with a compact design.7 cl, 1 dwg

Switch pole element with heat transfer plate // 2606956
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to switch pole element. Switch pole element comprises insulating housing (1) for placement of vacuum circuit breaker insert (5) containing pair of corresponding switching contacts (4, 6), wherein stationary upper electric contact (4) is connected to upper electrical lead (2) formed in insulating housing (1), and movable lower electric contact (6) is connected to insulating housing (1) lower electrical lead (3) by means of electrical conductor (7), which is moved by adjoining pusher (8). Lower electrical lead (3) is connected with circular heat transfer plate (9) located along inner wall or at least partially inside wall of insulating housing (1) and encircling pusher (8) and/or movable lower electric contact (6) far end.EFFECT: capacity to withstand additional temperature increase.12 cl, 11 dwg

Circuit breaker electromagnetic drive // 2605938
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to circuit breakers and their drives. Invention aims at reducing of stray currents effect on quick-acting electromagnet drive operation. Technical result is achieved by using circuit breaker electromagnetic drive, containing upper magnetic conductor, magnetic conductor-guide, armature with holding belt, hard-magnetic yoke, disconnecting spring and electromagnet coil, also non-magnetic current conductive bushing, installed coaxially to hard-magnetic yoke and equidistant to coil inner surface, in thrust between upper magnetic conductor and magnetic core-guide, wherein non-magnetic conductive bushing inner surface has secured gap with armature, and its height is made for 1.5-2 of armature travel.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of drive reliability by reducing lock zone mirror erosion and hard-magnetic yoke demagnetization.4 cl, 8 dwg

Use of mixture comprising hydrofluoroolefin as medium-voltage arc-extinguishing and/or insulating gas and medium-voltage electrical device comprising same // 2601422
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to use of a mixture comprising a hydrofluoroolefin with three carbon atoms, said mixture having a global warming potential (GWP) lower than global warming potential of hydrofluoroolefin, gaseous medium for electrical insulation and/or electric arc extinguishing in electric device of medium-voltage substation. wherein hydrofluoroolefin is present in mixture at a molar percentage (MHFO) at least equal to 95 % of molar percentage M determined by formula M=(PHFO/Pmixture)×100, in which Pmixture is pressure of mixture at 20 °C in electrical device, and PHFO is pressure that at 20 °C is equivalent to saturated vapour pressure (SVP) of hydrofluoroolefin at a minimum service temperature (Tmin) of electrical device. Invention also relates to a medium-voltage electrical device, comprising a sealed enclosure in which electrical components are located together with a gaseous medium providing electrical insulation and/or electric arc extinguishing within said enclosure.EFFECT: technical result is low impact on environment of gaseous mixture with high dielectric strength.13 cl, 4 dwg, 6 tbl

ixture decafluoro-2-methylbutan-3-one and carrier gas as a medium for electrical insulation and/or for electric arc extinction at medium voltage // 2600314
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to use of mixture comprising decafluoro-2-methylbutan-3-on and a carrier gas or dilution gas as a medium for electrical insulation and/or for extinction of electric arcs in a medium- or high-voltage electrical devices. It also relates to a medium- or high-voltage electrical device in which electrical insulation and/or extinction of electric arcs is/are implemented by a mixture comprising decafluoro-2-methylbutan-3-on and a carrier gas or dilution gas. Applications: electrical transformers, gas-insulated lines for transporting or distributing electricity, set of busbars, electrical connection/disconnection devices (circuit breakers, switches, switch-fuse sets, disconnectors, earthing switches, contactors, etc.).EFFECT: technical result is creation of a mixture with satisfactory electrical insulation properties and electric arc extinction properties with low or zero impact on the environment.11 cl, 3 dwg, 7 tbl

Electric contact arrangement // 2599777
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: electrical contact arrangement has first contact piece (1) with contact socket (3) and also has second contact piece (13) which can move relative to first contact piece (1). Second contact piece (13) has a complementary shape to first contact piece (1). In contact socket (3) of first contact piece (1) there is an auxiliary contact piece (7), which is penetrated by guide piece (7) and directed in an electrically insulated manner by shifting in contact socket (3).EFFECT: technical result is reduction of mutual interference of electrical and mechanical functions in electric contact arrangement and protection of contact socket from effects of electric arc occurring at closure or opening of contact pieces.13 cl, 3 dwg

