For ensuring operation of the switch at a predetermined point in the ac cycle (H01H9/56)

ethod to determine moment of time of switching of electric switching device // 2507623
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: time characteristic of voltage is determined, established in a gap (1) within the sample time interval (t1). From the time characteristic they determine resonant frequency of an oscillating circuit, and a time window is determined from it (Δt). The moment of switching time is set by definition of a transition via zero of an envelope in the future characteristic calculated on the basis of a time characteristic, after a time interval (t2) following the process of disconnection, in the time window (Δt). In the alternative version of the method the moment of time of switching is set by determination of weighted transition through zero in the time window (Δt) after the time interval (t2) following the process of disconnection.EFFECT: definition of an optimal moment of time of switching for minimisation of transition overvoltages.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and device of switch torque determination in electric switching device // 2393572
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to method and device of switch torque determination in electric switching device with disconnection gap (1) positioned between first line sector (2) loaded with feed voltage and second line sector (3) forming oscillation circuit after switching device connection. First (2) and second (3) line sectors are connected and disconnected by disconnection gap (1). To determine switch torque, time parametre of feed voltage (A) is determined at first line sector (2). Then time parametre of oscillation voltage (B, B1) occurring in second line sector (3) is determined. Potential switching torques are determined in zero passage points of resulting voltage (C, C1). Potential switching torques are selected by assessment of feed voltage (A, A1) and oscillation voltage (B, B1) increase or respective oscillation current polarity (D).EFFECT: restriction of transition surges or respective oscillations in electric power transmission network.12 cl, 9 dwg

E-switch // 2121183
The invention relates to an electronic switch