Circuit arrangements not adapted to a particular application of the switching device and for which no provision exists elsewhere (H01H9/54)

H   Electricity(226540)
H01   Basic electric elements(70435)
H01H9/54                     Circuit arrangements not adapted to a particular application of the switching device and for which no provision exists elsewhere(38)

Switch preventing start current surge and power consumption in standby mode // 2593377
FIELD: electricity. SUBSTANCE: switch includes first and second contacts for power supply for device operation, as well as first and second closing/opening contacts connected to internal circuit of the electronic device. In addition, the switch includes power supply unit, activation key generating control signal for the internal circuit of electronic device, and delay unit setting a definite delay between actuation of contact switch and activation key when the device is switched on. EFFECT: safe connection of an electronic device without current surge or powerful spark discharge, automatic disconnection of double-pole contact switch immediately or over some time after the power supply is switched off by software or upon internal circuit shutdown by control signal of activation key, preventing power consumption in standby mode. 3 cl, 15 dwg

Device and method to interrupt current in transmission line or to distribute energy and current limitation layout // 2510092
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device (13) to interrupt electric current passing via a transmission line (14) or to distribute energy, comprises parallel connection of the main breaker (8) and a non-linear resistor (11). The main breaker (8) comprises at least one powerful semiconductor switch of the first current direction of current. The device (13) additionally comprises a serial connection of a high-speed switch (10), comprising at least one mechanical switch and an auxiliary breaker (9), which has lower resistance in open condition, compared to the main breaker (8) and comprises at least one powerful semiconductor switch of the first current direction. This serial connection is connected in parallel to the parallel connection. In the method to use the device (13) at first the auxiliary breaker (9) is opened, thus switching the current to the main breaker (8), afterwards they open the high-speed switch (10), and then they open the main breaker (8), thus switching current to the non-linear resistor (11). The device (13) may additionally be used in the current limitation layout.EFFECT: invention provides for DC interruption with reduction of losses in stable condition in powerful semiconductor breakers.39 cl, 12 dwg

odular circuit device for switching of electric capacities and adapter made for it // 2510091
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: modular circuit device (10) for switching of electric capacities comprises a relay panel (40) and an adapter (30), connected in a detachable manner with the relay panel (40). The adapter (30) comprises a semiconductor relay (60) and a control device (50) electrically connected to it. Besides, there is a relay (20), which is connected in a detachable manner electrically and mechanically with the adapter (30) so that in the condition after connection the semiconductor relay (60) is connected in parallel to the mechanical switch (22) of the relay (20), besides, the control device (50) may control the relay (20) and the semiconductor relay (60) at different moments of time.EFFECT: reduced extent of wear of normally open contacts of relay, closed and opened without load.9 cl 3 dwg

Decoupler for dc galvanic breaking // 2482565
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a decoupler device (1) intended for breaking DC between a DC source (2) and an electric device (3), in particular - between a photogalvanic generator and an inverter with a current-conductive mechanical switching contact (7a, 7b) and semiconductor electronic means (8) placed in parallel to the switching contact (7a, 7b). When the switching contact (7a, 7b) is closed, the electronic means (8) discontinue current supply, with the control input (15) of the semiconductor electronic means (8) connected to the switching contact (7a, 7b) so that when the switching contact (7a, 7b) is opened, the electric arc voltage (Ulb) generated on the switching contact (7a, 7b) as a result of electric arc (LB) connects the semiconductor electronic (8) in an electrically conductive way.EFFECT: electric arc usage for semiconductor electronic means work which excludes he necessity to continuously use an external energy source.7 cl, 3 dwg

Switching device, its application and switching method // 2448386
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device to connect and disconnect the load to or from an AC voltage supply line comprises two mechanical switches (60, 61), connected in series in a current circuit between the above load and above supply line, at the same time each switch has a bypass branch with at least one element (64, 65), capable of blocking current passing through it, at least in direction of blocking, and of passing current through it at least in one direction, and a unit made as capable to control the procedure of disconnection and connection synchronously with the current in the supply line and voltage in the supply line, accordingly.EFFECT: reduced current rush during connection and disconnection.45 cl, 32 dwg

Switching device // 2039387
The invention relates to a switching scheme for creating and opening capacitive, inductive and resistive loads