Vacuum switch // 2588606
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to low-voltage and high-voltage electrical engineering and can be used in electrical circuits for remote control electric drives. Vacuum switch comprises insulating body, at least one vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber arranged in the cross beam connected via movable current lead and levers with electromagnet armature, disconnect springs, disconnecting electromagnet and rigidly mounted on levers stop element interacting with armature of disconnecting electromagnet. Stop element can be made in the form of a plate with projection, and the armature of disconnecting electromagnet can be equipped with a groove or ledge. Switch electromagnet coil power supply circuit can be added with tripping contact connected to the armature of disconnecting electromagnet.EFFECT: technical result provides device operation in two fixed positions at closed and open contacts of vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber, as well as when deenergizing the electromagnet coil feed circuit.4 cl, 2 dwg

Vacuum switch // 2587994
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in high-speed vacuum switches. Movable contact (2) of vacuum arc-quenching chamber (1) and rod (3) are rigidly connected through insulating rod (4). Pulse-dynamic drive disconnection includes cam (5) mounted on rod (3), coil (6) and retainer (7) with spring-loaded balls (8) fixed on plate (9), as well as movable disk (10). On support plate (11) is fixed drive connection (12) with pusher (13). Rod (3) is equipped with conical tip (14), and on support plate (11) there is circular stop (15) in form of sleeve with inner surface has conic part (16), matched with conical tip (14). Movable disk (10) is equipped with conical projection (17), and inner surface of bushing has second conical part (18), mating with lug (17).EFFECT: higher wear resistance and reliability of switch due to wedge damped stop rod and movable disc at failure of circuit breaker.1 cl, 2 dwg

Switching device for vehicle with electric drive and electric vehicle // 2586810
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to electrical traction systems of vehicles. Switching device comprises switching unit (28), which is made with possibility of connection or disconnection of drive unit (14) of vehicle with high-voltage power supply line (20). Switching unit (28) comprises two switching contacts (30, 32), drive unit (36), configured to ensure relative movement of switching contacts (30, 32) to each other. Switching unit (28) and drive unit (36) are located in unit (62) of body. Unit (62) of body comprises a support (48) for support of switching unit (28). Switching unit (28) is located relative to support (48) in lying position on it. Second object is a vehicle, which contains switching device.EFFECT: technical result is high compactness of design.15 cl, 4 dwg

High-voltage vacuum circuit breaker // 2584551
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker comprises two independent coaxially fixed vacuum arc-quenching chambers, ends of which are closed by flanges. Contact unit of first vacuum arc-quenching chamber consists of fixed and movable contacts. Contact unit of second vacuum arc-quenching chamber consists of two movable contacts. Fixed contact of first vacuum arc-quenching chamber is rigidly connected with flange by means of current lead, and movable contact is connected to other flange by bellows. Movable contacts of second vacuum arc-quenching chamber are connected to its flanges by bellows. Movable contact of first vacuum arc-quenching chamber and closest to movable contact of second vacuum arc-quenching chamber are connected to common current lead with possibility of back-and-forth movement along axis of vacuum arc-quenching chambers. Common current lead is made in form of rod with locking bulge arranged between vacuum arc-quenching chambers. On common current conductor between flange of first vacuum arc-quenching chamber and locking bulge compression spring is installed. Other movable contact of second vacuum arc-quenching chamber is connected to drive its current conductor.EFFECT: high operating voltage and functionality of high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker with simple design.1 cl, 3 dwg

Switching gas-insulated device // 2584144
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching device has single housing filled with insulating gas for prevention of arc generation at short circuit. In case there is power switch, on both sides of which are linearly disconnector section and disconnector thrust section. Switch has conducting part with functions of current and electrical insulation in motion. Disconnector supply section has thrust lever transmission power section, linearly connected with conducting part. Disconnector section has thrust leverage thrust section linearly connected with conducting part.EFFECT: exclusion of incorrect operations at reduction of overall dimensions of switching device, increasing safety by arc quenching, possibility to perform safe switching operation through linear insulating rod, possibility of permanent mount disconnector around breaker to prevent inversion in control of disconnector and switch, as well as possibility of integration of switching operations of switch and disconnector to successive execution of switching operations of the switch and disconnector by means of rods of lever transmission linearly connected with switch and disconnector.4 cl, 7 dwg

Direct voltage power switch // 2584096
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: DC switch 100 contains a breaker 120 and a switching device connected in parallel with the breaker. The switching device contains a capacitor circuit comprising connected in parallel two capacitor branches. Each capacitor branch contains a capacitor 170…175 connected in series with the switch 190…195 of the capacitor branch.EFFECT: environment safety.8 cl, 1 dwg

Combined gas-filled high-voltage apparatus // 2580937
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: gas-filled apparatus comprises fixed on common support frame (1) arranged one after another, at least three poles, each having a switch arranged in horizontal body (2), and blocks including input (4) to output (5). At least one unit of each pole comprises disconnector, installed in gas-filled housing (3), which is connected to base input (4). Each block with a disconnector is equipped with external bed made up of fixed contact (6) and interacting with rotary contact (7). Rotary contacts (7) outer earth electrodes are connected to each other and with beds and turning mechanism drive are hinged by means of rotation on side surfaces of gas-filled housings (3) disconnectors. Fixed contacts (6) are fixed on units of pins (5) inputs (4) so that at interaction of contacts (6, 7) rotary contacts (7) are located along inputs (4).EFFECT: reduced dimensions and metal consumption of apparatus.3 cl, 2 dwg

edium voltage switchboard incorporating vacuum cartridge // 2578174
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: claimed device comprises an actuator as a vacuum cartridge 6 connected with the main electric circuit 1, 2, 3 and provided with the rod supporting the cartridge slide contact 9. The device comprises a solid and stiff rocker 12. The latter can turn about two pivots 11, 21 and engage with the said main slide contact 3 at making or breaking the vacuum cartridge at making a connection. The rocker oscillations between two fixed points 11, 21 allows its engagement with the said main slide contact in one direction of displacement and its displacement in the other direction without forward withdrawal.EFFECT: higher reliability and simplified design.24 cl, 16 dwg

Contact for high-voltage vacuum arc-quenching chamber // 2575165
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: contact for high-voltage vacuum arc-quenching chamber comprises a conductive connection element, an outer circular contact and inner contact placed inside a circle of outer contact and not contacting with it, as well as conductive connection element. Inner and outer contacts are coaxial, at that contact surface of inner contact is in the same plane as contact surface of outer contact. The outer contact is fixed to the conductive connection element. The axial magnet field facility is closed from outside with the conductive connection element in order to generate an axial magnet field. The axial magnet field facility is fixed rigidly to the conductive connection element. The inner contact is fixed to the conductive connection element, at that axial magnet field facility is closed from outside by the conductive connection element in order to generate an axial magnet field.EFFECT: fast quenching of electric arc in high-voltage conditions thus leading to reduced heating of vacuum arc-quenching chamber.10 cl, 7 dwg

Pole part of automatic circuit breaker and method of its manufacturing // 2574337
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: pole part of automatic circuit breaker (1) comprised of external insulating sleeve (7) made of continuous synthetic material and insert (8), which is intended for vacuum circuit breaker used for mid-voltage circuit switching and placed inside the sleeve and supported by it the method for its manufacturing envisages application of layer (12) of adhesive material to at least lateral area (11) of the circuit breaker insert (8). The circuit breaker insert (8) with coating is built in by pouring continuous synthetic material in order to form a single layer surrounding the external insulating sleeve. Thickness of intermediate layer (12) applied between insert (8) and surrounding insulating sleeve (7) varies from 0.5 up to 5 mm. At that intermediate layer (12) performs function of mechanical compensation and adhesive function simultaneously.EFFECT: providing strong cohesion between the insert of vacuum circuit breaker and insulating material surrounding it without usage of additional gluing agent.16 cl, 2 dwg

Three-position vacuum load disconnecting switch // 2574078
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: three-position vacuum load disconnecting switch comprises one or several phases joined by the common frame. Each phase has a base insulator with current lead and vacuum arc-quenching chamber placed in a protective insulating case with spring-actuated mechanism of contacts opening and contact arm rotating in vertical plane around the axis in the case, the master fixed contact connected electrically to the current lead and vacuum arc-quenching chamber, and the master movable contact installed at the other base insulator. Cam lifter is installed additionally at the master movable contact and coupled electrically to it; at the frame there is an additional metal base with fixed ground contact and the third base insulator with the second current lead coupled by a flexible current conductive link with a movable contact. The master movable contact performs rotational motion in horizontal plane. When switched on, it closes the master fixed contact, at turn to angle of 90° it forms visible rapture while at turn to angle of 180° it closes the ground contact. At closing and opening the master contacts, impacting the contact arm, the cam lifter leads to preliminary closure and opening of contacts and current switching inside the vacuum arc-quenching chamber.EFFECT: combining functions of cutoff, disconnecting and grounding switch in one mechanism with control from the same wire.4 dwg

ethod for manufacturing of pole tip of automatic circuit breaker // 2572811
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention related to method for manufacturing of pole tip of automatic circuit breaker by pressing-in of external insulating sleeve (9) with insulating material, mounting of vacuum circuit breaker insert (8) inside the insulating sleeve (9), electrical connection of the insert (8) to the top electric contact (2) and bottom electric contact (3), placed in a section wall of the sleeve (9). The method comprises the following steps: pressing-in of external insulating sleeve (9), wherein only the top electric contact (2) is pressed in into the insulating material; coating of vacuum circuit breaker insert (8) with additional layer (11) made of insulating material with compensation of thermal expansion; mounting of the coated insert (8) of vacuum circuit breaker by fixing it with a threaded bolt (10) to the top electric contact (2).EFFECT: effective manufacturing of pole tip for automatic circuit breaker containing intermediate compensating layer that ensures strong cohesion between the insert of vacuum circuit breaker and insulating material surrounding it.14 cl, 4 dwg

Fibre-reinforced insulation for compound-filled circuit breakers // 2572609
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a vacuum circuit breaker (300) filled by an insulating material (301) that includes the first main layer (100) comprised of the first sublayer (101), the second sublayer (102) and the third sublayer (103). The second sublayer (102) is placed between the first sublayer (101) and the third sublayer (103). The first sublayer (101), the second sublayer (102) and the third sublayer (103) comprise fibres, at that the first sublayer (101) comprises a group of the first fibres (110) parallel to each other.EFFECT: improved outer dielectric strength of the circuit breaker having required mechanical protection against environmental loads.17 cl, 4 dwg

Vacuum circuit breaker // 2567115
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: vacuum circuit breaker comprises arc-quenching chamber with axial movable and fixed electrodes complete with ring contacts. The electrodes are fixed to the chamber body, at that the movable electrode is fixed by means of current lead and metal corrugated tube. Inside the arc-quenching chamber, at the contact level, a cylindrical shield is mounted. From outside from the fixed electrode side, at the level of gap with contacts, a permanent magnet is fixed by means of a dielectric ring to the chamber body. The above magnet is made as a ring magnetized radially thus forming between contacts a field radial cross to the axis.EFFECT: increased intensity of magnet field between ring contacts, improvement of switching performance.1 dwg

Power circuit breaker drive system // 2566681
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: power circuit breaker drive system has swing actuating arm (17) interacting with locking component (14) that has the first locking area (27) and the first unlocking area (28) moved into the area of swing actuating arm (17). Locking component (14) has the second area of unlocking (30) and the second area of locking (31), which interact with swing arm (13) of another switching device. Actuating (17) and swing (13) arms are installed so that they can be rotated round the respective rotary axes oriented in parallel towards each other.EFFECT: development of the drive system wherein locking is implemented by durable structure, which demands less costs.17 cl, 7 dwg

Sf6-insulated device operated at low temperatures // 2563575
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to core and dead-tank SF6-circuit breakers, measuring transformers, cells of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) of indoor and outdoor design with air-SF6 inputs. The device includes a heater, a hollow insulator and tube inside the hollow insulator, the above insulator and tube are interconnected hermetically by their lower parts directly or by means of other components, at that the cavity formed between the tube and insulator is at least partially filled with electric insulating fluid. Convective motion of fluid ensures heat transfer from the heater to all elements of the device insulating construction thus preventing SF6 condensation and reduction in gas density. The cavity includes at least one partition and is limited by an elastic wall additionally. Introduction of partitions in the above cavity and placement of partitions in it promotes intensified convective motion and allows decrease in powerful heating.EFFECT: reduced energy costs for maintenance of SF6 devices operability during winter time and increased operational reliability.8 cl, 2 dwg